1. Deceased

    Lunsford titanium turnbuckle

    Hello I was wondering if anyone knows about this kit. I saw it on a different thread and I wanted to see if this is compatible with my granite with wider RPM arms. I also have the 5525 end rods from Traxxas would that also fit with these turnbuckle? Or would I have to go with the OEM ones from...
  2. Yas

    Typhon 6S turnbuckles on a 3S...?

    I don't think this has been asked before, although I only did a quick search on here so sorry if it has I bent my Typhon's front tie rod. Has anyone tried fitting the 6mm M5 thread Typhon 6S rear linkages to a Typhon 3S? Either at the front or back? Are the turnbuckles and rod ends similar in...
  3. 20200119_SkatePark2.jpg


    Went big broke GPM rear turnbuckle end.
  4. 20200119_SkatePark1.jpg


    Went big broke GPM rear turnbuckle end.
  5. Drtybird

    Titanium turnbuckles for kraton

    I have been looking at cutting weight down on my katon and adding some strength. Has anyone converted the front and rear turnbuckles to titanium and aluminum rod ends? My searching and seeking info for parts and taking measurements has led me to this. The rear has to be made 4mm turnbuckle...
  6. R

    Kraton Kraton turnbuckle

    Busted my ball cup on my kratons turnbuckle..does anyone sell aluminium ball cups that will fit the kratons turnbuckle..I'm trying not to go back to plastic if i don't have too..
  7. Zaiden15

    Kraton GPM turnbuckles

    I bought a set of these awhile back and the ends are soft or so hard they are brittle, however you want to look at it. I had an extra pack of Arrma ends so I cut them to the length of the ones that came on the GPM buckles and threaded them on. Holding up really well so far. Note that only the...
  8. TheJMatt

    Granite Turnbuckles

    Anyone find a good adjustable turnbuckle that fits the granite mega? I got some hobby park ones and tho the steering is tighter, I'm at the limit both ways. Tops are extended all the way out and steering linkage is all the way in with no backing nuts. Not ideal and I'm pretty sure it won't last...
  9. VinnieFive0


    Popped my rear turnbuckle today. Funny thing is that the ball joint attatched to the turnbuckle that screws into the chassis popped out and out came the inner thread to the chassis. I would hate to rebuild on a new chassis for such a minor issue. Any tips or advice on this one?
  10. Rdub

    Raider Steering Turnbuckles and Rod Ends

    Anyone know the part numbers to put adjustable turnbuckles and rod ends on a Raider Mega. Found the ones for the XL .... Can't find these!