1. Deceased

    Granite NHX motor fan options

    Hello everyone, I need your guys help so Im stuck on these two type of fans I have an Granite with a CC 1415 motor and I want to get one of these two NHX fans I heard they are really good and well I want to try it. my granite is a 1/10 scale but the description for the NHX fan are 1/8 fan scale...
  2. E

    Granite 4x4 upgrade made engine smoke!

    We just upgraded my son's Granite boost with a 4x4 kit. The thing was super fun and amazing, however the engine got hot, I actually saw some smoke, and it smells horrible, we stopped driving it and let it cool then finished the battery with pulling the 4x4 drive line but it still smelled bad...
  3. AndreFFAnjos

    How to change/remove Arrma Kraton 4s Rear Drive Shaft

    Hi guys, I received my rear axles today and i need to upgrade my kraton 4s, I tried to find a youtube video with the step by step installation but I couldn't find it, do you know of any? My biggest concern is with the differential (rear)... I need to remove the plastic cover to be able to...
  4. R

    Big Rock Recommendations for Big Rock shocks

    Hello, are this aluminum shocks from Arrma good? ARA330677 ARA330678 Because I want to buy for my shocks some springs, where I lost one, after a stunt. But to pay the shipping for only some springs, I want to buy some spare parts, that it's more worthy and my idea is to buy some new shocks...
  5. cancelthefuture

    BECs were a mistake

    Hey y'all, Ever since I got a Reefs 99 for my FMS Smasher, I've been after the perfect steering. I used to wonder why people would drop all this money on servos. Then I tried the Reefs 99 and was like Oh yes, more of that please. I grabbed a Savox 2210 for the Outcast and wow what a...
  6. F

    Kraton Kraton V3 Gear Box Upgrade Questions

    Good Morning! Now onto my 3rd thread..So as some know I smoked my Kraton into an all-brick mailbox. This could be the best thing that's happened, as it's forcing me to take it all down for damage assessment. So far the front gearbox case is damaged. The internals seem to work, however, at this...
  7. rumbot

    Granite Wet & dirty bashing: tips & tricks?

    Dear fellow bashers I’d like to setup my Granite BLX so it is as weatherproof as possible, so it’s going to require as minimum maintenance as possible. A bit of context: I live in Scandinavia, therefore will drive in mud, wet grass, humid gravel and dirty puddles at least 6 months a year. I’m...
  8. DMDUK

    Kraton FastEddy bearings in the UK?

    I've been reading about bearings and I'm planning ahead with my upgrades... Are the FastEddy bearings really worth it? I can't find them in the UK, has anyone? What alternatives have people in the UK used? Thanks. David
  9. lkinney97

    Vorteks Vorteks 3S/4X4 brushed Granite Question

    Hey all so I had a question that I had been digging into and I wanted to get some additional input. I purchased a brushed granite for cheap in order to upgrade it to a brushless system (ESC and motor are dead) in order to give it to my family. I was originally going to try and just order the 3s...
  10. Nebula34

    Rustler 2wd Upgrade for my son

    2 years ago my son got a Traxxas Rustler for Christmas and I decided to surprise him this year by upgrading it to a brushless system and blinging out the motor wires. It's probably nothing too difficult for most of you, but for me (who's learning as my son breaks things...) it was the first...
  11. ChriswithaC

    Vorteks Arrma Vorteks Boost 4x2

    Hey guys , so I'm eagerly waiting on my Vortkes Boost to land and have been looking for reviews on YouTube. Hopping for some of the big guys to get one up asap . Stumbled across this guy posted today . Now I can't wait , I've already ordered a brushless motor and 80a ESC combo from Surpass a...
  12. aim4min

    Typhon Typhon 4x4 v3 MEGA now $150 - best way to upgrade to 6s or 3s?

    So, I have a Granite 3s BLX 1/10 (For my son), and a Heavily Modified Kraton 6s 1/8. And I just saw this deal, and I couldn't pass it up, so a Typhon 4x4 v3 MEGA is joining the family...
  13. danji

    Senton My Senton 3s V3 BLX

    My Senton brings a smile to my face each time i take it out for a blast but thats quickly wiped off my face once it get it home to clean it. The fun part The bad part So ive decided to try and improve the senton on a budget. Picked up a few bits and bobs so far on the cheap. An Aliexpress...
  14. G

    Typhon Typhon Durable Differential Options for Down the Road

    Hi all, I figured I'd ask this question now for when I inevitably break my current diffs. What is a durable input and crown gear for bashing in a Typhon. I currently run a castle 1717-1260kv with a 30t pinion and a 46t spur on the stock diffs. Thanks in advance for the help.
  15. kSetuni

    Mojave Recommended Mojave EXB upgrades

    Hi everyone, Sorry if I missed it in the search. I also didnt see a pinned post. Is there a list of upgrades for the Mojave EXB? What about suggested builds?
  16. dirtbagpvt

    Hot racing monster blower fan

    Just bought this fan from hot racing for my senton blx 3s. It's the hot racing monster blower fan, came with aluminum mounting hardware but can't figure out where or how it's supposed to be mounted. No videos online directions nothin. Anybody have idea or did I just get the wrong thing. Thanks
  17. Yas

    Typhon 6S turnbuckles on a 3S...?

    I don't think this has been asked before, although I only did a quick search on here so sorry if it has I bent my Typhon's front tie rod. Has anyone tried fitting the 6mm M5 thread Typhon 6S rear linkages to a Typhon 3S? Either at the front or back? Are the turnbuckles and rod ends similar in...
  18. DHarb

    Best servo upgrade for Arrma Senton BLX

    What would be the best servo upgrade for my arrma senton blx as the old stock one took a poop.
  19. I

    Notorious Recommended Notorious upgrades

    just got the notorious v5. Wondering what is first to break? What spares should i order? Upgrades or stock
  20. Prisma

    Granite Hobbywing 1060 WP

    I've been looking for a replacement ESC for my V3 Granite and I've found this Hobbywing system with almost twice the current of the mega ESC. My questions are: 1. How do you think the power will compare to the stock electronics? 2. Will the stock motor cut it or should I get something...