1. Arrma92

    Spektrum 1250kv motor and esc issues

    I have a Kration 8s it came with the spektrum 160 esc and 1250kv motor. just last night it started giving me issues. I don’t have any throttle control UNLESS I take the motor B line out of the esc then it starts to work. When I pull the motor b cable out the esc boots up normally. With the...
  2. mje19d27

    Kraton I Just Discovered How Terrible The Spektrum STX2 Is

    Just installed the Rx/Tx from my V3 Typhon (Tactic TTX300) on my V4 Kraton after noticing the lag and unpredictability of the stock Spektrum STX2 set up. WHOA.. what a difference that made! It is much snappier and controlled. Feels like a completely different RC. I threw on my Savox 1210sg servo...
  3. Nhardy1962

    Kraton Firmware Upgrade Problems

    Does anyone know how to recover a Spektrum DX2E from a failed firmware upgrade. Any help is Appreciated. Locked at 5 % Want to run my new Arrma 8s tomorrow!
  4. BashingBrian

    New DX5 Rugged..

    Stumbled on this... https://www.horizonhobby.com/dx5-rugged-dsmr-tx-only--orange-p-spmr5200o?clickpath=HOME_rot1_10242019
  5. pa_fullsend

    Having issues with Spektrum DX5C in my 6s Kraton

    Okay so I bought the dx5c so I could consolidate on my radios and because of the overwhelming hatred of the stock arrma radio. I got the version with the srs6000 receiver and threw it in my 6s kraton. I bined it like the manual said and made sure throttle brake reverse was all good and set...
  6. BashingBrian

    Infraction How do you adjust the Arrma Infraction steering endpoints

    As the title says... How do you adjust the steering endpoints..?? Can't find it in the manual anywhere, or maybe it doesn't have that adjustment..🤔
  7. SteveC

    Senton Radio delay in both the throttle and steering

    Please help. I just purchased a Senton 3s and I am having radio issues. I've tried re binding the spektrum radio, and re setting the end points. No matter what I do there is a huge delay on the radio on both throttle and steering!!! I feel like i just wasted 300 bucks on this thing!!!
  8. Brandon

    Spektrum dx4c transmitter - AVC question

    I’m using the Spektrum dx4c and pondering picking up a receiver with AVC. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with this and if it’s worth the money to install is the AVC really that wonderful. Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  9. J

    Kraton Replace this spektrum radio

    hello,I just have a new kraton 6s and I want upgrade the radio Spektrum by a better one. Who can help me too find one. Thanks
  10. arrmadillo

    Is Spektrum DX3R A Good Radio ?

    Does anyone have any experience with this radio. I bought it about 10 years ago and haven't used it. Have several recievers for it also. Read several years ago someone posted about the recievers for this radio with problems when placing antenna cap over the receiver wire on antenna tube. Don't...
  11. Kraton punisher

    Dx5c rugged sub trim problem

    I got a new Spektrum DX5C transmitter because I have so many vehicles decided time to upgrade. Anyways I watched some videos on trim vs sub trim and I understand that. But the problem I’m having is I have to set my sub trim all the way to 80% , and then from there my wheels are somewhat strait...
  12. Piecejointe

    New radio made the car slow? Please help I'm going crazy.

    I replaced the stock radio with a Spektrum dx5c and srs6000 receiver (clearance, 50% off and I can finally use the same radio for all cars). I did the bind and calibrate procedure using a new car profile and my Typhon is noticeably slower than with the stock radio. Afaik it goes the right way...
  13. The_Otherside

    New receiver/transmitter for the Outcast

    I have a Spektrum DX5C transmitter I use for my TLR 22t 4.0 and I bought a receiver but it doesn't look like the pins from the Outcast fit into the receiver. Is there only a certain type that fit? Thank you.
  14. KratonSpren

    Kraton Thoughts on Spektrum s6280 servo?

    Have been doing some research on steering servos for when mine inevitably craps out and stumbled across the Spektrum s6280. Physical dimensions look good, waterproof, 6v-8.4v, and it's 364 oz / in at 6v, but can't find anyone using one on here. It does use a 23t output shaft, so will have to...
  15. NotNotSpeirs

    Will the Spektrum SR410 reciever fit in the Typhon?

    Hello so I'm looking to get a new radio for the Typhon and I'm looking to get the Spektrum dx4c. Recently I heard that the receiver that comes with the dx4c (SR410) doesn't fit in the waterproof receiver box is that true? If anyone could help me on that that would be great thank you :)
  16. MetalOne

    Arrma Diff Brain with Spektrum

    I have the Spektrum DX4S and an SR310 receiver. Here's how I got it working with the Diff Brain. RX Setup: White plug from Diff Brain goes to Aux1. TX Setup: Assign your preferred switch on the controller to Aux1 3P. Set Aux1 travels to 150%. Set Dial (knob) or another switch to Aux1...
  17. S

    Kraton Spektrum DX4C w/SR410 AVC

    Hello, I'm thinking about buying a Kraton and would like to upgrade the radio with the DX4C with AVC has anyone upgraded to this radio?
  18. Truggies

    Nero to Spectrum

    I want to convert my Nero to a Spectrum radio I don't like the one that comes with it and am a lot more use to running a Spectrum. Is it possible to install a Spectrum and have all the functions of locking and unlocking the diff's. If so has anyone else done it.
  19. S

    Spektrum DX4S and AVC Arrma Nero w/ Brain

    Is there a way to use my Spektrum DX4S with a 4210 RX? I don't want to give up the brain functionality, but using a stock radio is not desirable. If I can't use the Spektrum, I'd even be willing to buy another radio, I know other options have gyros, but I really like AVC. Has anyone tried...