1. C

    Felony/Infraction Softer Spring

    Hey All, I have just fitted a set of the front Felony shocks on my arrma vednetta. Very tight fit however they do fit, I am now having issues with the car rolling over when coming into a corner. I do feel the springs are too stiff for this car and causing the issue as this did not happen with my...
  2. FH-RC

    Granite Chassis slap and plush shock setup

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask you guys on your shock setup and how plush you have set your Granites/Big Rocks suspension for big air? Or in other words: From what heigth can you drop your vehicles before you get chassis slap? My own setup: I run my Granite with the ZD Racing shocks...
  3. Cannonwolf

    Kraton Going frankenstein with 6s kraton shocks

    O.K. so this is where I'm at right now. I have decided to double up the shocks on my 6s Kraton v5. Currently have the stock set in stock position and a set of GPM dual spring rate shocks in the secondary mounting location on the tower and attached with a bolt and a stop nut through the new...
  4. B

    Granite Granite BLX softer springs from Hot Racing?

    Howdy everyone! Curious if anyone has tried Hot Racings spring packs for the Arrma Granite 4x4, Version 3, blx 3s? I’d love to try their soft or medium spring.
  5. SentonMike

    Senton spring rate for senton

    hey guys im newish to hobby rc cars. i picked up a senton 6s blx v1 so i can make a custom built rally street car and was wondering what spring rate you guys think i should go with? im trying to keep it close to the ground and make it stop body rolling. im also looking for a front bumper i can...
  6. Bryank930

    Granite 4x4 springs - Mega vs BLX

    So according to the Arrma website, the BLX has stiffer springs than the mega. I've attached a screenshot. Edit: I converted the N/mm arrma lists to lb/in (what I'm more familiar with) and here's what I found: BLX Front: 5.7 lb/in - 25% stiffer Rear: 4.8 lb/in - 38% stiffer Mega Front: 4.57...
  7. Uplift-RC

    SOLD / FOUND Tekno RC Front & Rear Shock Sprint Set Orange / TKR6093 & TKR6083

    ITEM DESCRIPTION TKR6093 - TKR6093 Tekno RC 80mm Front Shock Spring Set (Orange) (1.6 x 7.5T) (2) - TKR6083 - TKR6083 Tekno - RC 90mm Rear Shock Spring Set (Orange) (1.6 x 9.0T) (2) - Brand New in Factory Packaging FEATURES Polished steel construction Shipping Terms I only ship to the...
  8. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Does the 4s springs fit the 6s shocks?

    Im in a really discuting situation i was trying to unscrew one of my rear shocks and it was so tight i took 15 mins to unscrew it. i snaped my rod end off.. im trying to glue it back with a piece of metal wore and epoxy.. and the replacement are 12$.!!!! The front are 6$!! Now converted in...
  9. E

    Kraton Heavy springs?

    What is the next heavier spring from stock springs on my 6s kraton and talion,,,,I need to stiffen them up a bit,,,the stock springs are a little to soft for my liking..what do you suggest,,,,thanks guys.....
  10. E

    Kraton new kraton spring rate

    What is the stock spring rate on the kraton v3.....thanks
  11. JMS RC

    Talion Talion V3 Ride Height Problem

    I would like to get the front suspension sit so that the axles are horizontal. Even if I mount the shocks in the inner hole on the a-arm and in the lower hole on the tower and turn the collars all the way down on the shocks, it is still too low. Been reading about folks swapping out the springs...
  12. J

    Kraton v3 springs on V2 shocks

    Hello guys I ve just get some v3 shocks and wish to mount them on my V2 Kraton but I just realized that they are 1 mm larger. Would it be a problem or not. I would like your feedbacks before opening bags. Thx
  13. beefy nugz

    Typhon Typhon spring options!!!

    Alright guys. We've talked on this subject before i know. I'm searching and searching old threads for some spring info with no luck, simply bc it's been a min and I forgot what mm to go with. Man, there should be a sticky posted right up top for all the newbs (that's me). Been thinking outcast...
  14. Raji

    Outcast Recommended Arrma Outcast Springs & oil Wight

    Hi everyone, These are recommendations for the Arrma Outcast springs and shocks oil. I collect comments from members here in the form and Youtube. I make it easier for you:D -I'd recommend just a slightly stiffer set overstock and use 90k front/75k rear shock oil -Stiffer springs help reduce...
  15. D

    Typhon On my second chassis...

    Hi folks RC newbie here... I only run my Typhon on an off-road buggy track which is jumpy, bumpy, dusty, hard and normally very hot (30-35 Ambient). Chassis slap on jumps is so bad that the rear end chamfered to a knife edge and the screw heads holding the rear diff case got sanded away... I...
  16. Bcoventry4

    Shock springs?

    What upgraded shock springs will fit the arrma stock shocks and what would be good for high jumping and all around bashing.
  17. 83N

    Kraton Tekno shock owners

    Finally got my Tekno stand-offs in the post today and after fitting the shocks, I noticed that the rear of the truck looks very low. The shocks are the correct way around (longer set at the rear). And I'm running Yellow 80mm Front / Green 90mm Rear. At the front, and with the weight taken off...
  18. Hypnotoad

    Outcast Today's run

    Took my Outcast out today for a couple of runs since last week. I installed the Tekno springs on the front (orange) and rear (yellow) and left the stock oil in the shocks to see how it handles before i change the oil. Also got the RPM skid plate for the rear and RPM bumper for the front as well...
  19. cstac

    Shock and spring recommendations for Typhon?

    Just wondering what people are running the springs and shock oil for the typical typhon that's both basher and occasionally race more on the bash side. Thanks for any advice.
  20. Silomatic

    Raider Raider 1/10 springs

    Does anyone have a suggestion for stiffer rear springs in the 1/10 mega?