1. Uplift-RC

    HELP!!! Spextrum DXC5 w/ the SR315 DSMR 3-Channel Sport Receiver Binding issues

    I was able to bind my #6s #Notorious / #6s #KRATON with SR6100AT receivers along with AVC Technology w/ no problem!! Anyways, for my 3s #Typhon I went with the SR315 DSMR 3-Channel Sport Receiver and would be model # 3 on my DX5C receiver. Instead of a bind plug for the SR315 DSMR 3-Channel...
  2. ConVail1127

    Any recommendations on cheap transmitters and/or receivers?

    New to the hobby and am still waiting to get my first rc (senton 3s) and want to get a good replacement transmitter and/or receiver (With gyro) for it because I have heard many bad reviews on the stx2. Any recommendations?
  3. Snafu

    Fury mega no steering

    Am I having a controller issue or a servo I recently bought an arrma Fury mega please correct me if I'm wrong and I lost all steering today and will not come back. Check batteries and wires all seems to be good. The red LED light on the receiver does not indicate a signal when I try to steer the...
  4. kilodi

    Mojave Mojave Customisation

    Looking for sources on: What customisation are available? How to perform them? I am looking for a bigger receiver box so I can fit Flysky FS-FGR4 Receiver for Flysky Noble FS-NB4 Transmitter on it. FGR4s fits but then i loose the antenna and thus the range that the other one offers. Thanks...
  5. Dukeofpeckham

    Kraton Best radio / transmitter system for Kraton 6s

    I’m new! Just bought my first proper RC since getting jealous of my sons FTX Outlaw. Seen a load of reviews saying that the transmitter (is that the right term?) isn’t that good that comes with the Kraton 6s as there’s delay. What would anyone recommend as the best one to get? Cheers in advance!
  6. mpspringer

    Mojave Flysky FGr4 Reciever + Waterproof Housing?

    I recently purchased a Mojave and absolutely love it! However the stock transmitter just does not do it for me. That said, I'm looking at purchasing the Flysky Noble NB4 transmitter. For the receiver, the wired one (model FGr4) seems to be the winning choice as it offers better distance than...
  7. C

    Typhon Replacing transmitter and receiver

    New to the hobby so this might sound dumb... Thinking on getting the arrma typhon 3s from tower hobbies (only them and horizon ship to my country) and it comes with a really cheap spectrum transmitter and receiver. Can i buy a better one and replace it? I know ill need to replace the receiver...
  8. Brandon

    Spektrum dx4c transmitter - AVC question

    I’m using the Spektrum dx4c and pondering picking up a receiver with AVC. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with this and if it’s worth the money to install is the AVC really that wonderful. Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  9. KratonLV

    Tactic TTX300 transmitter and flysky receiver

    Hi! I have issues with my tactic receiver, so I need new one. Is it possible to bind Tactic TTX300 transmitter with some cheap receiver like flysky? Or maybe some other? Waiting for reply, thanks guys!
  10. TraverseCity420

    I miss TSM, Has anyone put a trx reciever in there bigrock?

    As I have completely scrapped at least 2 traxxas vehicles I have a grip of spare parts sitting around waiting to be used for something stupid like putting it in an arrma vehicle for example. I think I read somewhere someone put a trx receiver into there arrma but i'll be damned if I can find...
  11. paulybatz

    Futaba 3PL steering binding

    Having trouble finding a tutorial on how to set it up... only one is in French. Bought a Used Kraton. Thanks in advance. Pauly
  12. Fazon

    New transmitter for FAZON

    Can I replace TTX300 by a other 100% compatible? Without change the receiver.
  13. The_Otherside

    New receiver/transmitter for the Outcast

    I have a Spektrum DX5C transmitter I use for my TLR 22t 4.0 and I bought a receiver but it doesn't look like the pins from the Outcast fit into the receiver. Is there only a certain type that fit? Thank you.
  14. Paultro84

    Binding the transmitter to the reciever on Outcast

    Been having a lot of problems with my Outcast and I wanted to make sure that the transmitter was bound to the receiver. But when I try to get the receiver to search for a transmitter the LED never blinks. My ESC has a fast blinking red LED. For some reason it will not exit temperature protection...
  15. pcpguy

    Transmitter upgrade?

    Looking to buy a knew one that is Arrma capable. Do you have to always change the receiver? wanting a better steering wheel without braking the bank.
  16. tigerljj1

    Looking for a Left Handed Transmitter

    Anyone know of a decent left-handed transmitter, i,e.: transmitter with wheel on left side? Thx!
  17. Pepijj221

    Arrma Granite BLX problems

    The Granite is not functioning as it should be.. Some time it accelerates without controlling the controller. Something is wrong with the servo because it steers automatically sometimes. And then the stutter (haw) of the car..? The weird noise it makes.. The car is just 4 months old. We checked...
  18. Rjames29

    Radio range very short on new Nero

    I just got a Nero brushless with the different brain. Today was my first go at it. I am not getting a lot of range out of it. I'm able to go maybe 20 yards before loosing function control. Any tips on what to check. All batteries used are brand new.
  19. cstac

    New radio for Typhon

    Just thought I would share. Got a sanwa/airtronics mx-v transmitter with waterproof receiver. Found on ebay for about $88 shipped had good reviews so thought what the heck. What are all you guys using just curious.
  20. YZFR1


    I needed a new receiver to work with my OEM Arrma transmitter (ATX100) -- found out that the Axial AX-3 is identical, and evidently both transmitters are made by Flysky. So I ordered up an $8 Flysky receiver on Amazon...