1. joshjosh

    Limitless JoshJosh’s build - Mods and Batwings, and other 3D printed parts for Limitless

    I started this post in the welcome forum, thought I’d move it here. I’m making some progress on 3d parts. I have the front wheel aero infills, the back wheel aero infills with rear side skirts. Then of course, the piece I’ve been working on, the Batwing. I’ve since found that changing to a .6mm...
  2. ABAFBC21-A517-4D9E-8C19-64D05136E046.jpeg


    3D printed Notorious spoiler
  3. 474541F5-809E-4FD7-9508-F1C4DBB88989.jpeg


    3D printed notorious spoiler
  4. MTK4355

    Kraton Wing Alternatives

    I'm tired of breaking my wing mounts every time I do so much as turn the damned car on. They usually last 2 maybe 3 sessions before being so damaged I just pull the wing off. Stock or RPM doesn't matter...I have not yet tried TBR mounts yet but I bet I'll break those too. Really getting sick...
  5. johnniesu123

    moving rear spoiler for rc car

    is it possible to make a move able spoiler? servo so the spoiler would move, so when full trottle spoiler would raise, neutrale it would be at 20 degree angle and when brake just flat? how to connect it? put it in the same channel as esc with a Y-cable? someone that can help? it would look great...
  6. Morgan1211

    New Chevy Body for Kraton, completed

    Just whipped this up last night, too bad I broke the rear wing a few hours earlier. So I ordered the white Team Durango rear wing