1. kasey

    Infraction Arrma Infraction Fishtailing

    Hello! I just got into rc cars about a month ago, and i decided to get the infraction last week. well i’ve only taken it out 5 times and it started fishtailing pretty bad. i think it might be because the tires are worn out/ i think one of my tires is warped. i’m also worried i broke something...
  2. RC4LIFE2700

    Granite Tire Options

    Hey I got an Arrma Granite 4x4 BLX and was curious what tires are compatible and what people use. I have heard terms like "offset" and I am kind of put off by them. I understand that the wheel hex has to be the same size and the tire can't be large enough to rub on the chassis/body. I am pretty...
  3. S

    Granite Replacement parts that don't cost as much as the car?

    I got this last Black Friday. It's been a fantastic little truck. I use the truck to get my 1 year old dog some much needed exercise. I'll drive the truck around the cul-de-sac and my dog goes nuts. He chases it until the battery runs dead and during that time the truck gets stepped on, flipped...
  4. TheFuzz1542

    Mojave Mojave Wheels Are Back! (for now)

    Fellow Mojave bothers, I just got a notification earlier today saying the green and gun metal wheels are back in stock at (Click Here). I went ahead and ordered a complete set for the EXB. Its treads are starting to get low and I don't want to either have to cutaway the body for...
  5. L

    Stock tires for seton 3s blx

    Anyone here have a set of tires they'd be willing to sell? Just had my first blowout and I'm low on funds to upgrade to 17mm at the moment. I've had my truck for less than a week lol
  6. RCBro80

    Kraton Copperhead 2 Replacement Foam Inserts

    First off, I searched the forum as best I could before posting this, but came up dry (lots of threads discussing, lots of questions, few solutions). Given the cost of a new set of wheels/tires, and the fact that there are many potential failure modes: a hub may crack but the tire is good, a...
  7. kage

    Granite New Wheels & Tires and Brushless Motor Upgrade

    Howdy, I've just uploaded a video on my modified granite voltage showing off some new wheels and lays out a brushless motor upgrade. If you're interested, please take a look and give a like and a sub if you would. I'm kinda done with pandemic gardening, so I'm trying my hand at pandemic...
  8. Exc3l

    Senton tires!? (belted)

    Ok guys, I have asked this question again and AGAIN but I can't find anything. I have grp's on eBay but is like 25 bucks for shipping:cautious:?. I need to find some tires that are belted and not over 70CAD for all 4. For all of yall Americans that is basically 55USD. Keep in mind HobbyHeroes...
  9. Pro-Line Badlands MX Mach 10s

    Pro-Line Badlands MX Mach 10s

    So much better (and cheaper?!) than the stock 2HOs
  10. Felony rally front end

    Felony rally front end
  11. Felony rally rear end

    Felony rally rear end
  12. Yas

    Felony Arrma Felony rally car with light kit ?

    I finally put everything together for the rally build... I've given it a quick shakedown but I'm waiting for the roads to dry before I open it up ? The light kit is the party piece. The headlights have 3 brightness settings and are extremely bright. I set the rear halo lights as...
  13. Mcbride

    Senton Smaller tires

    Hey everyone. New to rc. Just got a senton 3s and looking to find some smaller tires/wheels to fit with a new body shell. Any suggestions? How small can I go on the stock rims ? Any help is appreciated!
  14. New rubbers

    New rubbers

    And they didn’t cost me arms or Legs ? 35$ is the only price I’ll pay.
  15. My new ARRMA v2 Infraction

    My new ARRMA v2 Infraction

    Just put on a new pair of GRP S7 Slicks for some Circuit track racing
  16. Mokamit

    1/6 Super Baja Rey Wheels on Mojave 6s?

    Hi guys, as you may know, getting spare Mojave tires are pretty hard at the moment, and the stock tires strip out so fast! I was wondering if anyone has tried to fit the 1/6 Super Baja Rey Wheels on Mojave 6s? Or if they know of any good tire options for the Mojave?
  17. B

    Granite Arrma Granite BLX wheel keeps falling off

    Hi Everyone, I purchased the Arrma Granite BLX 4x4 at the beginning of the month after a long (30 yr) hiatus from RC cars. It's been a great hobby to get back into during the pandemic and it also doesn't hurt that I'm using my own money instead of begging mom and dad for parts like back in the...
  18. Gregorinho26

    Senton 3S Street Tires - Perfect Choice!

    I drive my Senton 3S on the street in front of my house much, that I blew out the dBoots that come with the truck in 1 week. So I upgraded to these bad boys! Duratrax Speedhawks They look pretty cool IMO and they are well...
  19. Ozeki

    Senton 3S tire replacement

    On my second day of use the right front tire of my Senton 3S delaminated. I was initially looking to just replace the tire (and entire wheel if neccessary) with another stock one, but it seems like they're really hard to find. I'm also running into trouble finding any replacement that comes in...
  20. timinater

    White Tire Lettering DIY

    Wanted to share my results with some DIY White tire lettering. Found a Sharpie Meanstreak at the hardware store and it looked promising. Maybe a half dozen runs through and it seems to be holding up ok! Steps and results in the gallery here: