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  1. LibertyMKiii

    Mojave Project Aero Max - Arrma 6s based speed runner

    I would like to introduce to you a new project of mine. This one is going to be called Aero Max as the goal was to reduce the aerodynamic frontal area of a 1/7 scale-sized car. It will be a speed runner so I have placed it in the speed run builds part of the forum. This project has 3 phases...
  2. A

    Limitless Best way to cool a 1:5 motor for speedruns.

    I am planning some pretty big upgrades for my arrma limitless, some being a carbon fiber chassis upgrade, motor mounts, driveshaft stuff and a new motor to handle 8s. I’m planning to get the hobbywing 800kv 1:5 motor with the max5 v3 esc alongside it. What would be the best way to cool this so i...
  3. victoroscar

    Infraction Upgrade to 8S for speed runs

    Hello my friends, new to the forum. Just did an upgrade to 8S and looking for tips to keep the car on the ground. I'm looking for minor bashing but mostly speed runs on a parking lot near my home. Just want to get some decent speed and I understand the risks of going over 100+ but my goal is...
  4. RedPen

    Typhon First 20t pinion speedrun.

    Hey all, Finally was able to measure my first asphalt speed run > 70.9 mph with a 20t pinion. Really that's the only power train upgrade but I also have: Zeeee 3s 100c Batts 20t pinion gear 2 hotracing fans on the motor 1 high-powered fan on the esc 35kg servo Aluminum suspension arms...
  5. trentscott7

    All round Felony rear wheels for Typhon speed runs

    Evening all, just wondering if anyone out there is running this set up of all round 53/107 Felony tyres for speed runs with their Typhon? I’ve tried 2 sets of 42/100 Infraction style hoons and they just end up deformed and blowing off the rims. Running a MAX6 with a 1650kv, 30t pinion & 34t...
  6. Stock Arrma Infraction V2 hits 100mph New PB 🎯🏎️💨

    Stock Arrma Infraction V2 hits 100mph New PB 🎯🏎️💨

    Woohooo manage to achieve my goal which is 100mph for the stock electronics Arrma Infraction V2, differential, suspension, everything is pure stock on this car and run
  7. TN-RC

    Felony 8s Felony rebuild

    This is my 8s Felony rebuild my goal for this is to have a 130mph RC car, a good running RC and maybe sell it when I am happy and start a faster build with the money It has: - Spectrum 160a ESC - Hobby wing 4985 motor - Carbon fiber side skirts - And made the rear diff for a 100mm tire instead...
  8. 2WD Arrma Typhon 126mph RC Speed run

    2WD Arrma Typhon 126mph RC Speed run

    I knew there is something wrong with this car because I remember that rattling sound when its rolling. Today I run the car and still send it even with that s...
  9. BenBigfoot

    Typhon Fastest stock electrics run.

    Back last summer, I ran my typhon on swb, only mods was a spool, and cut rear wing down the rest was just set up, so slammed as low as possible, grp wheels. Managed to hit 98mph with ys blx combo on a turnigy 50c 6s 5000mah (pic included) Whats the best you have had out of box electrics?
  10. milehighspeed

    Typhon DIY 32 pitch spool for 3s BLX

    Hey Arrma 3s BLX owners, seen a lot of people asking/looking for 32p spools for the 3s series so I thought I’d share my own. Have reached just short of 80mph with this on stock elecs with 3s and 92mph with 4s and non stock. Easy and cheap to build, just check out the YouTube. Cheers...
  11. Outcast with a set of S7 / GRP Slicks

    Outcast with a set of S7 / GRP Slicks

  12. LibertyMKiii

    Vendetta Arrma Vendetta 4x4 3s BLX (a beginners speed car?)

    Just released an on road 3s car called the Vendetta. Supprisingly large 1/8 scale size (regular 1/8 wheelbase (length) but more narrow than something like a Senton 6s ) Rated at 70+ mph and weighs in at Just over 6 lbs without the battery pack. https://www.arrma-rc.com/4x4/blx/vendetta/
  13. ARRMA v2 Infraction Speed Test run with a DJI Action Camera mounted

    ARRMA v2 Infraction Speed Test run with a DJI Action Camera mounted

  14. JohnPaul

    My First Felony Build. 8s. Hoping For a Decent Speed Run.

    Hello all. First post here. This is my 8s Arrma Felony. I’ve done a few things to it. XLX2 1650kv motor. Upgraded fans, 3 31cfm. Savox Servo. Upgraded bearings all around. Diff oils are 500k center. 50k front and rear. 3D printed front and rear air dams. Stupid RC center brace and parts...
  15. J

    Proform body on my Felony

    Just got my protoform body, first time painting my own clear body so it has errors but im overall happy with it. i don't want to use the wing that came with the body any suggestions on good GT wings for this platform? Im thinking the custom rc upgrades carbon fiber wing but haven’t found much...
  16. IMG-4880.jpg


  17. sadmancho

    Felony gearing with Castle 1717 1650KV?

    I want to put in the Castle 1717 1650KV motor and esc in my Arrma Felony and run it on 8s. I am looking to do high speed runs (90 mph+) along with drifting. What gearing should I go with that won’t overheat my system?
  18. ARRMA Infraction v2 Maiden Speed Run

    ARRMA Infraction v2 Maiden Speed Run

    This was my 1st Maiden speed run with the Speed pinion gear installed and I was topping out at 84mph w/ all stock electronics which is pretty good number...
  19. Gearing up my ARRMA v2 Infraction for the very first time and see if I can join the 90 mph club  👍👍👍

    Gearing up my ARRMA v2 Infraction for the very first time and see if I can join the 90 mph club 👍👍👍

  20. ARRMA Typhon w/  GRP s7 tires

    ARRMA Typhon w/ GRP s7 tires

    New set of GRP's!