tekno rc

  1. S

    Senton Senton vs SCT410.3

    I'm looking to get something a little bigger then a senton 3s but not as big as the arrma kraton. Someone has a used tekno sct 410.3 roller wondering how the size difference between it and a senton 3s or kraton 6s. Also wondering how well it would handle on short/longer grass compared to a...
  2. Ulaan

    Kraton Tekno shocks for kraton

    Hi guys, I need your help for the replacement of the arrma kraton's stock shocks with the tekno one. I see on other topics that fix the Eb48. 3 shocks but now it's discontinued and it's difficult found them so do you think even the Eb48. 4 or mt410 shocks are quite the same and I can use them...
  3. sps468

    Tekno TKR6028 and TKR6029 help

    I just bought the TKR6028 and TKR6029 shock assemblies and bent a shock shaft. I was hoping someone might have the part number for the shafts.