1. The Twingo Lord

    Thoughts on Flysky FS-GT3B radio

    What are your guys’s Experiences with flysky? Is a Fs-gt3b a good idea to purchase? It would be my first non RTR radio btw
  2. sldnx01

    Granite Granite mega servo upgrade and saver

    After a year of totally rebuilding my mega 10 min into a new lipo, it landed awkward on a front corner. Took apart the traxxas servo I had upgraded to, broken teeth on all gears. I need a recommendation on a metal geared servo and which or how does a servo saver work in the granite mega?
  3. A

    Senton Senton 3S wheels

    I am looking to run different wheels and tires on my senton. I absolutely hate glued wheels. I can change to 12mm hexes to run 1.9 beadlocks and tires. Would this have any effect on the truck.
  4. Revomikey

    Kraton v3 Kraton tire upgrade

    Hi guys, summer has come and nearly gone and to be honest has financially wiped me out. typically at this moment in time i also need some new tyres for the kraton v3 and need to keep it cheap, preferably re using the original rims. Any ideas chaps?
  5. WoodiE

    Kraton RPM Front & Rear A-arms for the Arrma 4s Outcast & Kraton

    Attention to all the ARRMA 4s Kraton and Outcast owners, RPM has just released FRONT & REAR A-Arms for you! The new RPM Arrma 4s A-Arms are designed to not only increase strength and durability but also improves on the stock Arrma 4s A-Arms by removing the slop found in the stock arms. As well...
  6. V

    Senton Senton 3s ESC died AGAIN! What´s the next best thing?

    Ok,hi all!Bought Arrma senton 3s 4x4 blx while ago...and I´m REALLY loving it!!!Wonderful thing this is! But now she´s giving me hard time.Drove across a puddle of water several times,and nothing.Drove yet another battery after that,all fine. At morning wanted to drive more but nothing...
  7. 20190807_102938.jpg


    DIY chassis strengthening and protection.
  8. 20190807_102945.jpg


    DIY chassis strengthening and protection.
  9. Warby

    Senton Mega 4x4 servo died. Options?

    Ok Arrma guru's, My first thread and question. Let me know if I'm doing this wrong. My son's Senton Mega 4x4 5kg steering servo just died. Sounds like it's stripped some teeth. It has had a hard and short life as I've had to realign the saver a few time as the young bloke is still learning...
  10. tincho2019

    Granite install brushless motor

    Hello friends, I am still not clear about the meaning of the KV in engines That is why I wanted to ask those who know: which engine is better for the senton mega 4X4? Which car will be faster? goolrc BL3660-3300KV "ESC 120A". goolrc BL3650-5200KV "ESC 60A". Thanks for the help and your...
  11. K

    Futaba 3pv or 4pm

    Hi there, Using a spektrum dx4c currently and majorly lacking range. So my choice would most be based on the range. Now the Futaba 3PV has got everything I need basically. But the 4PM seems more advanced and has more options but is basically a 100 bucks more expensive. But thinking about the...
  12. Eastwolf1228

    Kraton 6S Hard case vs soft case (for Kraton v4)

    Dear Arrmy, I've just sold my Granite and (hard case 3S) and about to order the V4 Kraton and a battery. Soft pack 6S batts are considerably cheaper than hard packs. If soft packs are safe, then why are hardpacks even a thing? Should I spend the extra to get a hardpack? My likely usage...
  13. Ripmax

    Kraton Rpm rear skid plate 81442

    Hi does anyone know if the rpm81442 rear skid plate fits the kraton 6s v4, mines using ar310854 gearbox but rpm say its use is for ar310427 gearbox. Thanks if anyone can help.
  14. OwensDad

    Typhon Arrma Typhon 3S Battery Recommendations?

    After long deliberations, I decided to go with the Arrma Typhon 3S. I don't know what my problem is, but I can't find many 3S batteries with the IC5 connector. The reviews on what I am finding aren't the best. I'm looking minimum 5000mAh and something larger than a 30C. Where are you folks...
  15. A

    Best servo for Arrma Typhon?

    Quite like the look of the £40 URUAV deluxe line lpb1305 for my v4 Typhon. It looks to be a rebranded PowerHD Storm7HD which is double the price... so it looks an outstanding deal on paper. Can I trust the outstanding specs to be accurate though? URUAV LPB1305 Brushless HV Digital waterproof...
  16. Dhchase

    Senton Questions on upgrading my senton/Need your wisdom!!

    Hello, I’m new to the rc life and I’ve recently purchased an Arrma Senton and am looking to give it a meaner look. I found this super sick yeti body From proline.com ford raptor trophy truck, I’m wondering if it would be possible to custom fit the body/ roll cage look on the rear end if anyone...
  17. BashingBrian

    New aluminum ARRMA diff case!

    Not sure if people have seen this so I thought I'd just leave it here, no more need for Hot Racing..?? https://www.arrma-rc.com/part/ARA220050
  18. BashingBrian

    Granite longest motor for Granite

    Whats the longest motor that will fit in a Granite is it a 3670 or 3674..??
  19. V1p3r_83

    Granite Pro-Line Upgrades

    Added some new wheels and shocks. Went with pre-mounted Trenchers (Had to use 15mm Hub Spacers to make sure they didn't rub the steering links) and Pro-Line (6063-00) Power Stroke Shocks (waiting on the mount kit (6063-05) to maker the tops fit tighter. Next up is a Castle creations 1406-5700BL...
  20. J

    Kraton Replace this spektrum radio

    hello,I just have a new kraton 6s and I want upgrade the radio Spektrum by a better one. Who can help me too find one. Thanks