1. servalac

    T-Bone Racing Bumper/Skid

    Decided i needed a rear bumper for my Talion V3, been reading that T-Bone holds up better if you put a washer or something between the chassi plate and the bumper. Since i could'nt find a rear bumper for the Talion (here in sweden) and since i did'nt know exactly what would fit I ordered a 10017...
  2. fishycomics

    Talion What did you do with the Tailon Today

    A place to share anything from A video to whatever that you did with your Tailon today. Pictures, video, mods you name it? SO what did you do today with your Tailon?
  3. servalac

    Talion Shock Oil/Fluid Talion V3 vs Kraton

    Been searching for the recommendation of shock fluid for the Talion V3, in my manual and on Arrma's site it clearly states 2000cst. Is this really true ? I use Team Associated's fluids and when you go up to such a heavy weight you're in to the diff fluid range. For the Kraton it says 1000cst...
  4. servalac

    Outcast Front Dirt Guards Talion V3

    Hello, has anyone successfully installed the Outcast Front Dirt Guards AR320376 on the Talion V3 ? The bodyposts are in the way and the height of the dirt guards is just to high to fit the body in the stock position. Modify bodypost and cut down the height ?
  5. servalac

    Arrma V3 shocks, boots twisted

    Hi all, not new to the RC hobby, but new to Arrma, just got a Talion V3, lovin' it. Got a question about the dust boots on the V3 Shocks, is the boot really suppose to look like this ? The boot looks like it's too long and it gets twisted around the shockshaft more and more as you drive, been...
  6. T

    Talion Can you use a different spur gear for you front or rear diff?

    Could you use a different spur gear for you front or rear diff ???
  7. fishycomics

    Talion camber the tilt of the wheels

    Tailon wheels looked off I adjusted my fronts, car rides straight, happy. As I look at the rears they are top angled in (negative) not sure if too much degree. I am sure the fronts as well some. My wheels say the left rear guess the glueing of it looks like its wobbly so I may need to...
  8. fishycomics

    Talion home made bumper

    thought I share what I made over the weekend . that i may continue on enjoy
  9. R

    Arrma talion v1 main diff gear

    Hi , New to the hobby and was wondering if someone could help , I have a talion v1 and the front and rear main diff gear needs to be replaced but can’t find the part anywhere..... is there another version I can use or a alternative. I’m in the uk Thanks in advance
  10. G

    Talion Talion V3 Shock Fluid

    Hello everyone. Been enjoying the hell out of my Talion so far. It is stock apart from running the Pro-Line Badlands on the 1/2" lower offset wheels. I run SMC 4S 90C batteries and just picked up a 6S 50C battery that I have not tried yet. I still need some more drive time, but I'm curious...
  11. fishycomics

    Talion Arrma Tailon on 2S 7.4v 5200 mah 50C (100 burst) only..

    As I watched a video, asked my question and will ask here at the Arrmaforums.com... I run other rc models. a 3670 motor 2500KV 80-120 Amp Esc. The Arrma Tailon is a 2050KV and 180Amp. So why are we saying that I must use only 4S or 6S set ups, and anything less then 30C will see pic 2 be...
  12. Ahlwardt9

    Talion Talion parts

    I just bought the Talion 6S and I’m having a hard time finding parts. Haven’t broke anything per say but my local hobby shop doesn't carry many parts for it. I would like to find upgraded and replacement parts I can order to have on hand. Any suggestions on where I can order parts would be...
  13. fishycomics

    Talion Arrma Tailon V3 Rise Head Wheelie Bar Modification How I did

    As I had a wheelie bar from my Bison and cheetah, i do not use the vkar that much, here is my Mod. and down below will be some info on what I used and how I did it. You may find the part I used online. here online here is a photo of it photo host I used angle Iron I had laying around as...
  14. fishycomics

    Talion Tailon V3 opening a new box should I see?

    Talion Ver 3 IMHO: if a box was thrown all over, car laid upside down etc.. I see rear diff fluid on the top shock tower, and rear, also on the top of the box, I see some finger prints on the bottom.. some scuffs on the shell.. My Question to who purchased did you see any of this, as I am...
  15. Y

    Fazon wheels on 2018 Talion

    Hi, I love the Katar wheels on the Talion, the problem is that i feel that they are too aggressive for harder surface/asphalt. I don't want to worn them up. I was looking for a more "general" tyre, and use the Katar's for when i'm going strictly off-road, and the Fazon (Pincer) wheels looks...
  16. E

    Talion Roll cage for the new talion?

    does anyone know of some sort of roll cage for the new talIon? I’ve got one for the kraton,,,said it would work on the talion. But it doesn’t,, not even close,,, Thankyou
  17. C

    2018 Talion street tires

    What street tires would you recommend for the Talion?