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    Prepping to try a new spur/pinion combo, hoping to hit 75mph on 3S.
  2. Comp0

    Big Blue (Limitless build)

    I was fortunate enough to win my Limitless in a facebook competition. I haven't built a rig in over 15 years (Tamiya TT01) so thought it was a fun opportunity to go all out. Spec: Motor: TP4050 1700kv ESC: Hobbywing Max5 Transmitter: Flysky Noble NB4 Batteries: 2x Turnigy Graphene Panther...
  3. RC Infraction Quick Speed Run

    RC Infraction Quick Speed Run

    Just playing around and setting off the lights on a speed trap sign!
  4. btosic

    Typhon Typhon XL X , TP 4070CM 2900kv , long term review

    So, after two long term reviews for high performance Kraton, it is time for high performance Typhon review. Setup is: Arrma Typhon V3 6S Kraton long chassis Castle XL X ESC TP Power 4070CM 2900kv motor Castel 8mm bullets: ESC, motor and LiPo Graphene Panther 6S 75C 5.000mAh LiPo Nichicon caps...
  5. Uplift-RC

    Granite Speed Run on my 100% stock #GRANITE #BLX 3s #4X4 Truck

    I ran it on a Dynamite 3s 5000maH 11.1V 50c Lipo and was able to get 76KM which is almost 45.5MPH! That's not to bad especially if I run it on a better road vs the wet road I used in front of my house for this run. I bet I can hit 80KM for my next run. Also, make sure you stay connected w/ me on...
  6. Notoriousone

    Typhon First speedrun build.. V3 Typhon

    So, I got bit by the speedrun bug a few months ago and thought Id try building my basic blue V3 Typhon 6S into something a little faster. I've been in RC for years and had many vehicles, but never had a dedicated speedrunner. First thing I did for a month was research, and I quickly saw that...
  7. Arrma Typhon 6S speed run pass 94mph

    Arrma Typhon 6S speed run pass 94mph

    Arrma Typhon 6S speed run pass @94mph. Had done a few passes that day so the 6S battery wasn't at full power and the ESC/motor was already a bit warm but thi...
  8. GMballistic

    Stiffer shock springs, limiters etc for speed runs

    For those that don't know I do speed runs with my Arrma Typhon 6S, thread here: https://www.arrmaforum.com/threads/speed-runner-typhon-6s-uk-built-fast-not-bought-fast.10482/ I'm looking for some help/ideas please on how to stiffen up my suspension set up a little ~ specifically types of...
  9. GMballistic

    Typhon Speed runner Typhon 6S ~ UK built fast, not bought fast

    Decided to start this thread as I thought that it might be of some interest and maybe even some help to anyone else trying to use the Typhon 6S for speed runs. Now I'm new to "speed runs" with R/c vehicles so am learning as I go but definitely not new to R/c's having had a whole load of Tamiya...
  10. phildogg

    Kraton 116mph Arrma Kraton!

    Fastest pass on my newest speed project..
  11. J

    Senton Senton speed run advice

    Hello All. I just got an arrma senton 6s blx. I need advice on upgrades. I have stock gearing right now. I have it on 4s 5000mah 50c. It is so heavy, it only goes 32mph.
  12. bicketybam

    Granite Brushless Granite 4x4 Speed Run

    Mods: Castle Mamba-X ESC Castle 1410-3800Kv brushless sensored motor Arrma 32P 57T spur Arrma 32P 17T pinion Lectron Pro 3s LiPo 5200mAh 50C Rear diff input shaft mod Upgraded steering servo Proline Trenchers Spektrum DX3 transmitter and receiver I set the steering dual rate to -50% to help...
  13. F

    Kraton My first “speed” run on the dry grass

    I am impressed. 30mph. On the grass. All stock and with 4S batteries.
  14. Mr.Duke

    Outcast Outcast 12 tooth pinion speed

    I have a tekno 15 tooth pinion due in tomorrow so I figured I'd go out today and see how much speed I could squeeze out of the stock 12 tooth pinion. 2018 Version Outcast Deleted wing and lowered ride height to where the lower a-arms were parallel with the tarmac Best pass of the session was...
  15. Ramjet

    Tear/cut in Minokawa Tire. Seeking Repair Recommendations.

    When running Kraton with 6S and speed runs on the beach, I may have run over something sharp. With stock everything, tires were ballooning like crazy (of course). Suddenly, about 1/2 of the foam insert was ejected from a tear/cut in the tire. The cut is a 1/2 inch, straight, fairly clean cut...
  16. D

    Front Splitter/Bumper Replacement?

    I'm in the process of turning my Talion into a top speed RC, but I have some concerns after taking a bit of a scary front-lift moment and the car nearly back-flipping at WOT. Sure, we have monster rear wings, but I see nearly zero information on something like a front splitter or canards to...
  17. R

    Typhon Gearing and Lipos

    Just got a Typhon V3. Was running the stock set top except I had a 18T pinion and ran 4s. Got 45mph. Any suggestions on how to get up to 60-70mph without over heating. Just bashing around mainly on road. The ideas I have are 1) 20 / 22 pinion on 4s or 2) Run 6s with 18T pinion Help please
  18. Netcruzer

    Typhon Arrma Typhon 6S v2 SpeedTreads Drift!

    Got some new dynamite speedtreads roadrunners to try out on my Typhon. 6S drifting! Until it broke.... This is my first Arrma, but I do make a lot of RC action content on my YouTube channel. All Likes, Comments. and Subscribers greatly appreciated! Thanks. Gotta say the ARRMA 1/8 scale...
  19. ASenton

    Suspension setting

    Hi just doing some speed runs up and down the street. Still has the standard springs haven't got any stiffer ones yet. Just want to know is it better to have some rear rake or to keep the rear more level. And the droop is still standard so not sure to leave it there or try adjusting for less...
  20. A

    Hot Racing spool locker diff for speed runs

    Has anyone used the Hot Racing spool locker diff for speed runs? I wanted to know the reliability and performance of it thanks.