1. Tekno MT410 vs Tekno EB48.4 vs Arrma Mojave EXB

    Tekno MT410 vs Tekno EB48.4 vs Arrma Mojave EXB

    Beautiful day for bashingLots of jumping, no broken parts :) Tekno EB48.4 Tekno MT410 Arrma Mojave EXB
  2. .AJ.

    AJ’s MT410 - M2C Game Changer

    Thought I would share this build with you guys Im just waiting on a few bits I couldn’t source in the UK from Amains and the Backflip 4s I’ve back ordered, then shes ready to bash!
  3. Uplift-RC

    SOLD / FOUND Tekno RC Front & Rear Shock Sprint Set Orange / TKR6093 & TKR6083

    ITEM DESCRIPTION TKR6093 - TKR6093 Tekno RC 80mm Front Shock Spring Set (Orange) (1.6 x 7.5T) (2) - TKR6083 - TKR6083 Tekno - RC 90mm Rear Shock Spring Set (Orange) (1.6 x 9.0T) (2) - Brand New in Factory Packaging FEATURES Polished steel construction Shipping Terms I only ship to the...
  4. slick2500

    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ. Arrma 6s, Arrma Mega 4x4, BLX 3s and BLX 4s shock information and upgrades.

    Arrma 6s shocks information. How to rebuild Arrma 6s shocks. Video curtesy of @TpPartsRcXtreme The Arrma 6s shock eye to eye measurements are listed in post #2. https://www.arrmaforum.com/threads/arrma-6s-arrma-mega-4x4-blx-3s-and-blx-4s-shocks-upgrades-and-information.7413/#post-72395...
  5. R

    Outcast Outcast V2 shocks

    Was wondering if anyone knows if the tekno springs fit the new outcast shocks? I need a front spring and was thinking of getting the teknos, but not if they won't fit the version 2 shocks as I'd probably upgrade to those as some point.
  6. S

    Outcast piston hole size

    Just been playing around with some new pistons and tekno springs. The truck feels pretty pooh tbh. Just wondering what's the standard size holes? There's 6 and I got a feeling they may be 1.6mm... Anyone know?
  7. Bcoventry4

    Shock springs?

    What upgraded shock springs will fit the arrma stock shocks and what would be good for high jumping and all around bashing.
  8. 83N

    Kraton Tekno shock owners

    Finally got my Tekno stand-offs in the post today and after fitting the shocks, I noticed that the rear of the truck looks very low. The shocks are the correct way around (longer set at the rear). And I'm running Yellow 80mm Front / Green 90mm Rear. At the front, and with the weight taken off...
  9. M

    SOLD / FOUND Highly Upgraded Nearly New Kraton ARTR

    Hey guys and gals. Somewhat sad day as I'm looking to sell my Kraton. I got all of two runs on her before I decided my computer needed an upgrade. Here's the nice list of upgrades: Hot Racing Chassis Braces Hot Racing Center Diff Cup Fast Eddy Sealed Bearings TBR Ceramic Bearings for Center...
  10. RCP

    Kraton Orange Tekno Springs TK6083 vs TK6093?

    Hello, I am a happy owner of a Kraton, I love him. I'm looking for the best parts to update it. The original springs are very soft. I walk a lot on the road and off road. Orange tekno springs are the choice! TK6083-90mm- on the four corners? or TK6083-90mm on the rear and on the front...
  11. Kalani938

    Kraton Ride height with Tekno Orange

    For those of you with the Tekno orange springs, where are you positioning the shock adjusters and how does your Kraton sit? Are the arms pretty flat or does it go up at an angle? If you can, post a few pics of where you have your shocks adjusted to. I mainly bash around the house and at local...