1. Revomikey

    Kraton v3 Kraton tire upgrade

    Hi guys, summer has come and nearly gone and to be honest has financially wiped me out. typically at this moment in time i also need some new tyres for the kraton v3 and need to keep it cheap, preferably re using the original rims. Any ideas chaps?
  2. BashingBrian

    Infraction Which compound GRP's for Infraction bashing..

    As the title says... I'm looking to get some GRP tires the T01 Revo and T02 Slicks, my question is...?? What would be a good compound to use..?? wear vs grip, I'm not going to be using them for speed runs just normal bashing..!! My reason for getting them is they are much cheaper than the...
  3. Tim123

    Best street tires for talion v4

    What are the best street tires that wont fall apart within a week of using them? Thanks for the help?
  4. Typhon6smax

    Typhon 6s LiPo on stock tires

    Hi guys, I just got a new 6s battery and i was wondering if the stock tires would hold on. It's not a huge problem if they won't. Do you have any suggestions for a set of wheels? Btw, i like to have the tires already glued to the wheels. It's an Typhon 6s v3. Thanks!
  5. xgreenlepx

    Typhon Duratrax speedtreads?

    Does anyone have any experience with these? I am curious as to why they are so cheap.
  6. Grumpy Old Man RC

    Kraton Kraton on Trenchers

    I mounted the ProLine Trenchers on my Kraton yesterday. What an eye opener! The truck is a completely different animal to what it was on the stock tires. On 4s it was almost as wild on the Trenchers as it it was with the stock tires on 6s. With the Trenchers I can barely control it on 6s. I...
  7. K

    Senton Senton 4x4 Tire Rack Mod

    My 10 year old son got the Senton 4x4 for Christmas and loves it. He really loves the look of the desert racer type trucks and so ordered an extra set of wheels/tires to put on the back. I modeled up some simple parts and had a buddy print them on his 3d printer to make a frame to bolt the extra...
  8. JuacoCE1

    Granite Granite BLX 3S wheels question.

    i just got my granite a couple of weeks ago and i was wondering what other wheels/tires you guys are using on the granite. I like the stock ones but i don't have that much dirt/grass areas to run my car and i want to get some all terrain/road tires set up for it. And is there anything i have to...
  9. TraverseCity420

    Lets talk about repairing ripped tires.

    so lets hear some tricks and tips to reparing ripped tires.. I know theres gotta be some of you out there who can't afford to simply buy a new set of tires so you have resorted to repairing them at home. Please share these tips and tricks videos anything you have that will help.
  10. DSCN0081.JPG


    My Notorious with 3.8" Trencher Xs 1/2 inch offset on all 4.
  11. M

    Storing Tires

    I just put my unused tires in a plastic container and stored them in a tool shed outside in my backyard? Can they get damaged by the temperature like this? I know in the summer it gets really hot in there but right now in winter it gets between 65 and 75 during the day, 45-50 at night. I've got...
  12. crimsonfancy

    SOLD / FOUND ARRMA dBoots Fortress MT Tire Set Glued Black Chrome (set of 4) AR550045

    $45 SHIPPED to the lower 48 states / Paypal only please Black chrome finish 14mm hex size Stock tires for New Granite 4x4 Wheel Bead Diameter: 2.8 (72mm) Overall Diameter: 5.0 (128mm) Width: 2.1 (53mm) Hex Size: 14mm I purchased these to upgrade my Big Rock Crew Cab and they fit very well but...
  13. E

    Kraton Paddle Tires?

    Has anyone tried putting paddle tires on a Kraton. If so what brand did you use and did you have to mod anything to get them to fit?
  14. NewbieforArrmaSenton

    Tires 2018 Arrma Senton BLX 6S Tires

    Hello, Can anyone help? I am looking for new tires for my 2018 Arrma Senton BLX 6S. The stock tires do not last and they become unglued. When glued it is good for awhile then they rip on the sidewalls. I don't want the original tires, but better long lasting tires (preferably just the tires...
  15. Anyone have tire recos for the granite 4x4?

    Anyone have tire recos for the granite 4x4?

    I run it mostly on pavement and am also thinking about installing a brushless motor. So basically, I’m going for speed
  16. stuartd

    Typhon Typhon and Sweep Road Crushers?

    Could anyone comment on how well (or badly) Sweep Road Crushers would run on a Typhon v3?
  17. Toddys

    Simultaneous blown stock kraton tires

    While running over the weekend on 6s, both of my front tires blew at the same time. I have 20 K front 100K Center and 50k rear diff oil. The good news is hobbico is sending me a set of backflips under warranty. I'd like to avoid this occurring again so I plan to put 200k in the center diff and...
  18. ttguil

    Trenchers on Talion

    Any thoughts on Pro-Line Trencher X 3.8" MT Mtd Desp 17mm F/R on my Talion. I bought these monsters by mistake. Not sure if they will even work without any modifications.
  19. BashandBlast

    Senton 6s 2.8 badlands

    Can I put 2.8 wheels on my Senton 6s without installing the MTmod. Some say I need the Kraton hub carriers axels and all that $. Has anyone here just slap them on and bash?
  20. bicketybam

    Kraton Pinion size for Proline Tenchers

    I am curently running the larger of the two pinions that come with my Kraton. ESC and motor are stock. I picked up a set of Proline Trenchers today and was wondering if I should drop back to the original pinion being that the Trenchers are both heavier and taller. I'm worried about hear issues...