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  1. T-Bone Exo-cage broke pretty quick

    T-Bone Exo-cage broke pretty quick

    I think there is a crack in the body as well.
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    Golf course whiz around!
  3. IMG_20200316_141150~2.jpg


    Afternoon test run of the new shockwaves, they lived up to expectations
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    New boots
  5. jondilly1974

    T-Bone Racing email update

    T-Bone Racing Update After months of work T-Bone Racing is ready to make one of our biggest changes yet! From Made to Order to In-Stock Inventory TBR is switching things up. After 15 years of making every single part to order, we will now be keeping a full inventory of our...
  6. -IronMan-

    T Bone order

    Hey I place an order with Tbone racing almost 3 weeks ago and it still hasn’t shipped. Anyone else having an issue getting their items ?
  7. Siik_ap2

    Order from t bone no communication

    So I put in an order for the speed wheelie bar for my kraton v4 on January the 15th. I never got a confirmation email or another number but the payment was processed. Now at first I didn’t think anything of it but I have been trying to reach them via email and their chat system with no response...
  8. Fallguy

    Shipping takes forever, won't respond to email, no one picks up phone.

    Placed an order Jan 6th of in stock parts. Heard nothing since. Other orders have taken a long time but this is ridiculous. Do they respond to threads in here? I actually placed 2 more orders since. I think they'll be my last 2. Bad way to run a business.
  9. I

    T-Bone Racing won't answer e-mails

    Anyone else having trouble with t bone racing not returning e-mails. Order some parts in early December received them late December,one part came in wrong. Tried to e-mail right away to let them know (several times) still no response. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. arrmadillo

    T-Bone Racing Black Friday Sale

    T-Bone 40 to 50% off Black Friday sale starts Thanksgiving 6pm Pacific. Up to 40% off. You can sign up for their 50% off VIP sale and they will send out emails BF and Cyber Monday. Check em out if you're looking to save a few bucks.
  11. CH048swRCMaster

    New T-Bone Racing bumper

    This thing looks sick, I'm all ready to bash.
  12. Lazy Bushman

    TBone Bumper Wrecking Screw Holes?

    I'm interested in knowing if others are having the same problem as me. I run a T-Bone V4 bumper on my Kraton and it does a great job of protecting the front end for collision damage. What I am experiencing however is that screw holes in the front diff housing are getting flogged out and the...
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    You're only as safe as the protection you wear.
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    You're only as safe as the protection you wear.
  15. 20190111_070839.jpg


    You're only as safe as the protection you wear.
  16. 20190102_212525.jpg


    You're only as safe as the protection you wear.
  17. 20190330_233336.jpg


    Fresh skin for the Noto in disguise
  18. T-Bone Racing

    T-Bone Racing enters the world of Arrma forums

    Hey guys, I'll start off by introducing myself, I am Jeff and will be handling all Arrma form activity for T-Bone Racing. I have been with the company for over 8 years and am currently sitting as one of the co-owners/Brand manager! A big initiative for us this year is to be more connected...
  19. M

    Senton T-bone front bumper, Senton

    So less than an hour at the track and the bumper broke. It is way too stiff. Anyone modify one of these to flex a little more? I was thinking about hammering a price of sheet stock and putting a bow in it so it would flex a little. Funny thing is the bumper may work better in its current...