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  1. BashingBrian

    New aluminum ARRMA diff case!

    Not sure if people have seen this so I thought I'd just leave it here, no more need for Hot Racing..??
  2. BashingBrian

    Granite longest motor for Granite

    Whats the longest motor that will fit in a Granite is it a 3670 or 3674..??
  3. V1p3r_83

    Granite Pro-Line Upgrades

    Added some new wheels and shocks. Went with pre-mounted Trenchers (Had to use 15mm Hub Spacers to make sure they didn't rub the steering links) and Pro-Line (6063-00) Power Stroke Shocks (waiting on the mount kit (6063-05) to maker the tops fit tighter. Next up is a Castle creations 1406-5700BL...
  4. J

    Kraton Replace this spektrum radio

    hello,I just have a new kraton 6s and I want upgrade the radio Spektrum by a better one. Who can help me too find one. Thanks
  5. bicketybam

    Outcast Hobbystar 4082 Motor in Outcast/Notorious

    What are your thoughts about running the Hobbystar 4082 size motor in a Notorious? I have the 4092 1730Kv in my Kraton and it's awesome. Unfortunately RC Juice is out of stock but I saw the smaller 4082, which might be an easier fit in the shorter wheelbase chassis. It comes in 1600Kv or 2000Kv...
  6. Lufkin25

    Kraton v3 rebuild

    Just got started on rebuilding my kraton v3. I've had it for a few months now and have maybe 15 packs through it. I have learned a lot about these cars and made a lot of mistakes along the way. Hoping that some information or a picture I post will be able to help someone else with their build or...
  7. Lbizzle

    Hobbywing Xerun XR8 Plus Brushless ESC/G2 Motor Combo (2250kV) PROBLEM HELP!!

    The problem is when I hit a jump it dies... like no power to the motor at all so I can’t correct it mid flight. It lands and wreck most of the time now. So I experimented and it does the same thing if you just drop the car on it wheels from 4 feet of the ground but you can still steer it just...
  8. Erstadw

    Typhon motor recommendations

    Need some recommendations. I'm looking to replace my motor and esc in my typhon. Esc I'm most likely going with the max6. As for the motor im not sure. What I would like is something that I can be geared to go 100+ mph but yet still be able to gear down for bashing and maybe some track use. So...
  9. M

    Typhon Shocks for Typhon 3s

    I am very new to RC hobby, I have a Typhon 3s and i want to upgrade the shocks, was thinking of the Typhon 6s shocks, is there anything better maybe??? Also if I do go with the Typhon 6s shocks do I need to get anything else or will they bolt on right out of the box??
  10. WeekendRCwarrior

    Kraton v2 shock shaft replacement

    Finally snapped a rear shock shaft on my v2 kraton on a failed front flip! I’m about to order replacement shafts but wondering if there is a better replacement shaft for the v2 shocks.
  11. Cowbell

    Senton Senton 3s to 6s compatibility

    Hello, New to rc and just picked up a senton 3s. I’m curious if some or most parts from a 6s may be compatible with the 3s? Some things like the sway bars, side guards, roll bar tower, or even aftermarket parts? If so would they be bolt on or needs modifications? I would have bought the 6s but...
  12. dwblue00

    Outcast New lipo required

    My 4s lihv gens ace lipo I think is on its way out. So im looking at SMC batteries. Debating on going 4s again or going 6s and tuning down the esc a little. Let me know what ya think. Looking to purchase asap.
  13. J

    New Transmitter / Receiver upgrade for Notorious

    After setting my end points for some reason my receivers seems to have burned out and no longer binds to transmitter. What upgraded receiver combos are there available that work with the BLX? Do I have to look for a certain type or brand? Thanks in advance!
  14. scv484

    Granite Third Party Bodies

    Anyone running a third party body on their Granite? I want something different, but an having trouble finding something close to the right size. I almost got a JConcept Ford F150, but it was too long and hung over the bumpers......that's not gonna last, lol. If so, post up a pic if you got one? TIA
  15. godfella691981

    Motor Upgrade recommendations

    I have an Arrma Typhon 3s BLX, I would like to upgrade the motor on it but I do not want to order the wrong size. According to Arrma the stock BLX motor is a 3060 3200kv. Well when I do a search I cant find a motor with the same diameter can, I have found plenty 36 diameter motors but no 30s. I...
  16. MrTitanium

    Motor options?

    Say I wanted to upgrade motor/ESC combo in my Big Rock 6s, what one would one suggest? Curious...
  17. Lazy Bushman

    Kraton Cracked lower suspension arm, what else?

    Hey guys, I was out yesterday bashing and a tree hoped out behind another tree and ran into my Kraton. Result is I need to order a replacement lower suspension arm. What other relatively inexpensive parts should I look at buying now to maximise the route on the freight cost, while I am at it?
  18. Bigdog3890

    My new shocks

    My new arma granite 4x4 box racers edge shocks and to get longer shock rods for rear but that’s it they are nice for 60 weight oil in rear and 40 in front but the front is way to soft ... also broke my damn skid plate again can’t wait for my t bone racing bumpers front and rear to get here !!
  19. Waffleiron

    "Child friendly" radio (Futaba 3PV?)

    Hey there good people of the Arrma Forum. Does anyone have any experience with budget radios for the Arrma cars with possibility to have different EPA settings/different models/profiles? To justify buying an RC car at this point I need a way to quickly make it child friendly so my kids can...
  20. cesarem008

    What tire do you recommend senton 6s

    Since I got my senton 6s blx new I've been having trouble finding the right tire I have the stock ones those only lasted a couple of runs before they ballooned and ripped of I got some duratrax banditos and those got unglued and currently I have some duratrax lockups that seem to be holding up...