1. Ramp Bashing & Track Racing at Lake Park RC Track - Tampa, FL 03/13/21

    Ramp Bashing & Track Racing at Lake Park RC Track - Tampa, FL 03/13/21

    Divers and rigs: #JKFLOW - ARRMA KRATON / Talion / Uplift-RC - ARRMA Notorious / Typhon
  2. Got my ARRMA #3s #Typhon all tuned for the track tomorrow 💪

    Got my ARRMA #3s #Typhon all tuned for the track tomorrow 💪

  3. Markus Madsen

    Newly painted arrma Keaton 6s body

    What do you guys think of my newly painted arrma Keaton 6s body
  4. milkdk

    Infraction Infraction on track

    Hi, Are some of you running your Infraction on track and do you have some tips for setting up the car? :) Here a video of us after 3 sessions with setting up the car. It behaves very well on the track now. Running on stock setup it was literally undrivable around the track ?
  5. BJ SKID

    Talion ARRMA GANG from CZ

    Hi, I love ARRMA cars....We have track... here is our acction... 2x Talion + X ray Truggy 1. Talion V1 original 2. Talion V2 Homemade shell
  6. Sledgehog

    Maine Maximus RC Indoor turf track York, Maine

    Maximus RC is located in York, Maine. Indoor turf track, wed and sat race night, trophy events, and a 24/7 monthly track pass available. Track also uses LiveRC so you can watch live events or past results as well...
  7. M

    Talion Track day!!

    So I went to the track, took the talion for its debut of seeing how it would do on a track! Don’t know if it was the conditions of the clay being dry or I got wrong tires that I’m tryin to run I have backflips on there now couldn’t keep in on the track and wheels down they also did a lot of...
  8. Sledgehog

    New Hampshire Hillside raceway, Epping NH

    HIllside raceway is a great spring/summer season track that is also now opening an indoor facility as well. Outdoor track has a dirt oval, 1/10 and HUGE 1/8 scale track and the new indoor facility will have a 1/10 carpet track with lots of elevation elements. If you're in the NH or MA area, come...
  9. Nucear

    How far is youre local track?

    My local track is about 16min away if I ride my bike there. I guess im pretty lucky to have a track so close to me. How far away is youre local track? Oh and by the way I live in germany.
  10. AlexRC

    We are building our own track !

    He guys, i just wanted to show you our track that we are building. let me know what you think ! WIP !