1. D

    Talion XT90 loop key fryed through

    Anyone else have their XT90 loop key completely fail? I have run my brand new Talion less then 5 outings and was getting ready for the next one when I noticed a smell coming from the car. After inspection, I noticed the plastic was melted and completely burnt through so the wires were exposed...
  2. Ulaan

    Talion Talion to kraton

    Hey guys i bought a v2 used talion, it's really good but for pure off road and bashing isn't as good as kraton. There are some changes or improvements i can do to transform it in a kraton (thanks to the mecanical parts and the structure are ugual) or to made it better for off road, thanks.
  3. Rcnerd

    Kraton Voltage Hobbies aluminum rear shock tower

    Hey everyone- bent my stock rear shock tower, so replaced it with Voltage Hobbies 7075 CNC machined aluminum tower. Comes in a bunch of colors and seems like it will be a huge upgrade. I can't imagine this thing will bend, but time will tell. You can find the part here if interested...
  4. Aaron5

    Replaced Servo with savox 0231

    I replaced my stock tali on Servo with the savox 0231 and the steering is reversed in it. Do I need to do anything other than flip the switch on the back of the receiver? Does the horn need to be off? Does the end points need to be reset as well? Thanks
  5. Rcnerd

    Talion 2018 Talion & Kraton

    Hi all first attempt at some footage of our kraton and talion bashing together. Footage is taken by drone. Would love to see what videos you have or have found on Talion vs Kraton.
  6. Rcnerd

    Talion 2018 Kraton vs Talion video

    Hi all- first attempt at a video taken by drone of my 2018 Kraton and my brother in laws Talion bashing in our backyard. Thanks for watching and would love to see your best videos or just cool videos you have found of the Kraton & Talion together.
  7. Rcnerd

    Best Arrma YouTube videos!

    Hi guys- I currently own an 2018 Arrma Kraton and my buddies all Just bought Kraton's and Talions. Just started a YouTube channel and posted my first video which can be found here: Would love to see your bashing videos so post here!
  8. TalionSWB

    Help: Talion chewing up Main Diff Gear AR310497!

    My Talion v2 destroying the teeth on the rear 43T main diff gear I have heard about shimming the diffs but the damage is being done outside the diff case not on the internal gears. The AR310497 cost around $30 a piece delivered here in the UK and I cant afford to keep buying replacements Does...
  9. HabibiJr

    Talion Kraton 2018 vs Talion 2018

    What are the differences between the two and which is the better basher?
  10. S

    Talion Battery for talion

    I just pick up the new talion for my son and found out his old lipos are no good. His charger will only charge a 3s so I need to find the largest 3s pair and 2s pair that will fit under the body. What's the max height I can go? Will two smc 5400's for I think they are 37mm tall each?
  11. pcpguy

    Talion Best upgrades for Talion V3?

    Whats best upgrade to do as in knew and whats good to do?
  12. pcpguy

    Talion tires and wheels

    just got my talion and put the proline badlands on. seems very crazy side bite. the stock wheels are much smaller but handle so much better. whats the stock tire and wheels set size would like to get another set of same size and little better grip tires any tips or suggestions pictures help
  13. pcpguy

    Talion Better battery strap?

    Any better battery straps for the Arrma Talion?
  14. pcpguy

    Talion Talion rear wing weak

    The Talion rear wing seems kind of week. Just got mine Sunday and have the 4s and 6s LiPo batteries. 6s is CRAZY!
  15. pcpguy

    proline bulldog body for Talion

    Been trying to locate a bulldog body who has them? Anyone do something else please post pictures!
  16. Aaron5

    Talion Talion wheel alignment

    I just got the V2 talion and noticed the wheels are all angled differently. The driver front is neg camber and toe out. Driver rear is toe in and about 0 camber Pass front 0 camber and 0 toe Pass rear is toe in and negative camber I know its an RTR so some adjustments are necessary, this is...
  17. M

    Arrma talion shock shafts

    So, I currently have the Arrma talion v2, and my biggest problem so far is definitely the suspension. The shafts either always bend, or the threads get stripped. I've gone through like 3 pairs of them so far and I've only had it for less than a year. I haven't done anything too rough, mainly...