1. GaryT

    FYI - STR parts SALE - Tower Hobbies

    FYI - Tower Hobbies has STRC parts sale going on if interested. Slight discounts. Good thru Feb. 4, 2017
  2. JBlazer

    Raider STRC aluminum parts

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a few parts for my raider from STRC and found their shocks are very good and are not leaking at all After significant bashing. They are holding together strong. They have great prices. I am very curious as to how well the aluminum front hubs and rear Knuckles...
  3. Bri26

    STRC Arrma Granite, Raider, Vorteks, Fury and Raider option parts!

    I recently purchased the STRC aluminum shock caps for my ARRMA Fury. They are nicely made and look really cool. I am finding the stock shocks to be pretty good and am thinking about getting the STRC shock bodies. I found some good directions on adding oil to a bladderless style shock. Just...
  4. Unusual RC

    1/10 scale after-market parts finally available

    Amen! Finally a RC after-market/hop-up brand decided to make upgrade parts for all our 1/10 scale Arrma trucks: Now I have to find out if they will be available for us here in Europe too. But, hey! They finally did not forget...