1. drbusta50

    Senton Recommended servo upgrade for Arrma 4x4 Senton

    Looking to beef up the steering and wondered what everyone else has upgraded to. I did up grade to brushless and 2s lipo. Any thoughts Also put the granite tires on.
  2. S

    Pre-assembled shocks for Arrma Senton Mega?

    I’m looking for built or Pre-Assembled shocks for my senton mega but not sure what fits and what doesn’t. If links to some could be posted would be much Appreciate. Thanks
  3. T

    Diff upgrade?

    I will preface this in saying I haven't killed or damaged a diff yet, but I'm in the process of making a stupid setup for my Typhon V4 and would love to know if anyone knows of upgrade paths for the differentials. I've tried the search function to no avail, thanks in advance :)
  4. MrTJox1

    Kraton Electronics and motor upgrade ideas???

    What's up out there...What about motor and ESC upgrades for Kraton 6S, if I want to do something like that in the future? I've been reading that Tekin T8 1700 or 1900kV with the RX8 ESC was a REALLY good setup (if I ever got in a position to really shell out some dough), or Hobby Wing! Just...
  5. M

    Kraton PLEASE Help. 160A 8s Firma in my 6s BLX

    I'm attempting to mount a Spectrum 160A 8s esc in my Kraton 6s BLX. I can't see how to mount it as of now unless I make a bracket that mounts to the existing esc mount, then vertical and sideways. I swear I have seen people that already have them in their cars so I'm asking for guidance. Thank...
  6. eremon

    Mojave Inner fender/Mojave

    Hi everybody and greetings from Finland! I just ordered my first ARRMA! New hobby started a 2 months ago with Traxxas Slash 4x4, witch is now nearly completely rebuild. I just get bored with Slash, so i ordered Mojave 6S BLX, but i have to wait it (hopefully just) a few weeks, because they are...
  7. Leewilson7

    Granite Top of the Line Ultimate Granite Upgrades

    There are lots of threads that talk about the best upgrades for low cost. If money was no object what are the most tricked out upgrades you’d give to a Granite? Yes “for the money” you could just step up to the Kraton, but doing this as a hobby, I’m wanting to make an absolute beast out of...
  8. Mike-NLD

    Kraton EXB - recommend me some electronics

    Guys, Bein new to non-stock electronics, what should i be putting in my pre-ordered EXB? Nothing really extreme.. A 6s capable system is just fine.. But don't want it to run hot all the time I was thinkin TP-Power 4050 (40mm×82mm) 3Y 2100kv But with what ESC should that be paired? Other...
  9. Chipz

    Kraton 6s Upgraded to 4s??

    Hey all, I brought a Kraton V1 and it running a Hobby wing XeRun XR8 Plus esc with Tekin T8 g2 2250kv on 4S, 16P/50S gears, 75kph. The Xr8 is 6s compatible but the Tekin T8 is only 4s recommended. So my question is why would some one pull the 6s system and install a 4s set-up??? Pros/Cons...
  10. J

    Kraton Motor and ESC Upgrades

    Hello im new to RC. Purchased a kraton 6s v4 a couple of months ago... I Absolutely love it ! Its kept me occupied through the lockdown anyway. Just looking to start to upgrade a few things. Any advise on motor and esc upgrades ? Also where can I get a decent motor heat sync fan and aliminum...
  11. Qasim2021

    Kraton Bought new aluminum knuckles, but can't get steering right

    I just purchased some aluminium knuckles but can't get this right the steering is not working properly please help. Be Gentle.
  12. H

    Kraton anyone ran a 6s system on one of the 4s trucks

    i just want to know if anyone has, it seems like a bad idea but a fun one
  13. J

    Big Rock Big rock 3s Upgrades

    Hi! I just got my second RC the Big Rock 3s. Any suggestion what tires will be the best for upgrade? and also what other parts should I upgrade?
  14. Gorberus

    Typhon Sugestions on upgrades for the arrma typhon

    Hello, in my sleepy stupor a few days ago i snagged a Armma typhon 6S on ebay (link here ). I was curious if anyone had any suggestions for some upgrades for it over all. It looks like a V1 typhon but it also looks like it has the BLX 185 so im not sure what version it is. If anyone could give...
  15. kdeon44

    Infraction Infraction servo upgrade

    Hey whats up guys, I'm the new proud owner of an Arrma Infraction. I'm very impressed with it so far but I think the steering could use a little help. Any suggestions on a new servo? I do have other rc cars, all traxxas, and I upgraded all with Savox except my Xmaxx's. I'm very happy with Savox...
  16. LittleFlowRider

    Recommend me an ESC for Kraton 4s

    For Kraton 4s, using 4s. I heard some people like the blx 185, some like the max10/max8. Just looking for some options
  17. talion newbie 248

    Talion Popped all of my available tires time to get new shoes.

    So I just did some drifting in rain on my talion and just like with my badlands post the stock katars popped in a spectacular fashion. Need new shoes for my supped up talion now. My choices are. Back flip LP's Src terrain cruahers Which should I go for?
  18. Spady

    Granite First couple upgrades for Arrma Granite?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to forum. I have a arrma granite 550, what's first couple of upgrades to do first. Thanks.
  19. Aclewis

    Kraton Servo upgrade for Arrma Kraton

    Hey, I was wanting to ask the rc family here, what servo would be a good upgrade from stock for the kraton? What y’all running? I’d like one that’s still waterproof and on a budget?
  20. WoodiE

    My PPS motor and differential mount has been delivered!

    WOW. Both pieces look amazing. They came shipped in a bubble lined envelope, which contained two small plastic bags and each part came in custom 3D printed cases. The level of detail in just shipping is very impressive. Can't wait to get both mounts installed!