1. Melon

    Titanium screws

    I would like to upgrade all the stock hardware in my typhon 6s into titanium ones. Where do people order this stuff from for a good price?
  2. walking_target

    Talion Talion shock tower replacement - which one?

    Morning All, We have managed to bend the stock v4 Talion shock towers, so looking at replacements. Considering Scorched RC titanium or M2C front and M2C rear aluminium ones. Any advice or guidance? The titanium versions are actually cheaper and would be stronger/lighter....the Talion already...
  3. Inside the Mojave

    Inside the Mojave

    Scorched chassis, v5 stock system upgrade, hotdog Kevlar bar, all tbone plastics, M2c chassis braces. Baby that’s all ya need!
  4. Vinyl wrapped mudflaps

    Vinyl wrapped mudflaps

    You see all that looking good
  5. Sleek and simple

    Sleek and simple

    Strong & sturdy only upgrades from here on out are broken parts lol
  6. Titanium swb chassis

    Titanium swb chassis

  7. Archie21t

    Infraction Arrma Infraction Titanium Wheels

    I'm looking to make titanium wheels for my Infraction. I was wondering if anyone had any reasons not to? I am going to be machining exact replicas of the current wheel just it will be made out of titanium. I am doing this because I'm just not getting enough sparks from my small skid plates and...
  8. Drtybird

    Titanium turnbuckles for kraton

    I have been looking at cutting weight down on my katon and adding some strength. Has anyone converted the front and rear turnbuckles to titanium and aluminum rod ends? My searching and seeking info for parts and taking measurements has led me to this. The rear has to be made 4mm turnbuckle...
  9. RCROD

    Limited run of TITANIUM parts

    I just received the following from Kenny at Voltage Hobbies. quote" I'm actually thinking of doing a limited run of titanium parts, titanium definitely has the strength needed by bashers and also lighter than my current 6061 or 7075 aluminum parts. unquote" Although not yet confirmed, this...