1. Jps

    Notorious Can’t figure out how to turn

    I have the notorious 6s and it will reverse and go forward, but I can’t turn. When I try to turn the car with it does the start up sequence again? Don’t know how to fix. Is there some kind of sequence I have to go through to get my remote to work properly
  2. TammiLittlenut

    Granite Change Steering Left/Right

    I feel ridiculous asking this question but I cannot find the answer. I have a granite BLX and got my son a Voltage. I just noticed on his that turning forward on his transmitter turns the wheels left and turning the wheel back goes right. This is the opposite of mine and I am having...
  3. TheFuzz1542

    Fixed My Senton Steering Jam Issues From Stones.

    I was having major issues with my steering jamming every single time my Senton 3s even looked at gravel or stones. Big issue with the SCT body is it catches every little thing that the tires throw up and dump it into the chassis. I've had my Senton steering jam in as little as five seconds when...
  4. E

    Granite Granite 4x4 suspension/steering upgrade?

    Hey guys brand new to the hobby just bought a new granite 4x4. Was tinkering trying to do a alignment (toe and camber) and found it very difficult as there is soooo much play in all of the original steering and suspension components. I would like to upgrade everything. Any recommendations on...
  5. marshy22

    Missing bolt and shim/sleeve from C hub

    After a touch of bashing I’ve noticed I’ve lost the bottom bolt that connects the C hub to the axel, where finding a random bolt to fit isn’t hopefully a issue I’ve removed the good side and that seems to have a metal sleeve or bush fitted inside the C hub which obviously fell out on the other...

    Big Rock Steering Not working on my Big Rock

    My Big Rock 4x4 3s BLX Just stopped steering this morning. I drove it 2 days ago and when I turned it on this morning it just wouldn’t steer. The throttle is working fine, and there is no dirt, grass, or gravel anywhere I can see. Any idea of what is wrong? And what I should do to fix it?
  7. nextgenbeard

    Granite Wheel alignment issues with me granite mega

    I’m having some trouble with the wheel alignment of my granite Mega 4x4 I haven’t changed anything it’s factory but for some reason the back driver side wheel is a full half inch as eye while the passenger side is 3/8 askew aligned I am just wondering how I can fix this if there is any
  8. H

    Kraton ball joints play kraton 4s video showing play i think this has lead to the play in my steering (about 25 degrees) but some have told me its the servo saver which ive looked at and doesn't seem to have much play. really i would like to find a kit of sorts with replacement ball joints as every...
  9. Qasim2021

    Kraton Bought new aluminum knuckles, but can't get steering right

    I just purchased some aluminium knuckles but can't get this right the steering is not working properly please help. Be Gentle.
  10. wakeboard994

    Steering. Barely turning right. Granite mega 4x4

    Hey guys. This is my first car so I’m not too familiar with the parts or how to troubleshoot yet. I have a new granite mega 4x4. Lately it barely turns right. It turns left on a dime. Just barely turns right. Any thoughts?
  11. T

    Kraton Disassemble steering post Kraton 6s v4

    I'm in desperate need for some help! On my second battery pack on my brand new Kraton v4, I managed to run into a light post and break the front lower hinge pin block (composite suspension mount, I believe Arrma calsl it). In order to get to it and replace it, I think I need to disassemble the...
  12. Snafu

    Fury mega no steering

    Am I having a controller issue or a servo I recently bought an arrma Fury mega please correct me if I'm wrong and I lost all steering today and will not come back. Check batteries and wires all seems to be good. The red LED light on the receiver does not indicate a signal when I try to steer the...
  13. HotSauce1983

    Talion Issue with Trim After Landing

    Hey There!! Happy Arrma you to all.. The issue I have which is with Talion 6s v4 and Granite 3s blx. I was thinking maybe it was car until I got talion in this week.. All stock except dif fluid change on talion and sealed bearings for both.. Before and after tear down to make these changes I...
  14. Lumsdenaj

    Notorious Notorious 6s servo/steering issue

    Had a problem develop this evening. When the car is off the steering feels fine. Wheels turn left and right no problem. When I put it on I can only turn left but it will not return itself. Nothing happens when I try to turn right and when I try to force the wheels by hand it feels like and...
  15. MrQQ

    Kraton Kraton - Steering plate

    Hi guys I've recently bent my second steering plate. So I decided to upgrade it. As I'm in europe, GKA, Voltage Hobby and brands that have no representation in europe are out of question. Having this, i found some options: Alza titanium steering rack...
  16. S

    Typhon New Aluminum Steering Blocks

    I had some issues with the plastic threads on my Typhon 6s steering blocks, so I ordered a set of Hot-Racing aluminum ones and installed them last night. Great build quality with easy threads. Haven't bashed on them yet, but they should take a beating.
  17. MRoyer

    Kraton Kraton steering rack will not turn

    I've done a bit of research after repeated assembly/disassembly and found nothing so here it goes: Today as I was out after just getting the car ready for the warmer weather, I ran down the street a couple of times and after a wheelie, I slammed down and lost my steering, but only to one side...
  18. W

    Steering bellcrank bushing to bearing replacement.

    Hey y'all, I need a video of replacing the steering bellcrank bushings to bearings on a 3s blx crew cab. I found one on YouTube to replace the bellcrank, but is alittle sketchy in my opinion. Thanks.
  19. GRspeed

    Fazon Different servo savers installed at the factory?

    Hi folks, What Servo Saver came with your Voltage? We have a pair of voltage models, one Fazon and one Granite. They had different servo savers installed from the factory even though the website lists all Voltage models with only the black, 3-piece style in the drawing and photos below...
  20. T

    Notorious Steering question

    Just opened up my new nortorious. Going to be installing the servo mount. And a few other things. I noticed that if you try and turn the wheels by hand the servo arm wont move at all. So I went thru the set endpoints and the servo moves the wheels when powered on fine. But I still cant get the...