1. Performance nut

    Felony 1/7 scale storage options

    The prettier half of the household is commented on not wanting to see my Felony out anymore (had it on a make shift bench while modifying it). Horizontal storage is in high demand around here. Any options for vertical storage? Seems too heavy to hang but I may be underestimating the strength of...
  2. Warby

    Storage charging urgency?

    Hi all, how important and urgent is it to storage charge lipos? Does it need to be done after use, at end of the day or only if they are not going to be used for a few days? I only have a cheap balance charger with led indicators at this stage so I'm manually checking the batteries with a...
  3. hoonigan

    Storage Charging Lipos ???

    I have read people storage charge lipos even day before they drive next day. What is this? I run self about 3-4 packs day right now. Also my Kids have start drive RC. they do the same almost. Totally we run 10-12 packs daily with different cars. I have hell charge already everything. How to...
  4. M

    Storing Tires

    I just put my unused tires in a plastic container and stored them in a tool shed outside in my backyard? Can they get damaged by the temperature like this? I know in the summer it gets really hot in there but right now in winter it gets between 65 and 75 during the day, 45-50 at night. I've got...
  5. paulybatz

    How to store a LiPo battery

    What type of cases do you use??? I saw one that holds a few batteries. Then thought if one went. There goes all your batteries. Also do these things spontaneously go or just during charging and use? If they're in storage voltage, is there a worry???
  6. H

    Some questions on balance charging, store charge, discharge..

    Hello all. I received my SMC 4s 7400mah lipo yesterday and I would appreciate any advice on lipos. The charge that the battery was shipped at was 3.86, 3.85, 3.84 and 3.85. I balanced charged it on a 4 button charger. So here are my questions: 1. When fully charged each cell should be at max...
  7. Trickelitrick

    Safe storage lipos?

    I just bought this ammobox to keep my lipos when not in use. Its air tight so in case of a fire in the box, would it be better with a vent hole or not, for expanding gases or whatever?
  8. Kraton111

    Kraton Kraton storage and parts box???

    Looking for a plastic tote that the kraton would sit flat in and also looking for the best option for carrying parts and charger?
  9. Kenna2000

    Kraton Wall hanging storage ideas..?

    I want to hang my Kraton flat('ish) on the wall as storage space is an issue for me and I don't want it hidden in a cupboard either. So wanted to reach out to see if anyone has any ingenious ideas how to do this without using hooks? I didn't want to use hooks because I'm concerned about what...