t bone racing

  1. Y

    Senton Senton 3S BLX - TBR Senton MEGA front bumper modified to fit

    Just wanted to share my findings with putting a TBR Senton MEGA front bumper on my new Senton 3S BLX. It seems that most parts that fit the Senton MEGA do seem to cross over to the 3S BLX. This assumption was what prompted me to contact TBR to see if they had been able to test the MEGA bumper on...
  2. 72Z15SS

    TBR bumpers

    I ordered 2 T-Bone Racing front bumpers on 12/31 for my Typhon and Kraton directly from TBR's Website, hoping they would get here quicker. NOT! I sent an e-mail and yesterday received an e-mail back from them stating; Hello, We're looking at 7 business days for production and shipment of all...
  3. travis328

    Senton Tbone racing bumpers coming soon!

    I got in contact with tbone racing last week to see if they were planning on making any bumpers for the Senton. I just got a reply saying they are on their way and should be available on their website on Friday! I know I'll be ordering them as soon as they are available!