1. B

    NEW FIRMWARE FIX - Low Voltage Cutoff

    Hi guys, First time posting here. Just picked up a new Vorteks a few days ago and immediately ran into issues with Low Voltage Cutoff triggering at Wide Open Throttle even with a fully charged battery. There's been quite a bit of discussion online about this issue, with varying levels of...
  2. michicrm

    Spektrum Firma 130A

    Hi all, I bought a Firma Spektrum 130a and installed it in my vorteks. I ran a couple of batteries and when I charges my lipos again it said that the cell voltage was barely 3V. I read everywhere that going below 3.2V will kill the batteries. When I looked into the programming of the esc I...
  3. AndiW

    LIPO voltage difference between two batteries

    Hi, after driving with the Outcast 8S EXB the two 4s packs always have about 0.1V difference per cell. One battery 3.5, the other 3.6 for example. The batteries are brand new 4s 6700mah, that i've just used maybe 5 times yet. Is this normal or is something wrong with the lipos? thanks in advance
  4. D

    Granite Arrma Granite Voltage -Upgrade Tires

    I have the smaller version of the Granite Voltage 4x4. And I'm wanting to upgrade my tires to be bigger. Mostly everything that was stock is upgraded. Anyone know what my limit on size I should go with that my Granite could handle? I can run up to a 3s battery.
  5. G

    Granite Voltage Fan mount and equivalent brushless motor?

    Hello, first time posting here! Currently, the brushed motor gets too hot after running a single battery. (Too hot to touch for 3 seconds.) Can anyone recommend a fan/mount method that will work on it, live above the motor blowing down? Secondly, I know that the brushed motor will eventually...
  6. S

    Granite Replacement parts that don't cost as much as the car?

    I got this last Black Friday. It's been a fantastic little truck. I use the truck to get my 1 year old dog some much needed exercise. I'll drive the truck around the cul-de-sac and my dog goes nuts. He chases it until the battery runs dead and during that time the truck gets stepped on, flipped...
  7. Y

    Granite Arrma Voltage Motor Mounts, and multiple Li-Po battery packs

    The title pretty much sums up my post. Hoping to find a link or something to a replacement motor mount for the Voltage and some ways to put in 2 Li-Po packs. Thanks! (First Post)
  8. suchtragedy

    Granite Project "Street Voltage" Build

    So my first Arrma was the Arrma Voltage and have since bought/built up many other Arrma models and the Voltage just doesn't get run that much at all. Since it's not really worth selling and I don't really have any uses for it I slowly been doing stuff to it just for fun. I been randomly modding...
  9. life1134

    Granite Broke the metal that holds DIFF OUTDRIVE

    I Drove this truck for the first time today and I the metal that sticks out to hold the DIFF OUTDRIVE broke. Can this be fixed? I know I can replace the DIFF OUTDRIVES but I have seen nothing about this piece of metal that the DIFF OUTDRIVE connects to. I have added a photo and you can see the...
  10. L

    Granite Granite 4x4 blx voltage cut off

    Good morning, does any body knows how to lower the voltage cut off on the arrma granite 4x4 blx? I bought some new batteries for my new truck and it works well but the truck stops working when the battery is at 3.8 V. If I use the same batteries with my x-maxx they die at 3.35. So the run time...
  11. T

    Granite Upgrading ESC on Son’s Granite Voltage

    Looking for some help. My son saved up money and bought his first r/c truck. It is a Granite Voltage 2W drive with brushed motor. A couple weeks after light use it appeared the ESC went bad. Spoke with Horizon Hobby (which they were very responsive) and they upgraded us to the following...
  12. W

    Senton question about battery voltage

    Hello! here's the thing my local hobby shop has this battery available with ec3 connector I want another one for my Arrma Senton Mega but the one that comes with is a 8.4 volts this is a 7.2 volts not sure if this would work or do any harm to the esc or motor? I don't mind if it is a little...
  13. Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... ?

    Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... ?

  14. Solix

    Granite I’ve figured out a Solution to the Voltage outdrive that works!

    My son has stripped out 3 outdrive since he’s had it. Someone recommended I replace the plastic outdrive on my son's Voltage with a Kraton metal input shaft cup, part AR310432. I tried it and Damn thing fits! So for now no more damn stripped out drives! The new ones are metal and secured...
  15. Granite voltage 3s backflip

    Granite voltage 3s backflip

    Voltage doing work!
  16. Caffeine

    Arrma Voltage Maximum brushed motor on stock esc

    Doing some Math.. Continuous current of the stock ESC is 40 amps.. and based on some charts. the stock Motor 20T draws 14 to 17 amps Found a 13T for $14! should draw between 25-30 amps and add about 65% if current max is 22mph (youtube vid) this would bring it up to about 36mph That's one...
  17. GRspeed

    Fazon Different servo savers installed at the factory?

    Hi folks, What Servo Saver came with your Voltage? We have a pair of voltage models, one Fazon and one Granite. They had different servo savers installed from the factory even though the website lists all Voltage models with only the black, 3-piece style in the drawing and photos below...
  18. K

    Granite Whining but not moving

    Hello we were out driving my daughters new arrma granite voltage this afternoon and all of a sudden it started whining but not moving. Anyone know the issue? Thanks
  19. Jimmyjam

    Need help converting blx 100 system to the granite voltage

    Do i need to buy a new pinion gear for the bigger shaft on the motor or just drill it out?
  20. thef91gundam

    Arrma Granite Voltage only steering response and no throttle.

    So while i was waiting for a rear tower for my kraton to arrive, i decided to have fun on my lil brother's granite voltage under the rain. Suddenly it doesn't have steering response but that's impossible because i change the servo with a aftermarket 20kg servo €35 (original was useless). I...