1. Bolshevikjoe

    Not ARRMA, But My First Foray Into a Custom RC (Team Associated Rival MT-10)

    New to all of this and having a fun time figuring out problems and engineering solutions. This was my first 'name brand' hobby grade truck and I got it back in February 2021. I have loved and abused this thing like crazy, but I hadn't done much to it aside from a set of RPM front arms once I...
  2. R

    For Sale Parts for Kraton Exb, Mojave Exb, Traxxas Maxx 4S V2, Spektrum 8s, Castle 6s, Proline Badlands, Copperhead 2

    Hi All, First for sale post so be gentle. :) Times are rough so need to make up some money for bills. I still try to keep some of the toys for now (as long as I can), so trade is somewhat ok, but I would rather go for the Benjamins. Shipping and fees are on top of these prices, however, I am...
  3. OutcastKB

    New servo only turns one way

    I just put a new servo in my Outcast 6s EXB ready to run. Replaced the stock one because it just stopped working. The new one will only turn one direction, I turn right it turns left, if I turn left it turns left???? I switched the ESC and servo plugs in the receiver and the throttle will turn...
  4. Av642

    SOLD / FOUND Dx5 rugged orange special edition

    Bought it from someone locally, he said it was never used. It looks like it never has been used. But to be fair let's call it "like new". Selling because I went flysky noble 4 with all my trucks. 180 plus you pay shipping, ill pay PayPal fees.
  5. Av642

    SOLD / FOUND Spektrum S2100 charger

    Selling my s2100. Works great, just moved on to a an icharger setup since I don't run spektrum batteries anymore. $120 shipped in the US. Drop: 110 shipped Drop: 100 shipped I'll include some charge leads with 4mm bullets and charge leads with xt90 connectors
  6. C

    SOLVED please disregard

    Ive tried the trim and callibration but i cant get the neutral to confirm ( 1 green flashing of the lights ) i'll post a video soon. I feel like an idiot. The reciever plugs were the wrong way
  7. rcNOLA

    Typhon So, I did a thing...

    Hasn't blown up yet. M2c skid plates are next. Hot Garbage special' cause why the heck not! The body barely fits. Fan is pretty much useless imo.
  8. Knightfall

    Spektrum S155 and S150 don't see my Spektrum G2 Lipo

    This battery is only a couple of months ago, and maybe 15 charges? Suddenly neither my Spektrum S155 or S150 "see" one of my G2 batteries. The other one is fine and charged without an issue. I went for my usual run this morning in my Mojave. Nothing seemed out of the norm and I had my usual...
  9. M

    Questions on Spektrum G2 Batteries with S1100 charger

    Hello all, I am using an S1100 Spektrum charger, which came updated to be G2 compatible from new, with 2s 5000mah 50c G2 batteries. I can see individual cell voltages, but not individual cell resistances (they are all just 0.00). Does anyone know if this is normal? Maybe it’s a limitation of...
  10. Knightfall

    Mojave Spektrum 160a - No BEC 7.4V option?

    I have a Spektrum Firma 160a in my Mojave EXB and I installed a Savox SW-1210SG which is 7.4v. I have the Spektrum program card and my ESC only shows 6.0v or 8.4v. There is no 7.4v. I can a firmware update which jumped me from version B3.09 to B4.12, but there is still no 8.4v. The servo works...
  11. vetteman1000

    Telemetry between Castle Xlx2 and Dx5 Rugged

    Is anybody running the castle creations telemetry x-bus adapter with a 6110 Spectrum receiver and a DX5 successfully? I’m looking for telemetry but don’t want to go to Futaba. Please let me know your working configurations. TIA.
  12. Drewskie

    Kraton My first new RC 6s Kraton EXB

    So this is my first new hobby grade RC. All my previous ones were second hand so this is quite the trip. Starting off I've powered mine with the Spektrum Firma 150 esc and 2050 motor I got from Jennys. I updated the firmware to the retail version and it has made a big difference. Next came...
  13. Custnam

    Vorteks Dx3 steering rate/AVC knob question.

    Sorry if this has been answered. I did find a related thread but no solid answer. What I am trying to figure out is how the steering rate /AVC knob works. Right now on my Vorteks I have avc working (tires steer as I rotate car by hand), and when I turn the knob it only reduces my steering. So...
  14. Luckyboots420

    Hey where to plug blalace plug

    Hi hoping this is an easy question I have a S150 spektrum charger I bought with my arrma granite. It came with a smart battery. Well a friend of mine gave me a battery with a balance port problem is the plug on the battery has 3 prongs and the charger has 5 prongs
  15. creastruction

    ...servo unresponsive, BigRockV3 stock servo

    ...out on a bash and at the end of the battery, the servo went unresponsive, to both: L/R steering and trim ...I'll be engaged in disassembly to source the issue... ...sadly AF won't accept MP4 files and I have no idea how to alter the format in which my phone saves videos... In the video you...
  16. C

    Spektrum firma 150amp esc DOA

    I just purchased a 150amp firma esc (with the capacitors installed ) and When I press the power button nothing happens. I'm using a 3s lipo and the jumper cable. I also tried two 3s lipos. I'm wondering if I got sold a dead esc by my lhs. If I need to post photos of my esc I will but I don't...
  17. vetteman1000

    Limitless is turning right

    A few weeks ago I had a major accident with my Limitless. I just finished putting it back together, I did a four-wheel alignment and took it for a test drive. I went extremely slow to make sure everything was working. Unfortunately, the vehicle would travel 10-15 feet and then turn to the...
  18. Yazman

    DX5 Rugged and SR515 telemetry capable stock?

    I'm trying to figure out that sweet Kraton I bought from McClain210, but that radio is like a computer, and even after reading the manual and playing with it, I'm super confused. I'm finishing my Phd at school, but I feel like I'm still too dumb to understand this complicated transmitter. Does...
  19. H4ppy

    Kraton Receiver and transmitter issues

    Hey guys it’s been a while since I’ve been around the forum or RCs. I recently started tinkering on my Kraton EXB and the esc comes on like normal has a flashing red light on it. The radio and transmitter show paired but it won’t send signal to the esc. I have a dumbo rc radio and receiver and...
  20. Exc3l

    SOLD / FOUND or trade 6s and 3s parts for a Max6

    I have a lot to offer. I have 2 front and rear 6s diffs, Front and rear Mojave arms with CVD's and turnbuckles, 2x 2050kv motors, 1 Firma 150, and 1 Blx185. Honestly, I have a load of 3s parts including tires, arms with turnbuckles, upgraded CVD, 17mm hexes, 17mm nuts, motor mounts, 2 extra...