tower hobbies

  1. BLX Matt

    Kraton Pays to be a Traxxas man????

    Ok boys calm down chill out I’m not saying I’m a Traxxas guy ,,,,, IM ARRMA TOUGH FOR LIFE BABY!!! On a typical day I see two to three parts I would purchase for my kraton , talion, or big rock 3s now unless those parts say arrma on them I have to have a drill and two other tools to get them to...
  2. apocalypse

    Typhon Strange, Typhons are gone

    What just happened to all the typhons at tower hobbies?
  3. E

    Kraton Tower not selling kratons

    Tower took my kraton off my wish list claiming they don’t carry them anymore,,,,anybody hear of this. The website said,,,MISSING DATA....and no longer carry the item.....o boy...
  4. 72Z15SS

    Outcast Out of Stock until Mid January

    Just went on Towers website and noticed the Outcast says "Mid Jan" so I guess they're out of stock? Just wanted to post this in case anyone was looking to buy one.
  5. mrfurious40k

    Nero Dirt Guards back in Stock at Tower

    Get 'em while they're hot!
  6. WoodiE

    Win $100 Tower Hobbies Gift Card

    A lucky winner will win a $100 gift card to TowerHobbies. In addition a second winner will win a $25 gift card to TowerHobbies as well! Rules Share this contest on your Facebook account (winner subject to verification). Create a new thread about your R/C or update your current R/C Build in the...
  7. Drewski

    Horrible tower hobbies experience

    Ok so I ordered some batteries from tower hobbies, I noticed they were the wrong ones like 2 min after I placed the order over the phone. I called back and wanted to change them to the right ones, they told me to order two more and send the ones back I don't want, hoping to rip me off.. What...