1. E

    Paddle Tires?

    Has anyone tried putting paddle tires on a Kraton. If so what brand did you use and did you have to mod anything to get them to fit?
  2. NewbieforArrmaSenton

    Tires 2018 Arrma Senton BLX 6S Tires

    Hello, Can anyone help? I am looking for new tires for my 2018 Arrma Senton BLX 6S. The stock tires do not last and they become unglued. When glued it is good for awhile then they rip on the sidewalls. I don't want the original tires, but better long lasting tires (preferably just the tires...
  3. Anyone have tire recos for the granite 4x4?

    Anyone have tire recos for the granite 4x4?

    I run it mostly on pavement and am also thinking about installing a brushless motor. So basically, I’m going for speed
  4. stuartd

    Typhon and Sweep Road Crushers?

    Could anyone comment on how well (or badly) Sweep Road Crushers would run on a Typhon v3?
  5. Toddys

    Simultaneous blown stock kraton tires

    While running over the weekend on 6s, both of my front tires blew at the same time. I have 20 K front 100K Center and 50k rear diff oil. The good news is hobbico is sending me a set of backflips under warranty. I'd like to avoid this occurring again so I plan to put 200k in the center diff and...
  6. ttguil

    Trenchers on Talion

    Any thoughts on Pro-Line Trencher X 3.8" MT Mtd Desp 17mm F/R on my Talion. I bought these monsters by mistake. Not sure if they will even work without any modifications.
  7. BashandBlast

    Senton 6s 2.8 badlands

    Can I put 2.8 wheels on my Senton 6s without installing the MTmod. Some say I need the Kraton hub carriers axels and all that $. Has anyone here just slap them on and bash?
  8. bicketybam

    Pinion size for Proline Tenchers

    I am curently running the larger of the two pinions that come with my Kraton. ESC and motor are stock. I picked up a set of Proline Trenchers today and was wondering if I should drop back to the original pinion being that the Trenchers are both heavier and taller. I'm worried about hear issues...
  9. [Spare Tires] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Spare Tires] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Got spare tires?
  10. [dBoots Sidewinder 2] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [dBoots Sidewinder 2] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Stock tires w/ white lettering.
  11. bicketybam

    Tire Suggestions

    Lost a wheel yesterday and the nut that holds it on is gone. Since I have to make the trip to my LHS, I was wondering what would be a good tire for running in dirt and short grass? I have a feeling the stock tires are going to blow up soon and I want to be ready when they do. Thanks! -Ed-
  12. LordChaos

    Tire Armor?

    Hey Guys :) So recently while running my outcast the rc gods decided to smite me, both rear tires blew apart in the same second. Now these tires were not brand new but they certainly were not wore out. Due to availability and price for a new set of backflips it sorta irritated me. So I began...
  13. Jlg1

    Jumbo Kong Tires

    Has anyone been successful installing Jumbo Kong tires on a Big Rock Nero?
  14. servalac

    How many here vents their tires through the rubber ?

    Like the title says, how many here vents their tires through the rubber ? I have never vented any of my tires but read about and it's suppose to make water and dust stay out, even Pro-line used a single vent hole on their Trencher 40-series. Tried the 3/16" brass tubing method on some old...
  15. Spar69!

    Proline Badlands 3.8

    Anyone know the size difference ( outside diameter/width )between the stock Talion Katar tires and the Proline Badlands 3.8 ? ( Not the MX38's )
  16. leo248

    Wheels with offset ruined handling

    I recently bought some new wheels/tyres for my Talion. They are on road and have quite a lot of offset (about 1 inch?). They ruined the handling of my car, making it understeer all the time and the servo struggled to turn full lock. I am wondering if it is because of the offset on the wheels. I...
  17. C

    2018 Talion street tires

    What street tires would you recommend for the Talion?
  18. Fazonsixser

    Need input from fellow fazon owners

    I recently broke my wheelie bar and tore my tire. Looking for a new set of tires that don’t balloon much for mainly off road. I would also like to tighten up the steering response. I am ready to do some upgrades to the fazon and would appreciate any input on what brand to buy
  19. C

    Street tires and upgrade

    Hi, I'm a proud Talion V2 owner. I do most of my bashing with my kids (3 and 5) on the street in front of my house. So I was wondering what would you guys recommand of a kit of street tires ? Also, I want to start a personal project. I want to upgrade the Talion (handling, electronics...
  20. BigMatt131

    Proline Mashers on outcast?

    Wondering if anybody has ran proline 3.8 mashers on an outcast. I know they balloon like crazy on my e-maxx and come close to hitting the body. Wondering if I would have issues with them hitting.