1. ArrmaGeddonBash

    Kraton R/C Noob Here! Questions Regarding Kraton EXB

    I'm new to R/C and I am about to order the Kraton EXB but before I do I need your help with a few questions so I know what to buy :) Battery Questions: How much run time (i know it varies) on average can you get with a Spektrum 5000mAh 4S 14.8V 100C Smart LiPo...
  2. MrTJox1

    Kraton AVC Not Working

    I am trying to bind my Spektrum Dx5C and SR6200A receiver in my Kraton v4. I am able to get it bound, but my AVC is not working? It worked momentarily before I turned off the truck to complete calibration. After turning it off to complete the bind...NO AVC!? Receiver link...
  3. Yas

    Firmware updating Hobbywing & Spektrum ESCs

    Hi there all, I'm thinking of investing in a program box (or two) to update my current and maybe future Hobbywing and Spektrum ESCs. More gizmos for me to play with ? The Hobbywing ESCs I currently have are all EZRUN and are the Max6, Max10 and Max10 SCT. I also have the rebranded BLX185 and...
  4. Ivgot2manyRC

    Typhon Winter project. Complete NEW restoration with upgrades V6

    I got a Used & abused 6s typhon from eBay for 150$ I couldn’t pass it up. With a little TLC and $$$$ I’m gonna have this thing looking like a 2021 v6. Lol ? It came with hot racing bulk head covers front and rear :) GKA chassis braces, hot racing motor mount/diff cover that I won’t be using...
  5. anthonyslwooko

    Talion Got a new video up and Exb down

    After this video my motor wire came un soldered. I soldered it back up and now have steering but no throttle. Guessing my esc is fried
  6. nathan werkhoven

    KRATON 8S SMART battery problem

    Hello everyone first post here, wondering if I could get some help :) I just purchased a Kraton 8s from a hobby store I deal with. I got about 10 runs into it (nothing seroius just some very small jumps and off roading) and now my Dx3 transmitter which came with the truck flashes all 4 of the...
  7. Arrma limitless

    Arrma limitless

    Ready for Sunday
  8. F

    Spektrum stx2 has no break or reverse

    Hi everybody, The title says it all, i have an Arrma Notorious with the Spektrum stx2 radio+receiver. I did some bashing the other day, and everything was fine. But sometimes i couldn't drive in reverse or break, it worked every now and then. But now he completely stopped (with the break and...
  9. Steve B in Vegas

    Senton Testing out Pro Line Racing BFG's

    Good times on the track today. Been super busy, but I haven't forgotten about you guys. www.mojavevalleyrcadventures.com
  10. ho lee chit

    Spektrum strikes again!

    Spektrum strikes again! My STX2 decided that my notorious should dive into the water. I let off the throttle, the car kept going, i applied the brake, the car kept going, i steered to the right, the car kept going. Splash..... I bet that if i replace the reciever the car drives. Question...
  11. A


    Hey guys i have an limitess with the spektrum frima 1250kv motor and mamba 8s esc gearing 34T spur an 30T pinion an after 2 passas goes 103mph but motor is 170 degrees an esc is 70 fan hasnt even kicked on ...so my question is will da kill mode / TP 4070 fit on da chassis without having to drill...

    Worth the switch?

    Hey Fam so I'm still pretty new to the hobby and was wondering if I should look at upgrading my current RX/TX for my Kraton 6sv4. I'm currently using the ttx300 and honestly have no complaints however don't really have anything to compare to. I was looking at maybe getting the DX5...
  13. Uplift-RC

    Notorious My new 6s Notorious Stunt Truck will not stop wobbling when I let off the throttle on my DX5C Spektrum remote?

    Quick question #arrmafamily? Ever since I have installed the SpektrumRC DX5C remote for my 6s #Notorious stunt truck for some reason when i LET off the throttle at high speeds it wobbles really bad moving forward! In the manual it says to lower the gains on the AVC option which I tried but that...
  14. Rawky

    Spektrum 1250kv Motor

    Is it worth for me to call Horizon Hobby and ask for a replacement? Or should I just buy a new one or maybe Max5 combo with 1100kv motor?
  15. Arrma92

    Spektrum 1250kv motor and esc issues

    I have a Kration 8s it came with the spektrum 160 esc and 1250kv motor. just last night it started giving me issues. I don’t have any throttle control UNLESS I take the motor B line out of the esc then it starts to work. When I pull the motor b cable out the esc boots up normally. With the...
  16. mje19d27

    Kraton I Just Discovered How Terrible The Spektrum STX2 Is

    Just installed the Rx/Tx from my V3 Typhon (Tactic TTX300) on my V4 Kraton after noticing the lag and unpredictability of the stock Spektrum STX2 set up. WHOA.. what a difference that made! It is much snappier and controlled. Feels like a completely different RC. I threw on my Savox 1210sg servo...
  17. Nhardy1962

    Kraton Firmware Upgrade Problems

    Does anyone know how to recover a Spektrum DX2E from a failed firmware upgrade. Any help is Appreciated. Locked at 5 % Want to run my new Arrma 8s tomorrow!
  18. BashingBrian

    New DX5 Rugged..

    Stumbled on this... https://www.horizonhobby.com/dx5-rugged-dsmr-tx-only--orange-p-spmr5200o?clickpath=HOME_rot1_10242019
  19. pa_fullsend

    Having issues with Spektrum DX5C in my 6s Kraton

    Okay so I bought the dx5c so I could consolidate on my radios and because of the overwhelming hatred of the stock arrma radio. I got the version with the srs6000 receiver and threw it in my 6s kraton. I bined it like the manual said and made sure throttle brake reverse was all good and set...
  20. BashingBrian

    Infraction How do you adjust the Arrma Infraction steering endpoints

    As the title says... How do you adjust the steering endpoints..?? Can't find it in the manual anywhere, or maybe it doesn't have that adjustment..?