1. Lumsdenaj

    Notorious Notorious 6s servo/steering issue

    Had a problem develop this evening. When the car is off the steering feels fine. Wheels turn left and right no problem. When I put it on I can only turn left but it will not return itself. Nothing happens when I try to turn right and when I try to force the wheels by hand it feels like and...
  2. MrQQ

    Kraton Kraton - Steering plate

    Hi guys I've recently bent my second steering plate. So I decided to upgrade it. As I'm in europe, GKA, Voltage Hobby and brands that have no representation in europe are out of question. Having this, i found some options: Alza titanium steering rack...
  3. S

    Typhon New Aluminum Steering Blocks

    I had some issues with the plastic threads on my Typhon 6s steering blocks, so I ordered a set of Hot-Racing aluminum ones and installed them last night. Great build quality with easy threads. Haven't bashed on them yet, but they should take a beating.
  4. MRoyer

    Kraton Kraton steering rack will not turn

    I've done a bit of research after repeated assembly/disassembly and found nothing so here it goes: Today as I was out after just getting the car ready for the warmer weather, I ran down the street a couple of times and after a wheelie, I slammed down and lost my steering, but only to one side...
  5. W

    Steering bellcrank bushing to bearing replacement.

    Hey y'all, I need a video of replacing the steering bellcrank bushings to bearings on a 3s blx crew cab. I found one on YouTube to replace the bellcrank, but is alittle sketchy in my opinion. Thanks.
  6. GRspeed

    Fazon Different servo savers installed at the factory?

    Hi folks, What Servo Saver came with your Voltage? We have a pair of voltage models, one Fazon and one Granite. They had different servo savers installed from the factory even though the website lists all Voltage models with only the black, 3-piece style in the drawing and photos below...
  7. T

    Notorious Steering question

    Just opened up my new nortorious. Going to be installing the servo mount. And a few other things. I noticed that if you try and turn the wheels by hand the servo arm wont move at all. So I went thru the set endpoints and the servo moves the wheels when powered on fine. But I still cant get the...
  8. Skifflife88

    Stripped my Notorious servo

    only had my notorious for a week and stripped the servo i want to know if theres a better servo i can get for under $70
  9. Texan45

    Granite 2018 Granite 4x4 BLX Steering Issues.

    Can’t get Granite to steer straight. Only two runs out of the box. Servo centered, trims adjusted. Is there a serious slop issue with this model?
  10. E

    Kraton Steering Block Troubles

    Has anyone had any troubles getting the steering block off. I snapped mine the other day and the dog bone part won’t come off. I have read that there is a set screw that poos out the pin, but I don’t know where that is. And the only hex part of it won’t budge even with heat and pliers. Any thoughts?
  11. S

    Notorious Notorious wont turn when giving throttle

    So this problem started some time in the last few days but I really noticed it today when racing around with a friend. If im giving significant throttle I can turn maybe 5-10% of the trucks ability however if I hit the brakes or let off the throttle I can turn normally. I was thinking maybe my...
  12. Drtybird

    BEC for HV steering servo

    I am purchasing a jx cls hv7346mg for my arrma kraton. I am running 2x3s and will be finally running it on 4s till motor upgrade. I will be letting my GF daughter be running on just 3s. I want to go ahead and put this in while I'm putting the servo in any recommendations on amp rating , volt...
  13. Faffy123

    Outcast Front steering blocks

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me what the difference between the 2 front steering blocks are ar330505 and ar330187. Want to order some for my outcast but not sure if it matters too much which ones I order.
  14. R

    Kraton Steering problem

    My kraton has a savox1230 servo..stock tires..and I'm running on 6s..I've noticed that my turning radius is very wide i can't give it any gas while turning..not even a little or she understeers like crazy..someone said i needed a bec for my servo because the servo was cutting in and...
  15. J

    Typhon Typhon steering slop?

    how much steering slop is acceptable? also, does the servo saver setting impact the amount if steering slop? if so, what is the best setting?
  16. O

    Kraton Servo broken already?

    Third time out with my new Kraton and I think I broke the steering servo. If I pick the front end up it will steer, but with wheels on the ground the wheels won't turn and the servo makes weird grinding noise. Is the servo shot, or is there something I can fix?
  17. bicketybam

    Kraton Steering Slop

    I'm brand new to the Kraton. I have a lot of play in the steering. Part of it is the service saver which looks like it needs tightening (I'll Google that procedure). The other issue I see is that there is a lot of play between the pivot ball that is at the end of the suspension arm and the...
  18. ck.tan

    Talion Dismantling Steering Post On Talion

    hi, does anyone know how to dismantle the steering posts on the talion v3 ? on mine, one is stuck to the chassis while the other is stuck to the top plate. the steering posts would turn when i turn the screws with a hex wrench. if possible i try not to use a pair of pliers to avoid leaving "bite...
  19. Hypnotoad

    Typhon Steering rack bushings

    How do I get these out? When I turn the screw on the bottom of the chassis, they just spin and don't loosen up. Trying to replace all of the bearings in my Typhon.
  20. N

    Outcast Steering headaches

    Hi guys, A little help please. My outcast steering is driving me nuts! A few months back a bent steering rack (AR340060) ended up killing the steering servo. I corrected this but since then the servo saver will not stay tight. Every second run the nut is at the bottom resulting in little to...