1. Deceased

    Hot Racing rear differential Leaking

    Hello Im currently having a lil problem with my diff. Its leaking just a tab bit on only one side and I have open it TWICE already and everything seems fine at first the gears weren't meshing right so I fixed that and on the final time I fixed it the gears were much better. The oil stilled leak...
  2. C

    Looking to upgrade my motors

    I recently purchased a 1/10 Senton 4WD V3 Mega 550 Brushed Short Course Truck and I'm looking forward to upgrading it. I was wanting to change it to a brushless system and run it off LiPo cells. My problem is I would like to put a 5700 kv motor in, but I still have the stock gearing system. I'm...
  3. upTheIrons453

    Kraton Gear Mesh Problem - Help Replacing Pinion

    Independently, the pinion & the spur spin smoothly, but seemingly no matter how I position them together, I get some very nasty noises. I actually had the LHS swap out the pinion when I had it there for help with a transmitter-pairing issue. They goofed something up, and definitely didn't test...
  4. JayP.

    Kraton EXB differential pins vs RTR differential pins

    Has anyone actually compared the RTR differential pins to the EXB differential pins? I remember the RTR ones being below 2.25mm, closer to 2mm even though they advertise them as being 2.25mm. The EXB differential pins say they're 2.5mm. I already put my EXB diffs in and didn't feel like taking...
  5. davetron22

    Granite Granite Blx V3 trouble out of the box

    Fresh out of the box 3s Granite Blx V3. It has never been ran. When pushing it i hear this GRINDING SOUND. I pulled off the motor and spur section and inspected the spur/pinion gear mesh..... looks good. When spinning both tires it feels skittish, like chunky if that makes sense, even with...
  6. Antonis

    Granite ARRMA Granite Voltage 1/10 problem

    Hello, everyone! My Arrma Granite Voltage 1/10 scale 2wd can steer, but it doesn't move. Suddenly when I press the accelerate seems it's turning off. This problem is both with old and new batteries.
  7. Buglebasher

    Senton Senton 3s BLX

    Gotta think, that I got a lemon. My wife bought me the Senton 3s for Christmas. It's been in a state of constant repair ever since. The front bumper failed within a few days. Replaced with a T-bone racing bumper, well worth it. Couple weeks later, the motor starts cogging. Horizon sent me a...
  8. Bigoso75

    Vorteks Old vorteks tranny vs new

    Hello to all. So im upgrading my Vorteks mega to brushless. Bought a 4 pole 3500kv motor with a 60amp esc and a 22t pinion/ 87t spur running on 2s lipo. So here's the question. After much research and endless reading it seems that the older Vorteks mega came with all composite gears (similar to...
  9. Bladerunner

    Raider Speed Raider

    I just got the raider xl mega brushed, I also installed the Velineon VXL-3s. I'm lookin to beef up the tranny and suspension, this buggy is only gonna do speed runs any ideas for tranny and suspension ??
  10. ajdragon

    How to remove the 1/10 Arrma Tranny

    Hi I saw where a few people are having problems removing the tranny in the Arrma 1/10 scale cars. Here is the way I remove my Tranny. Step 1: Disconnect your motor wires. Step 2: Remove the screw the yellow arrow is pointing to, and then unscrew the two screws the blue arrows are pointing...
  11. PMB1013NJ

    Rear Wheels wont turn, motor does but not wheels.

    I have done all kinds of trouble shooting and in the end the problem is in the gear box. I have taken the truck almost entirely part and cant figure how to get into the gear box. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. YZFR1

    Another bad tranny - Granite BLX diff problems -- any upgrades?

    My Xmas present Granite just blew its metal geared diff - totally freewheels now. This was after just a handful of runs -- all 100% stock, and running OEM NiMH battery. Truck is now getting shipped back to Arrma / Hobbico for inspection and repair, but I'm so disappointed. There's no way this...
  13. WoodiE

    Upgrade Mega/BLS plastic transmission to BLX metal

    So you've started with one of the Arrma MEGA or BLS models and now wanting to upgrade to a brushless and LiPo setup for longer runtimes and a much faster vehicle!? Upgrading Arrma Transmission from plastic to BLX metal Before doing so it's highly recommended you upgrade your plastic...
  14. BFH

    Mega/BLS plastic gears to BLX metal

    Has anybody done the conversion to a metal gear transmission with blx parts? Does anything cross over? Will the mega case work with metal gears? Will any of the bearings? Any parts list floating around that anyone has put together? I have put together a list of what I think it would take to...
  15. Blxer

    Hpi blitz complete transmission in granite mega?

    Hey, yall! Was just sitting here thinking about how crappy it is that arrma discontinued some major transmission components, making it almost impossible for anyone wanting to upgrade their granites transmission. I read somewhere that people were using hpi blitz trans parts in their granites. I...