1. bukshypro

    Vorteks Can I see any decent logs with the bt2000 telemetry?

    I love how Raz Shifrin can check his telemetry after speedruns. I understand that my £400 Arrma Vorteks with a £20 bt2000 module is not as sophisticated, but I wonder whether I could pull out something good. I downloaded some log files, but it seems its more like error logs.
  2. Yazman

    DX5 Rugged and SR515 telemetry capable stock?

    I'm trying to figure out that sweet Kraton I bought from McClain210, but that radio is like a computer, and even after reading the manual and playing with it, I'm super confused. I'm finishing my Phd at school, but I feel like I'm still too dumb to understand this complicated transmitter. Does...
  3. yeroc1982

    Talion Telemetry installed!

    Finally had a chance to hook up telemetry on my rig. Will be nice to have on my Airtronics mt4.