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  1. LeondeLigt

    Typhon Arrma typhon 3s speed runner on 6s

    Hey guys, i just wanted to show and get your opinions of one of my speed runners. It has a tp power 3640 scm 3570kv motor and a hobbywing max 8. Servo idk but it is fast and it last long so far. Is already has done 95 mph but around 95 mph it starting to act like a plane, but it has way more in it!
  2. enk_rcs_on_tiktok

    Infraction whats better infaction or limitless??

    idrk??? what do yall say>>
  3. C

    Vendetta Most important things to tune?

    I just got a new Vendetta and I would like some tips on what to tune for ideal speed runs. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. D

    Talion Front Driveshaft Vibration

    Hey, I'm speedrunning my Talion EXB 6s. I'm having a really tough time with the front center driveshaft. At high speed, it is vibrating so badly that the diff input bearings keep shattering. I'm running M2C diff input cups (true and balanced), Scorched Titanium driveshafts (no bends etc..) , and...
  5. Warby

    TP Power motors. Please explain.

    So I now have a new Limitless V2 that needs a power plant. I started researching TP motors but I now have more questions before I hand over my cash and order it from overseas. It's by far the most I will have spent on a motor or any individual RC part in fact, so I want to ensure I get it right...
  6. senton kid

    Senton does anybody have body shell that fits the senton

    im looking for a rc body that will fit the senton. because my senton body is all cracked up and i need a new body.my senton is lowered to the ground so im looking for a race car body maybe or maybe a racing truck. leave links if you have any suggestions thanks
  7. sert rc

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma Vendetta Speed Run Roller

    $350 + shipping. Arrma Vendetta Speed Run roller. $800 worth of quality parts; I did not skimp out on this build. The car was babied and has only done 4 shakedown runs, the fastest one being only 78mph on 3S. Shims and O-rings were used throughout to eliminate slop. It's built for speed and...
  8. L

    I received my armma limitless v2 and spray painted it and started making custom carbon fibre parts.

    I am probably going with the 8s Spektrum setup with the 1250kv motor and 160 a Esc they have on their website https://www.arrma-rc.com/de/product/1-7-limitless-v2-speed-bash-roller/ARA7116V2.html but I have no clue at all which transmitter I should go with since they have all parts to complete...
  9. WoodiE

    RC Car Speed Calculator

    Hey guys! If you're looking for an RC speed calculator, take a look at the one we just built on RCTalk. https://www.rctalk.com/rc-tools/rc-car-speed-calculator/ The calculator should useable across all devices. Plus I've reached out to a few of the members here for initial testing and so far...
  10. Jerold

    Radiolink Receiver Options - Speed Run

    Does anyone have experience with other RadioLink Receivers? I'm using the Radiolink RC6GS V3 on my Limitless. I have a new build coming with an Rlaarlo AK-917 and need to add the radio. The current receiver, shipped with the transmitter, is the R7FG. Which is overkill with 7 channels. There...
  11. D

    Talion Speed Run Tires For Talion EXB

    Hey guys, I'm trying to see how fast I can push my Talion EXB on a stock ESC and Spektrum 2050kv motor. I'm hitting 85mph consistently, without any heat problems on Sweeps Road Crushers. These wheels are nice, but they're insanely heavy. I'm considering 1/5 GRPs, but I've heard they're heavy...
  12. Konfucius

    Limitless Real Aero components for Limitless

    Ever wanted some real aero components for your Limitless instead of those huge drag walls they give you? I did.... I am what I guess you call a hobbyist aerodynamicist and an avid 3d printer. So I set out to try and create some real aero components for my limitless. I'm not promising that...
  13. wadedog

    All speed runners

    I’m thinking about using limitless v2 diff gears in my stretched typhon 1721 xlx2.or should I just leave the stock gearing in
  14. Smoky coyote

    Typhon World widest typhon 6s

    Tyhon 6s drag/speed run build
  15. Tyhon 6s drag/speed run build

    Tyhon 6s drag/speed run build

    Almost ready
  16. World widest and streched tyhon

    World widest and streched tyhon

    Wide typhon 6s she still under construction but its goin to turn out nicely
  17. LibertyMKiii

    Mojave Project Aero Max - Arrma 6s based speed runner

    I would like to introduce to you a new project of mine. This one is going to be called Aero Max as the goal was to reduce the aerodynamic frontal area of a 1/7 scale-sized car. It will be a speed runner so I have placed it in the speed run builds part of the forum. This project has 3 phases...
  18. A

    Limitless Best way to cool a 1:5 motor for speedruns.

    I am planning some pretty big upgrades for my arrma limitless, some being a carbon fiber chassis upgrade, motor mounts, driveshaft stuff and a new motor to handle 8s. I’m planning to get the hobbywing 800kv 1:5 motor with the max5 v3 esc alongside it. What would be the best way to cool this so i...
  19. victoroscar

    Infraction Upgrade to 8S for speed runs

    Hello my friends, new to the forum. Just did an upgrade to 8S and looking for tips to keep the car on the ground. I'm looking for minor bashing but mostly speed runs on a parking lot near my home. Just want to get some decent speed and I understand the risks of going over 100+ but my goal is...
  20. RedPen

    Typhon First 20t pinion speedrun.

    Hey all, Finally was able to measure my first asphalt speed run > 70.9 mph with a 20t pinion. Really that's the only power train upgrade but I also have: Zeeee 3s 100c Batts 20t pinion gear 2 hotracing fans on the motor 1 high-powered fan on the esc 35kg servo Aluminum suspension arms...