team associated

  1. Ghast

    Check out my impulsive purchase

    Guys check this out. I found somebody selling their entire RC operation locally. I took it away for $900. You guys tell me if I did alright. JConcepts car carrier with 3 cars inside. 1:8 Team Associated RC8.2e 1:10 Team Associated TC6.2 1:18 Team Associated RC18R The OGIO Sled bag came with...
  2. Bolshevikjoe

    Not ARRMA, But My First Foray Into a Custom RC (Team Associated Rival MT-10)

    New to all of this and having a fun time figuring out problems and engineering solutions. This was my first 'name brand' hobby grade truck and I got it back in February 2021. I have loved and abused this thing like crazy, but I hadn't done much to it aside from a set of RPM front arms once I...
  3. The 'Fleet."

    The 'Fleet."

    Funny how "I'm just gonna pick up a Stampede to play with" for my b-day last year turned into this within less than a year...
  4. D

    Opinions on Team Associated Rc8b3e vs Typhon

    Getting worried about the shear lack of availability for spare parts and the fact I’ve been waiting 6 weeks for stock to replenish with the Typhon V3, would a Team associated Rc8b3e be a good alternative?
  5. slick2500

    Vintage Team Associated RC10B2 rebuild.

    Over the summer I stopped at a yard sale and found this vintage Team Associated RC10B2 buggy with 3 sets of wheels/tires, 3 Futaba transmitters(with only one battery holder that is missing a tab) 2 chargers, 5 random cans of paint, a dead 1200mah nicd battery, Novak Rooster brushed esc, Trinity...