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    Arrma #v3 KRATON w/ a set of SRC Belted All Terrain tires w/ tons of #M2CRACING parts installed with Robison Racing 16t pinion #ARRMAHOF #BLXPOWER #FLBASHER #BASHHARDER
  2. Uplift-RC

    Notorious Speed bash run with my #ARMMA #Notorious on 6s - 15t pinion (60MPH) PB

    Just broke my personal best speed bash run with my #ARMMA #Notorious on 6s with a custom painted #Outcast body & running a set of #Dbootsbackflips BONE STOCK 🚀🚀 🔥🔥 💪💪
  3. ARRMA Notorious w/ an OutCast painted body!

    ARRMA Notorious w/ an OutCast painted body!

    Getting ready to change out the diffs oil and installed 17t pinion for some speed runs!
  4. ARRMA 3s #Typhon

    ARRMA 3s #Typhon

    Installed a set of ARRMA 6s shocks and slammed it to the ground for more aerodynamics! Running a 27t pinion as well so she fly's like a rocket #ARRMAHOF #ARRMAFANSRULE #BLXPOWER
  5. Yas

    Typhon First speed run attempt! Typhon 3S

    First ever speed run attempt and I was pretty stunned with the results 😳 20t 0.8 MOD pinion, 4000kv Maverick motor and Duratrax Bandito tyres all hooked up to a DX5C
  6. Typhon 3s lowered

    Typhon 3s lowered

    Taking this thing out for a first speed run test tomorrow 20t pinion, 4000kv Maverick motor, Duratrax Bandito tyres. Any guesses on speeds?
  7. Uplift-RC

    Horizon Hobby New / Dynamite Speedometer works awesome.

    1st, I bought Dynamite speedometer and i guess it was the older version!! Anyways, it only worked for a few runs and then it broke!!! I called up HH and a course they made things right like they always do for me! They told me to send the old one back at no charge and they would send out the new...
  8. Beefed up / Typhon 3s BLX 4x4 buggy

    Beefed up / Typhon 3s BLX 4x4 buggy

    Quick pix of my Speedster w/ a 20t pinion along with my #ARRMA #6s #suspension and a set of #Dboots #Hoons #ARRMAHOF #ARRMAFANSRULE #ARRMAMANICSAROUNDTHEWROLD Make sure you stay connected: https://www.facebook.com/Uplift-RC-2377703022267746/
  9. 58A2A690-2ECD-4878-8843-0F3355B2FA87.jpeg


    Prepping to try a new spur/pinion combo, hoping to hit 75mph on 3S.
  10. Comp0

    Big Blue (Limitless build)

    I was fortunate enough to win my Limitless in a facebook competition. I haven't built a rig in over 15 years (Tamiya TT01) so thought it was a fun opportunity to go all out. Spec: Motor: TP4050 1700kv ESC: Hobbywing Max5 Transmitter: Flysky Noble NB4 Batteries: 2x Turnigy Graphene Panther...
  11. RC Infraction Quick Speed Run

    RC Infraction Quick Speed Run

    Just playing around and setting off the lights on a speed trap sign!
  12. adidas303

    So a buddy and I found a 'perfect' Speed Run Spot!

    Having a bit of fun setting off the lights on a Speed Trap sign!! In a 40 mph zone Real spur of the moment type of thing, so I apologize for not having better quality!!
  13. btosic

    Typhon Typhon XL X , TP 4070CM 2900kv , long term review

    So, after two long term reviews for high performance Kraton, it is time for high performance Typhon review. Setup is: Arrma Typhon V3 6S Kraton long chassis Castle XL X ESC TP Power 4070CM 2900kv motor Castel 8mm bullets: ESC, motor and LiPo Graphene Panther 6S 75C 5.000mAh LiPo Nichicon caps...
  14. Uplift-RC

    Granite Speed Run on my 100% stock #GRANITE #BLX 3s #4X4 Truck

    I ran it on a Dynamite 3s 5000maH 11.1V 50c Lipo and was able to get 76KM which is almost 45.5MPH! That's not to bad especially if I run it on a better road vs the wet road I used in front of my house for this run. I bet I can hit 80KM for my next run. Also, make sure you stay connected w/ me on...
  15. Notoriousone

    Typhon First speedrun build.. V3 Typhon

    So, I got bit by the speedrun bug a few months ago and thought Id try building my basic blue V3 Typhon 6S into something a little faster. I've been in RC for years and had many vehicles, but never had a dedicated speedrunner. First thing I did for a month was research, and I quickly saw that...
  16. Arrma Typhon 6S speed run pass 94mph

    Arrma Typhon 6S speed run pass 94mph

    Arrma Typhon 6S speed run pass @94mph. Had done a few passes that day so the 6S battery wasn't at full power and the ESC/motor was already a bit warm but thi...
  17. GMballistic

    Stiffer shock springs, limiters etc for speed runs

    For those that don't know I do speed runs with my Arrma Typhon 6S, thread here: https://www.arrmaforum.com/threads/speed-runner-typhon-6s-uk-built-fast-not-bought-fast.10482/ I'm looking for some help/ideas please on how to stiffen up my suspension set up a little ~ specifically types of...
  18. GMballistic

    Typhon Speed runner Typhon 6S ~ UK built fast, not bought fast

    Decided to start this thread as I thought that it might be of some interest and maybe even some help to anyone else trying to use the Typhon 6S for speed runs. Now I'm new to "speed runs" with R/c vehicles so am learning as I go but definitely not new to R/c's having had a whole load of Tamiya...
  19. phildogg

    Kraton 116mph Arrma Kraton!

    Fastest pass on my newest speed project..