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skate park

  1. RCPropaganda

    Kraton Kraton still in the snow

    I thought the snow here had melted but the sun does not shine much on one side. I did not notice when I drove by there was still as much snow. Made the best of it though. I am not a fan of runnng my rc's in water.
  2. Capon3

    New Jersey Skate/BMX Park Finder - USA

    Thought I should share this with everyone!
  3. Jerry-rigged

    Kraton Arrma vs skate park...

    My son and I have been pushing the durability on our Arrma 6s's recently - son's Kraton, and my Talion. We discovered that our local skate park (which is a bit small and normally covered up with skaters) clears out very quickly with only a little bit of rain. and we have had a lot of rain...