Big Rock Big Rock spur gear keeps stripping almost every run. Any suggestions?

    So I’ve had my big rock for 5-6 months now, and around 2 weeks ago I stripped the spur gear. “All right,” I thought “this is just a stroke of unluckiness. I was running the stock metal one, and my local hobby shop only had plastic, which was fine. Then it happened again. And again. And in the...
  2. quad_rocket

    How to pick Pinion and Spur Gears

    Are there any standards on the motor shaft diameter? How do I know which pinion gears will fit on a motor? I do understand mod and tooth count, just not sure how I go about getting or creating a kit of different size pinions (and spur gears) that will fit my 1/18 and 1/10 scale motors. I...
  3. marshy22

    Typhon 3s drivetrain gone tight after crash

    Hey, I’ve just had 2nd blast with new typhon 3s and hit a curb straight on not overly quick and bumper took the hit and show no sign of damage but now it feels like all the gears/drive train have gone tight. Only gave it quick test after crash but soon as you back off throttle Is slows the car...
  4. Jackhammer

    Granite Need help on choosing spur/pinion gearing

    I'm completely ignorant about gearing at the moment. I have a stock Granite 4x4 Mega. I want to swap over to a Max10 SCT-A combo, run on 2s lipos. It's a 3660 motor at 3200kv. Here's what I want out of my gearing. I want to keep the motor cool as possible, I want more torque than top end...
  5. A

    Kraton Spur gear mesh after M2C swap

    I installed the M2C chassis and went on 2 runs and notices some metal dust. Now I have added the M2C braces and in order to get the main cross brace into place you have to either flex it alot of loosen the diff bolts. Should it be this tight? Am I potentially messing up the gear mesh by flexing...
  6. zizi8862

    Outcast Plastic spur gear on my outcast 4s

    So I broke my spur gear a few weeks ago ended up buying a 3s spur gear from Jenny because I forgot they were plastic and I was desperate. Surprisingly they are holding up really well and are a lot quieter than the metal spur gear
  7. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Arrma kraton 4s pinion wear

    Im against a really weird problem i have put a new spur gear and pinion 13t and my 13t pinion is starting to wear like the first one. When i switched to a 15t pinion for 2 weeks pinion was fine but i broke the slipper endplate in the back instead.. and also stripped 2 screws in the motor mount...
  8. W

    Senton Out of the box upgrades for Senton 6S BLX

    Hey All - 1st time ARRMA owner as of today! All the videos and pictures I've seen online couldn't prepare me for what a beast this thing is! So solid and insanely quick. Going to have so much fun with this thing. That being said, what are some suggested upgrades/mods that you guys would...
  9. blackhawk2k7

    Senton 3s BLX spur gear

    Hey all, I've had my kraton for a couple years and have done it up tastefully, and love it! Just recently picked up the the Senton BLX 4x4 and instantly fell in love. Heard a couple squeaky bearings and replaced ALL of then with Fast Eddie's sealed. Took it out again today (first time on...
  10. Curvin

    Senton Mega 4x4 , Spur Gear , Replacement Stock ?

    Hey All, We joined the stripped spur gear club yesterday , and replacement stock / spares for the Mega 4x4 are still in limbo here in Australia , so was hoping to source some overseas if possible. Looking for recommendations of where to buy in the US , that will ship to Australia. Yes, I have...
  11. Vitostatus

    Changing gearbox?

    So I've been doing everything I can to keep my granite and senton 4x4's running. I have a problem finding spurs that fit the gear box. Have the axial 60t steel spur it's been good just chewing pinions. I want to find a good setup and nothing else has worked if I could find a motor mount that is...
  12. J

    I have spur gear questions

    Ok I have a armma senton 4x4 mega. I just upgraded to a 4s system, but my plastic sour gear is poop. I was wondering if a spur gear from another armma would work? My buddy said I needed 32 pitch spur gear but I'm lost on what tooth I need on the gear - it stock gearing. P.s. I'm completely...
  13. R

    Senton spur gears

    I was on rc planet and saw a 57t hd 0.8 mod 4x4 spur gear INSTOCK and a 15t penion gear and the site said it was for the granite and the mega has anyone else installed this set up and if so hows it going for you please help since I cant buy the stock gear I figured I would check this set up out
  14. D

    Replacing Fury Mega spur gear

    I recently installed a traxxas 12t brushed motor in my fury and found the plastic spur gear has a section of teeth worn out after using it twice. Is there an aluminum spur gear i can replace the plastic one with? Or do i just replace it with the same 87 tooth plastic spur gear? Anything else i...
  15. K

    Kraton Thoughts on 50T Spur longevity?

    I run 6s on my Kraton and Outcast. And run them hard bashing and on pavement where I am hard on the throttle for long periods of time. My question is, do the spur gears wear out? Thinking about buying a new one just to compare. I will put my digital calipers to it to compare old vs new...
  16. B

    Metal spur gear

    arrma granite 4x4 - 3s- older traxxis motor Above is how it currently is set. Is there a metal or hardened spur gear option? 91t I can't seem to find one that is 91t which is what came with the RC car. Is there a way to get around using the preset drilled holes that align the pinion gear to...
  17. S

    Senton Senton brushless conversion

    New to Rc, picked up the senton 4x4, already worked through the weak servo issue almost all of us seem to have, Hitec was recommended and seems to be running fine! Been through a couple rookie crashes and fixes already...my big one now is yesterday something went on the motor(brushes?) The shaft...
  18. Merx

    Senton Senton mega spur gear

    In need of a new spur gear, are there any spur gears out there made from metal? The stock plastic one didn’t last very long
  19. R

    Typhon Spur upgrade

    I have the stock spur running a 22T pinion. Only hit 57mph???? Maybe there tarmac was a little wet and slippy and very cold out 2-4degrees. However I wads wondering about strengthening the spur gear to a hardened steel on passably a 46T. Any suggestions which one to get or where from. Im UK...
  20. engineerangelo

    What does 0.8 Mod pinion/spur gear mean

    Hello Guys, I just wanted to ask about the gearing that is seen at the speed card of the Granite Mega truck. I know the 48dp already which is the pitch size. But I could not seem to find what 0.8 Mod means. Thanks in advance.