1. M

    Voltage ESC upgrade

    Hello hobbyist I was wanting to see what kind of ESC would work for a replacement for the brushed ESC?
  2. 1

    Fazon Voltage.

    Recieved my Voltage with a shock in pieces, this is a terrible design not having a threaded shock shaft. After about 2 hours of use on the car I had issues turning the esc on, I read somewhere that if you turn down throttle trim then power on- it worked and then after a 5 min run i lost...
  3. thef91gundam

    Arrma Granite Voltage only steering response and no throttle.

    So while i was waiting for a rear tower for my kraton to arrive, i decided to have fun on my lil brother's granite voltage under the rain. Suddenly it doesn't have steering response but that's impossible because i change the servo with a aftermarket 20kg servo €35 (original was useless). I...
  4. icebearace

    Granite Voltage 12t 550, stock srs, li-ion 6 cell

    Just wanted to let people know that the granite voltage will not blow up with the traxxas titan 550 motor and 19 tooth pinion gear. I had fun testing it out, it launches hard with good top speed and even tears through high grass decently. The temps were really no more than before with the 15t...
  5. D

    Voltage Granite trouble..

    Ok my granite voltage pretty much stopped running, if I pick it up the wheels begin to turn. I have taken it apart and all the gears and differential are still good. There seems to be a rattling noise when I try to run it and noticed the ESC seems to be vibrating. I am relatively new to the RC...
  6. LuBuDW6

    Granite Voltage New Rims

    Hello All, I've got some new rims
  7. zoldos

    Voltage upgrade or get something "better"?

    I'm having fun with the brushed Voltage. However, is it worth upgrading to brushless? And how difficult would that be? It looks like I'd need a new ESC and receiver. I can mount a new motor probably without issue. Or should I save and get something better? I'm looking at a Redcat Blackout XBE...
  8. zoldos

    Voltage Granite Voltage upgrades?

    I thought about replacing the stock motor with an official Arrma "Mega" 550 brushed version. It doesn't appear to come with this. Would it make a difference? And it is easy to install? What pinion should I use? Thanks!
  9. zoldos

    Voltage Granite Voltage arrived, pic spamming commencing

    The tires are so clean! I almost don't want to run it! LOL
  10. Stack15

    Voltage Fazon Voltage Aftermarket Bumpers?

    My Fazon Voltage came in the mail today from HobbyTown. I put a 2S LiPO battery in it and I really like it. However it does not look very durable to me. I would like to add a larger front bumper and maybe rear too. Does anyone make such for the Fazon Voltage? Thank you. Voltage
  11. S

    Mega esc bind to new trasmitter

    Need help binding my granite voltage that comes stock with a 3 in 1 esc, to a new flysky remote. Thanks in advance
  12. jala

    Recommended spare parts for Fazon?

    I was thinking if I should have some kind of spare part kit available at home, but what would you recommend to have? Is there something that will break most likely? It would be nice to have at least some parts in garage ready.
  13. Thumper01

    The Granite Voltage: RC's Greatest Mixed Bag!

    My idea for this thread is to try to bring together all of the Arrma Granite Voltage owners and try to form some sort of consensus regarding this vehicle. The wide range of ownership experience with this truck so far is staggering. It doesn't seem that the Fazon Voltage has had the same variety...
  14. Primarrma

    First ever GoPro video Kraton Bash

    Made my first ever video today using a GoPro. Running my Kraton on 6s with new Back-Flip tyres. These tyres are amazing, they grip so much better than the stock ones. I've had a few incidents with my car recently, so I went a little conservative for this video. Hope you enjoy and any feedback to...
  15. Leonphelps

    My granite voltage sounds like its grinding gears

    My granite voltage sounds like its grinding gears. It can still go forward and reverse. It's just not going very fast. It's a new truck so I can't find much on it unfortunately, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. michael.jacques

    Voltage Not really sure on the issue here.

    Hi all. I'm rather new in this hobby and even if I did read a lot I still need more info. I bought a Voltage to my son and now I have problem with the differential I believe. See video: At first, its in the air and then I put it back on the table and we hear the motor, but wheels do not move...
  17. Y

    Front/rear shock oil weight

    Hello, I'm new to this hobby, and i recently bought a Voltage Fazon. I've noticed the front shocks have a considerably thicker oil than the rear, which i find weird since there is more mass in the back, also the front is pretty jumpy because of that. Is this intended? is everyone's Voltages...
  18. B

    Battery for Voltage

    Just purchased the ARRMA GRANITE VOLTAGE for my nephew off of Amazon. What 2s battery is recommend; should i stick with the usual? (SMC, Floureon etc)
  19. O

    ESC not working?

    I have a arrma granite voltage Mega in the ESC must have burnt up or something I'm not sure as soon as you plug in the battery the motor kicks on even if the remote is off I ordered a arrma granite 4x4 esc i was wondering if I could use the remote from the voltage Mega for the farmer Granite 4x4...
  20. M

    Radio binding

    Hello hobbiest my brother had a new remote under warranty sent but not sure how to bind to the truck just wanting to know how to thank you