t-bone racing

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    You're only as safe as the protection you wear.
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    You're only as safe as the protection you wear.
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    You're only as safe as the protection you wear.
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    You're only as safe as the protection you wear.
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    Fresh skin for the Noto in disguise
  6. M

    Senton T-bone front bumper, Senton

    So less than an hour at the track and the bumper broke. It is way too stiff. Anyone modify one of these to flex a little more? I was thinking about hammering a price of sheet stock and putting a bow in it so it would flex a little. Funny thing is the bumper may work better in its current...
  7. A

    Kraton Tbone T2T brace

    Is anybody planning on buying one of The Bone upper tower to tower brace? I see there available now for purchase.
  8. Montenegro1

    Kraton TBR Lead Time

    Hey everyone, I ordered a front/rear bumper and wheelie bar from TBR for my Kraton 8 days ago. I still haven't received an email from them that the items have shipped. Since I've never dealt with them before, I was looking for some feedback. Does it typically take this long to receive...
  9. Rrr184

    Kraton T-Bone front bumper issue with voltage hobbies brace

    Is anyone using t-bone XV4 v2.0 front bumper with voltage hobbies front suspension brace installed? I just tried to install the bumper and the screw holes won’t line up with the thicker voltage brace
  10. Faffy123

    Outcast T Bone Racing issues

    So I ordered the exo cage for the Outcast on 24th August and it still has not shipped. Emailed them on the 28th to be told by Jacob they were being made and would ship that day or within 2 days. Fair enough. So still not shipped by the 31st so emailed again to be told by Jacob yet again the cage...
  11. HUGO .R

    Talion What are the dimensions of the T bone exocage ?

    Hi everibody, I just had a Arrma Talion v3 and to have more protections I would like to make an exocage. I wanted to know if you can give me the dimensions of yours and even can be a schema. Thanks so much if you can do that
  12. HUGO .R

    Talion Does the TBR XV4 2.0 front bumper of the kraton fits on the talion

    Hi everybody, I have already the @T-Bone Racing XV4 2.0 of the Kraton v3 and i want to know if it is appropriate for the Arrma talion v3? Thanks
  13. RxMonkey

    T-Bone is Excellent

    I just wanted to mention I broke my @T-Bone Racing brace on my front bumper of the Senton. Lawn darted it from 10-12 feet up. I emailed. They asked for a pic and my address. They shipped me a new one just like that. No hassle at all, just a great company to deal with!
  14. S

    Kraton Beware of TBR wheelie bar 2.0 version

    To all bashers beware of TBR wheelie bar 2.0 version, this is the one with the new hinge pin mounting block. I think the screws that are supplied for the hinge pin mount are only mild steel and have snapped off in the diff housing . This has happened to my mate as well. Has this happened to...
  15. servalac

    T-Bone Racing Bumper/Skid

    Decided i needed a rear bumper for my Talion V3, been reading that T-Bone holds up better if you put a washer or something between the chassi plate and the bumper. Since i could'nt find a rear bumper for the Talion (here in sweden) and since i did'nt know exactly what would fit I ordered a 10017...
  16. TheLectrician

    Kraton Problems with T-bone racing

    Let me start by saying i want to love these products so bad BUT... I just loaded up on T-bone stuff. Got 2 kraton bumpers and a wheelie bar for my outcast and one for my kraton $132... no big deal. All "instock items"... 7 days goes by and still nothing i figure its the website and parts...
  17. K-NIWS

    Senton Senton mega tboneracing bumpers

    Front and rear bumpers available for the Senton Mega. Just placed my order the front.
  18. Lee Boyce

    Kraton Tbone Parts installed on Kraton

    so finally got the new TBone Oarts on the front bumper VX4 2.0 the mud guards and the 2.0 Wheelie Bar all looking good very please with the parts on the car looking forward to having a bash. What new parts hav you out on pics please
  19. B

    Kraton TBR Thrasher front bumper mounting

    I just got a V3 Kraton and wanted to add TBR Thrasher front and rear bumpers. Anyone have instructions/videos on how to get these mounted? There are no instructions in the bag and I can't figure it out. Here's what I ordered, in case I got the wrong ones? TIA 10074 - TBR Thrasher Front...
  20. beefy nugz

    Outcast How I mounted the tbr outcast bumper

    I was never a big fan of the idea of mounting a BASHER bumper to the front diff! And I know I'm not the only one, so I was a little hesitant to purchase although I just loved the look of it. So I bought it and installed using only the four screws on the bottom of the chasis. Thought it had to...