1. B

    Fury Replaced Mega ESC, how to connect to Tactic controller?

    Mega ESC was acting up. Replaced with new one. How do I connect it to the Tactic TTX300 controller?
  2. jkflow

    SOLD / FOUND Tactic TTX300 Radio with TR326 Receiver from my V3 Talion $30

    I have a lightly used and fully functional TTX300 with receiver, just add batteries. $30 shipped. Paypal only and you pay the fees. Free local pickup and would drop it to $20 if I don't have to ship. (Tampa/St.Pete area) I pulled this out of my Talion a couple packs into it.
  3. mje19d27

    Kraton I Just Discovered How Terrible The Spektrum STX2 Is

    Just installed the Rx/Tx from my V3 Typhon (Tactic TTX300) on my V4 Kraton after noticing the lag and unpredictability of the stock Spektrum STX2 set up. WHOA.. what a difference that made! It is much snappier and controlled. Feels like a completely different RC. I threw on my Savox 1210sg servo...
  4. Gastrok

    Talion Tactic TR326 vs. TR325 Receiver

    Hi All, Got water in the receiver box of my Talion v3 and fried the receiver - see pics below - looks like corrosion. The stock receiver is the Tactic TR326, but it seems to be out of stock in every online store I've searched. The TR325, however, does seem to be readily available. Will the...
  5. TurboTeg512

    Can't get TR326 receiver to work

    I just bought a new tr326 receiver for my Fazon 6s. I can't get it to work. I've tried the suggested process but no luck. Am I missing something?
  6. KratonLV

    Tactic TTX300 transmitter and flysky receiver

    Hi! I have issues with my tactic receiver, so I need new one. Is it possible to bind Tactic TTX300 transmitter with some cheap receiver like flysky? Or maybe some other? Waiting for reply, thanks guys!
  7. J

    Arrma Tactic multiple models?

    Hi, Just wondering if the stock radio that comes with the models is capable of multiple model memory? Can I buy another rx and use the same tx for two models? Thanks