1. Snoprosledneck88

    Notorious No steering new servo

    just installed a new servo and it doesn’t work. Nothing happens when I turn the wheel on the transmitter. If I push the end point buttons it turns but that’s it. How do I set this thing up again for steering?
  2. OUTCAST613

    no steering

    new here and everywhere else .so please be gentle. I have an outcast BLX .Steering just quit .how do I verify the correct operation of the servo and the ESC? went thru all procedures and could nt get the correctflashing led on receiver or the ESC.the only correct flash was on tx control of 5...
  3. N

    Outcast Outcast stiff steering

    I lost the gears in my steering servo today, it sure sounded ill. Upon removing the servo horn, it's hardly surprising it went as the steering is very very stiff. Before i replace/upgrade the servo, what can I check yo see why it's binding? Thanks, Phil
  4. Paultro84

    Servo locks up turning left

    Was out doing cartwheels with my Outcast all day yesterday :-) and then I turned left and it just went in circles. Haha servo was locked up so I took it apart, real simple inside. Couldn't see anything wrong so I put it back together, spinning the gears as I went and everything moved fine. Put...
  5. Fazoner

    Steering servo turnes quicker/stronger to the right than to the left...

    Hello! I have driven the car with max steering trim a couple of times, thought that was a great idea until it found the video on how to configure the trim correctly. Now I have discovered that the steering servo (Savox SW-1210SG) is turnes the wheels quicker/further to the right than to the...
  6. Smithjm5

    Granite Granite 4x4 Clicking

    Hey guys, I just picked up a granite 4x4 earlier this week and so far I’ve loved it. I’ve only ran it a few times and yesterday we got a few inches of snow so I took it out and had a blast doing donuts and such. But this morning I was getting ready to take it out and turned it on and noticed...
  7. Plasce209

    Senton Steering Servo upgrade

    New to RC world. My Servo went out on my newly Senton 4x4 (Brushed). Any recommendations on a cheap and reliable servo upgrade?? Thanks!!!!
  8. E

    Sloppy steering on Kraton

    ive had this kraton for a year and a half. The front steering keeps getting sloppy. Left and right has slop. Tried every thing in the book to tighten ,,shim. Still have left and right slop. Can’t get it a normal trait with these units. Or is there a way to eliminate the play. Put...
  9. Aaron5

    Replaced Servo with savox 0231

    I replaced my stock tali on Servo with the savox 0231 and the steering is reversed in it. Do I need to do anything other than flip the switch on the back of the receiver? Does the horn need to be off? Does the end points need to be reset as well? Thanks
  10. Brad89

    Outcast Steering issue

    New Arrma Outcast owner here. Just ran through the third pack and I’m having a reoccurring steering issue. The steering won’t stay centered. I will trim it as strait as possible and drive it a bit and it starts veering left. I trim it strait again and stays for a bit then it starts veering...
  11. Jeff K

    Nero Steering Servo

    Hi All, I`m new here and am very much a novice. I`ve got an almost new standard Nero and not long after I got it the steering servo burned up (no known reason it just stopped steering?). Armma "fixed" it but the truck won`t steer well at all when in motion. With no weight on the wheels it works...
  12. mrfurious40k

    Fury has steering but no forward or reverse.

    Hey all, my son has had a Fury with a brushed motor/ESC since around thanksgiving. It's the newest version with the dark blue body. Its completely stock and has had no issues until today. He ran a pack through it in the grass (Which was dry and cut yesterday so not long). When he put the second...
  13. Stitch

    New Servo - Steering Revolution

    I thought the original servo was ok, but now I picked up the Savöx SB-2292 SG. I wanted to improve torque and speed. This servo has both (see below). But effect on the drivability is extreme. It turns like it has a connection to the brain ;) Nice drifts at full speed without loosing control...
  14. Nero Big Rock Steering Revolution

    Nero Big Rock Steering Revolution

    I thought the original servo is not bad. But now I went for the SAVÖX SB-2292 SG. The Big Rock totally changed. It turns on a dime! Awesome drifts with the torque and the quick response Torque: @6V: 305 oz-in (22 kg-cm) @7.4V: 430 oz-in (31 kg-cm) Speed: @6V: 0.085/60° s @7.4V: 0.07/60° s
  15. Jerbear1018

    Kraton Savox 1211sg not turning wheels on Arrma Kraton

    Hey guys so I got a Savox 1211sg for my Arrma Kraton and it is not working properly. It seems like it has no torque to turn the wheels and it makes a weird noise all the time like a flutter noise. Also when turning left the wheels lock and it won't turn the other way. Please if anyone can help...
  16. BeyondHypojermia

    Hub Nut Tightness Kraton

    Hey all, First Arrma here! Managed to get my hands on some Backflip tires so I picked up a set. I noticed on my last run that one of the wheels was loose, didn't look too far into it. When I swapped wheels I noticed the hub nut was about halfway out, so there's the problem, but then I...
  17. F

    Fazon steering weak

    I hope you guys can help me out on this one: I'm an owner of a new Fazon, (and entirely new to the Arrma platform) and have run the car two times with full charged batteries(2s Genace 5000mah 60c ) Now I can't have the car to steering properly. I've checked the transmitter settings/trims, but...
  18. Camo

    Stock Outcast servo!!

    Ok !! I haven't mucked around with the steering much at all on my Outcast. No fancy CNC servo mount nothing. I figured for someone who just bashes hard and has some fun I didn't need to. Steering I don't really care how smooth it is as long as she turns then I'm happy pretty simple dude. But...
  19. WoodiE

    Voltage Hobbies Servo Mount and Steering Rack

    It's a well known fact that the Kraton, Talion, Typhon, Senton, and Outcast stock servo mounts have a lot of flex which not only shortens the life of your servo but strips it of it's power - regardless if you're running a stock servo or an upgraded one. Voltage Hobbies has solved this by...
  20. R

    Stock Granite BLX steering and body posts

    I've been an Arrma fan for a while now and Outcast is my regular basher. My 14 year old son recently bought a Granite BLX and took it out on a modest 2S lipo for his first run. Immediately we noticed the truck behaving erratically when the front wheels were up. Nosing left and right pretty...