1. Mokamit

    1/6 Super Baja Rey Wheels on Mojave 6s?

    Hi guys, as you may know, getting spare Mojave tires are pretty hard at the moment, and the stock tires strip out so fast! I was wondering if anyone has tried to fit the 1/6 Super Baja Rey Wheels on Mojave 6s? Or if they know of any good tire options for the Mojave?
  2. B

    Granite Arrma Granite BLX wheel keeps falling off

    Hi Everyone, I purchased the Arrma Granite BLX 4x4 at the beginning of the month after a long (30 yr) hiatus from RC cars. It's been a great hobby to get back into during the pandemic and it also doesn't hurt that I'm using my own money instead of begging mom and dad for parts like back in the...
  3. Gregorinho26

    Senton 3S Street Tires - Perfect Choice!

    I drive my Senton 3S on the street in front of my house much, that I blew out the dBoots that come with the truck in 1 week. So I upgraded to these bad boys! Duratrax Speedhawks They look pretty cool IMO and they are well...
  4. Ozeki

    Senton 3S tire replacement

    On my second day of use the right front tire of my Senton 3S delaminated. I was initially looking to just replace the tire (and entire wheel if neccessary) with another stock one, but it seems like they're really hard to find. I'm also running into trouble finding any replacement that comes in...
  5. timinater

    White Tire Lettering DIY

    Wanted to share my results with some DIY White tire lettering. Found a Sharpie Meanstreak at the hardware store and it looked promising. Maybe a half dozen runs through and it seems to be holding up ok! Steps and results in the gallery here:
  6. JSwope

    Upgrading Wheel and Tire on Granite BLX

    I just purchased and received the Arrma Granite BLX 3s truck and I am having a lot of fun with it so far. My only complaint/ issue is that the factory tires balloon like crazy. I am looking to upgrade. I also have a Granite Mega and I noticed that they have a different mounting huh, the Mega has...
  7. Don Keyballs

    Granite Wheels

    Hey everyone! New to forum, and reintroducing myself back into the hobby. I have just purchased a new granite 3s. First thing to happen was the steering servo crapped out on me during its maiden run. Didn’t even dump a full battery. No problem, as my retailer replaced it right away. My issue...
  8. M

    Senton 3S BLX Best Tire Setup?

    Hey guys! Enjoying my new Senton but the tires unfortunately ripped on a local course I run. What tires will give me the best traction on hard packed dirt with some dusty? Here is a video of the course I go to: Thanks!
  9. UnknownUser

    Duratrax Bandito buggy tires on a Senton 3s

    To vent, or not to vent? That is the question... Running 3s
  10. Ugly Betty

    Infraction infraction Rims

    Finally the tires lets see, u guys know if they can handle hard bash?
  11. RickD5

    Mojave Paddle tires for Mojave

    Any good recommendations on some paddle tires for the Arrma Mojave 6s? Prefer some pre mounted ones. Looking for that rooster in the sand :) Thanks
  12. zizi8862

    Venting tires on outside VS stock wheel vent

    Sorry if this is discussed quite a lot. I still don't quite understand the concept of venting tires on instead of just having the stock wheel vents. Wouldn't water and dust get in if vented on the tires??
  13. talion newbie 248

    Talion Popped all of my available tires time to get new shoes.

    So I just did some drifting in rain on my talion and just like with my badlands post the stock katars popped in a spectacular fashion. Need new shoes for my supped up talion now. My choices are. Back flip LP's Src terrain cruahers Which should I go for?
  14. JtkBrew

    Venting placement question.

    This is not a "Should I vent?" or "What method should I use to vent?" thread. I am choosing to vent my new tires, and I have my method of choice. My question is where to place the holes. These are the Backflip LP thires. I was going to do 2 holes 180 degrees apart. My real question is do you...
  15. Devils_Perm

    Mojave UDR wheels on Mojo

    Anyone ever try udr wheels on their mojo? I was thinking of picking up some different styles of wheels/tires to play around with. I know the udr has 17mm hubs too, thought maybe id try some if they’d fit. Just to see how they perform...
  16. VikingBeck

    Talion Talion blown tires!!

    So I just got a talion With 2 different sets of wheels and tires. First trip out I blew one of them up. I figured no big deal I have another set. I swapped them last night and took it out today, sure enough I blew another one up on the other set! tire shredded and foam flew everywhere. Has...
  17. Buglebasher

    Senton Senton 3s BLX

    Gotta think, that I got a lemon. My wife bought me the Senton 3s for Christmas. It's been in a state of constant repair ever since. The front bumper failed within a few days. Replaced with a T-bone racing bumper, well worth it. Couple weeks later, the motor starts cogging. Horizon sent me a...
  18. 20200101_204644.jpg


    My Notorious with stock Kraton 4s wheels and tires. Looks pretty awesome. Didnt think I would like it because of the smaller size, but like the look.
  19. 20200101_204623.jpg


    My Notorious with stock Kraton 4s wheels and tires. Looks pretty awesome. Didnt think I would like it because of the smaller size, but like the look.
  20. BogdanPNW

    Kraton Good Shock Upgrade for Kraton 4x4 4s with RPM arms?

    As title says, Whats a good shock upgrade for Kraton 4x4 4s with RPM arms? My shocks and A-Arms on the kraton has broken multiple times and i have replaced the shocks and arm suspensions with stock ones. This time ill be getting the arms from RPM and people mentioned to get the typhoon 6s shocks...