sway bar

  1. djrahbee

    Are sway bars necessary on bashers, If so what do they do?

    I've done a little search but didn't see much. I saw in one thread that speed runners and drag cars don't need them but what about bashers like Kraton and Outcast? I read somewhere else that you could remove the front sway bar on the Outcast 4s V2 to help with steering which I did and noticed a...
  2. [Hot Racing Aluminum Sway Bar Mount] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Hot Racing Aluminum Sway Bar Mount] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Arrma Senton 6s BLX v3 did not come with sway bars like its predecessors. Added the sway bars and upgraded the mounts, as the stock plastic flexed and broke off.
  3. beefy nugz

    Outcast Does everybody run there sway bars?

    Just wondering. I think it might might be better for off road use. What' everybody's opinion on keeping or leaving the sway bar??
  4. B

    Kraton Removing Kraton V3 rear swaybar

    I have a new V3 Need to get to the diff, but cant figure out how to disconnect the new style sway bar ends. Can some one help me out with a tip. Thanks in advance.
  5. Vanning

    Outcast Sway bars or not.

    Lately I've been running an rc with no sway bars installed. One example was my Slash.... it has wide monster tires on it. That completely changes the characteristics of the vehicle. Yes it was mostly a basher but it was the high center of gravity chassis. The rig did not roll over much. Then...
  6. Vanning

    Kraton Sway Bar Links

    There are 2 real small set screws on the sway bar on these Kraton's. How tight should they be or how far in do you guys have them ? The set screws are on the same plastic cover that holds in the diff. Front and rear are the same. Mine came backed out and are not snug on the sway bar. Not...
  7. ajdragon

    My attempt at making a rear sway bar

    Hi Well this is my attempt at making a rear sway bar for my Raider XL. This is only part one and as I get more parts I will post more pics. I still need to get the flanged bearings for the mounts, a 2mm rod, and the swing arm mounting hard wear. So here are the sway bar mounts I made.