stadium truck

  1. biggman100

    Beater 4x4 SC, stadium, or buggy

    Im looking for a cheap 4x4 (less than $150, the cheaper the better) for some back yard goofing off. Ive looked at the Redcat Blackout SC, but, they seem to be flimsy and break a lot. It seems there is also a company that sells on Ebay called HSP that is basically the Redcat vehicles with...
  2. FuryGuy

    ARRMA Vorteks 65 mph +

    Nope, this is not posted in the wrong place. :) Fury owners, pay close attention to the video. Namely the parts. Same as the Fury. I wish I saw this video before I ordered my hop ups! Much easier upgrade to the hubs. Had to share!!!
  3. WoodiE

    Arrma Vorteks Manual

    Arrma Vorteks Manuals Arrma Vorteks BLX Manual Arrma Vorteks BLS Manual Arrma Vorteks MEGA Manual