1. bukshypro

    Vorteks Can I see any decent logs with the bt2000 telemetry?

    I love how Raz Shifrin can check his telemetry after speedruns. I understand that my £400 Arrma Vorteks with a £20 bt2000 module is not as sophisticated, but I wonder whether I could pull out something good. I downloaded some log files, but it seems its more like error logs.
  2. vetteman1000

    Telemetry between Castle Xlx2 and Dx5 Rugged

    Is anybody running the castle creations telemetry x-bus adapter with a 6110 Spectrum receiver and a DX5 successfully? I’m looking for telemetry but don’t want to go to Futaba. Please let me know your working configurations. TIA.
  3. Yazman

    DX5 Rugged and SR515 telemetry capable stock?

    I'm trying to figure out that sweet Kraton I bought from McClain210, but that radio is like a computer, and even after reading the manual and playing with it, I'm super confused. I'm finishing my Phd at school, but I feel like I'm still too dumb to understand this complicated transmitter. Does...
  4. yeroc1982

    Talion Telemetry installed!

    Finally had a chance to hook up telemetry on my rig. Will be nice to have on my Airtronics mt4.