1. StaticX

    Vorteks Arrma 1/10 VORTEKS 4X4 3S BLX - Durability advice

    Good Day Everyone So I'm looking at buying a Arrma 1/10 VORTEKS 4X4 3S BLX , but when reading up a bit on each part i see there has been very bad reviews regarding the Spektrum 3660 3200Kv Motor and blowing out on the front bearing? Do you guys know if this is a common problem with the Vorteks...
  2. B

    NEW FIRMWARE FIX - Low Voltage Cutoff

    Hi guys, First time posting here. Just picked up a new Vorteks a few days ago and immediately ran into issues with Low Voltage Cutoff triggering at Wide Open Throttle even with a fully charged battery. There's been quite a bit of discussion online about this issue, with varying levels of...
  3. S

    Spektrum S2100 fans won't spin on back?

    I just got this charger second hand, it charges my batteries great but the fans on the back to cool the unit won't spin. I thought it has to hit a certain temperature for them to activate but they won't go even when the unit it HOT to the touch. Is this faulty or is there a setting I am missing?
  4. cancelthefuture

    Granite 6s Granite Mega

    Well it finally happened, I threw the Outcast 6s EXB electronics into the Granite with the help of the new center diff module. I had to cut up the rx box to fit the 4074 on top of the new center diff motor mount. Geared up to 20 tooth pinion to compensate for the lower KV, have the ESC zip...
  5. wolfbitten83

    ESC problem's I need help

    I have the spektrum firma 85 amp esc it is only about three or four months old... My issue is that it keeps completely turning off like a disconnect. The battery off, fans stop working no steering or blinking lights. It just goes dead in the water. I have tried using a different motor and I have...
  6. E

    Kraton Spektrum 2050kv motor blown causes??

    Hi arrma forum I have a v2ish kraton 6s that I just finished rebuilding. I finished it yesterday And ran about half of a battery pack through it when I ended up destroying my pinion. In the moment I assumed that I messed up the mesh when rebuilding it. so today I took out the destroyed 14 tooth...
  7. J

    Firma 150a only works on 3s, not 4s or 6s

    Hello everyone. I'm new here...I have the complete Arrma 6s V5 collection... All with stock Firma 150a ESC and 2050kv motor. My Kraton 6s V5 was purchased used and I'm having a somewhat KNOWN issue (green light flashes and no armed cell count beeps once turned on, steering works but no throttle)...
  8. Melon

    Typhon Changing between 6s and 4s

    Hello! I want to use 4s batteries in my 6s typhon, it has the stock spektrum esc. Is there a setting i need to change before that or can i just plug in the 4s batteries and it will be fine?
  9. Avyn Nix


    ARRMA TALION 6S EXB ROLLER M2C HOT RACING RPM DURATRAX AVID BEARINGS. This is my Arrma Talion 6S exb roller with many upgrades. Upgrades Include: M2C Chassis M2C 6-lug hex adapter kit M2C Steering Bar M2C Rear Chassis Brace Hot Racing Center Diff Holder Hot Racing Front Chassis Brace...
  10. Gramyiv801

    Notorious Arrma 6s Notorious

    Was wondering what program card I could get for the Spektrum ESC that comes with NOTORIOUS 6S am I able to use a different brand program card or does it have to be a spectrum smart program because I do not have a PC and don't know how I would be able to update it can anyone help me
  11. bukshypro

    Spektrum Firma 100A ESC doesn't work with Savox SB-2274SG

    I sent back one of these servos, modelsport said it worked well for them but they still sent me a new one. now the new one does the same thing, it lags and just falls behind when testing. I already set my ESC to 7.4A BEC voltage, but it still can't work with the servo. any ideas? link to...
  12. World widest and streched tyhon

    World widest and streched tyhon

    Wide typhon 6s she still under construction but its goin to turn out nicely
  13. Bolshevikjoe

    Not ARRMA, But My First Foray Into a Custom RC (Team Associated Rival MT-10)

    New to all of this and having a fun time figuring out problems and engineering solutions. This was my first 'name brand' hobby grade truck and I got it back in February 2021. I have loved and abused this thing like crazy, but I hadn't done much to it aside from a set of RPM front arms once I...
  14. R

    SOLD / FOUND Parts for Kraton Exb, Mojave Exb, Traxxas Maxx 4S V2, Spektrum 8s, Castle 6s, Proline Badlands, Copperhead 2

    Hi All, First for sale post so be gentle. :) Times are rough so need to make up some money for bills. I still try to keep some of the toys for now (as long as I can), so trade is somewhat ok, but I would rather go for the Benjamins. Shipping and fees are on top of these prices, however, I am...
  15. OutcastKB

    New servo only turns one way

    I just put a new servo in my Outcast 6s EXB ready to run. Replaced the stock one because it just stopped working. The new one will only turn one direction, I turn right it turns left, if I turn left it turns left???? I switched the ESC and servo plugs in the receiver and the throttle will turn...
  16. Av642

    SOLD / FOUND Dx5 rugged orange special edition

    Bought it from someone locally, he said it was never used. It looks like it never has been used. But to be fair let's call it "like new". Selling because I went flysky noble 4 with all my trucks. 180 plus you pay shipping, ill pay PayPal fees.
  17. Av642

    SOLD / FOUND Spektrum S2100 charger

    Selling my s2100. Works great, just moved on to a an icharger setup since I don't run spektrum batteries anymore. $120 shipped in the US. Drop: 110 shipped Drop: 100 shipped I'll include some charge leads with 4mm bullets and charge leads with xt90 connectors
  18. rcNOLA

    Typhon So, I did a thing...

    Hasn't blown up yet. M2c skid plates are next. Hot Garbage special' cause why the heck not! The body barely fits. Fan is pretty much useless imo.
  19. Knightfall

    Spektrum S155 and S150 don't see my Spektrum G2 Lipo

    This battery is only a couple of months ago, and maybe 15 charges? Suddenly neither my Spektrum S155 or S150 "see" one of my G2 batteries. The other one is fine and charged without an issue. I went for my usual run this morning in my Mojave. Nothing seemed out of the norm and I had my usual...
  20. M

    Questions on Spektrum G2 Batteries with S1100 charger

    Hello all, I am using an S1100 Spektrum charger, which came updated to be G2 compatible from new, with 2s 5000mah 50c G2 batteries. I can see individual cell voltages, but not individual cell resistances (they are all just 0.00). Does anyone know if this is normal? Maybe it’s a limitation of...