1. larrytokes

    Typhon First Day at the Track

    New video up at my igtv. First day of practice laps and racing the Typhon. Forgot to post this bash and blast video from last month. Full sends off the monster ramp!
  2. Arrma Talion.jpg

    Arrma Talion.jpg

  3. JerryBoor

    Castle MM2 LVC not working

    The last two battery packs, the LVC setting on my Castle MM2 is not cutting power. I lost one battery pack when voltage dropped to 2.6-2.7 V. I put a battery tester on for the 2nd run, but it flew off on one of the tumbles. Luckily battery only went down to 3.1V. Didn't lose the pack. I am...
  4. smokedstanley

    What is your Go To RC

    I am curious what car people grab first when they want to go have some fun. There are no right, or wrong answers and it does not have to be an Arrma. Please just name the brand and model and let us know what other cars you have now or have owned. If the car you list is the only rc you have ever...
  5. Rcproponent

    Talion v4 Build

    Well, what started off as me turning my 2nd kraton into a talion ended up being just me making a talion ??‍♂️. By the time I ordered what was gonna be needed to convert, I just had the rest in the parts bin so I kept the 2nd kraton around. It may or may not end up being a super stretch typhon...
  6. HotSauce1983

    Talion Issue with Trim After Landing

    Hey There!! Happy Arrma you to all.. The issue I have which is with Talion 6s v4 and Granite 3s blx. I was thinking maybe it was car until I got talion in this week.. All stock except dif fluid change on talion and sealed bearings for both.. Before and after tear down to make these changes I...
  7. JerryBoor

    Talion Overheating Issue

    I am having an overheating issue with both ESC and motors on my Outcast and Talion. Outcast is stock running speed pinion and has a cheap cooling fan on the motor. The Talion is running Castle MM2 with 2200KV motor, speed pinion and cooling fan as well. Last thing I can think of is diff oil is...
  8. kilodi

    Corona Challenges - RC Fun while social distancing

    Hi guys, I just thought I bring it up here that few youtubers are conducting RC challenges during the social distancing times. Everyone is free to join and may even win some prizes. Kevin Tolbot: & Driftomaniacs: maybe you guys can also most your vids and link them here as well...
  9. C

    Talion Body saving

    Okay so I recently got the talion v4 and I flipped it one time so far doing a speed run, the front shocks rubbed against the body and put two decent holes in the body. Originally not a big deal but I have a custom body that I’m painting currently and was wondering if anyone had any tips or ideas...
  10. C

    Talion Talion gearing

    Coming out of the box I was wondering what size pinion other people are running with talion. I am running a 15 tooth pinion in it at the moment because it was getting a little to warm for my liking just from speed runs with the 20 tooth. I am ordering an 18 tooth pinion and a heat sync for the...
  11. ESC meltdown

    ESC meltdown

    It looks like a jet of flame shot out the back like a rocket engine. Just a melted hole from the inside-out
  12. ESC did it's best volcano impression

    ESC did it's best volcano impression

  13. Melted the power sitch wiring

    Melted the power sitch wiring

  14. Look closely and you can see what's left of the smoke coming from the ESC

    Look closely and you can see what's left of the smoke coming from the ESC

    After I was convinced it wasn't the battery, I flipped it upright, got the body off and took a pic. 4S battery got disconnected next.
  15. The wing stickers don't last at all

    The wing stickers don't last at all

  16. T-Bone Exo-cage broke pretty quick

    T-Bone Exo-cage broke pretty quick

    I think there is a crack in the body as well.
  17. Undercoating


    Switched to Permatex Rubberized Undercoating. Used the entire bottle. It might STILL be drying. Covered it with a coat of the Chrome just for fun.
  18. R

    Kraton Typhon 6s diffs in talion or kraton

    Can you put diffs from typhon in kraton or talion
  19. talion newbie 248

    Talion Popped all of my available tires time to get new shoes.

    So I just did some drifting in rain on my talion and just like with my badlands post the stock katars popped in a spectacular fashion. Need new shoes for my supped up talion now. My choices are. Back flip LP's Src terrain cruahers Which should I go for?
  20. Morning bash session running the Arrma Talion 6s, and Arrma Typhon 6s. Two of Arrma’s best rigs IMO.

    Morning bash session running the Arrma Talion 6s, and Arrma Typhon 6s. Two of Arrma’s best rigs IMO.

    Great morning bash session running the Arrma Typhon 6s, and Arrma Talion 6s. The Arrma Talion was fantastic and won the show hands down over the Typhon. Seri...