1. S

    Vorteks Servo problems with my vorteks

    Hey guys my vorteks is having some problems the steering is really weird. When i turn the car on it is turning my wheels very fast while i am not doing anything. i wil incloud a video but i have tried to a just the trim but then my steering is of en when i turn the wheel left sometimes it is...
  2. W

    Looking for wheels with offset

    Im looking to get some different wheels and tires for my sons Vorteks. We need something that will work on our track better. Does anyone know the offset of the Vorteks wheels incase i find a good deal on used. I.e. associated, losi, kyosho......any other brands work? And if not do they make...
  3. R

    Vorteks Totally new Vorteks!

    Our sons brand new Vorteks BLs is now not working! New Christmas Day, has worked twice. The red and blue light is consistently on, stating that the reverse is active. Help! Cheers, Marina.
  4. rekim

    Vorteks 4000 kv 2 pole motor

    i bought a scratch and dent vorteks from tower a while back. it said the esc was burned, so i bought a new esc. i finally got around to putting it together and trying it out. it would cog out under power and the motor had a horrible smell and was really hot after about 30 seconds of driving. i...
  5. rekim

    Vorteks Vortek to Raider conversion

    is there a list of parts that can be used to convert the vortek to a raider?
  6. D

    questing for cheap wheels and tires

    whats up ya'll a new vorteks owner here, after a month of ownership and quite a bit of runtime on asphalt i had to get some new wheels and tires. I did have some initial confusion as to what tires would fit the stock vorteks wheels which i believe is a 1.9 wheel (still not sure really) i...
  7. Bigoso75

    Vorteks Old vorteks tranny vs new

    Hello to all. So im upgrading my Vorteks mega to brushless. Bought a 4 pole 3500kv motor with a 60amp esc and a 22t pinion/ 87t spur running on 2s lipo. So here's the question. After much research and endless reading it seems that the older Vorteks mega came with all composite gears (similar to...
  8. ssmiljanic

    STRC Rear Hexes

    Hey there, Just thought I would post a caution about these rear hexes. Switched out stock aluminum for STRC rear red hexes with STRC rear carriers. Lost 4 wheel nuts and stripped two tires. Took it all apart and switched back and forth btw stock and STRC hex, and STRC hex clearly binding on...
  9. Raffa

    Stadium Tuck body on LWB Chassis (Fury / Raider XL)

    Hey all, Has anyone had any luck or attempted with putting a Vorteks or granite style body (doesn't have to be Arrma) on their LWB chassis? I'm looking into getting the body posts for either the Granite or Vorteks and putting them on my Raider with a body that still keeps the open wheel style...
  10. Nietrijker

    Vorteks ESC blinking when connecting 3S LiPo

    Hi all, My Vorteks ESC is blinking blue when connecting an 11.1V 3S 4000mAh LiPo. A 7.2 NiMH is working fine, as well as a 7.4V 2S 4000mAh LiPo. No issues at all. Just the 11.1V one is giving me issues. I wonder if 11.1V is actually supported by the BLX ESC I'm having. It's the Arrma BLX80...
  11. SFCrawler

    ARRMA DAMAGE (warning disturbing images)

    Share your RC wrecks / damage pictures and videos here!
  12. Bassmaticmatt

    Vorteks Looking for aluminum Vorteks hop up parts.

    So I've seen videos for the Vorteks hop up aluminum parts but can't find them. I came across a thread where someone posted a link to a site that sells them but I can't seem to find it. It may have been in another forum. If anyone knows where I can find them or knows of Any aftermarket stuff that...
  13. Snoopyd

    Vorteks New to this

    I was just giving two RC but on both cars the axles AR broke off I would like to know where and how I can get tools to fix it can anyone point me in the right direction
  14. Luckyben

    Vorteks Antenna Pipe

    Hi All, I finally jumped into the hobby and went for a Vorteks Mega. I'm loving it so far but I had a silly question about initial setup. What's the use of the antenna pipe that is included in the package? Is there a cable I should take out from the receiver and plug in the pipe? I'm...
  15. Bobster560

    Bobster560's Arrma Vorteks mega

    Hey, yes I have a Arrma Vorteks mega that I put on: Traxxas big bore shocks 12T motor proline sand paws My second car is a Traxxas summit 1/10 that I put Proline trenchers and winch. My third car is a Arrma Talion BLX that I put Proline slingshots on. My fourth and final car is a Traxxas Emaxx...
  16. Kratonage

    Vorteks Conversion into a granite mt

    Can the vorteks be converted into a granite mt?
  17. Luckyben

    Raider vs Vorteks for bashing

    Hello there, first post here... I'm new to the hobby and looking for a good entry level basher. Being and old school guy I think the Raider looks pretty darn good but strictly for bashing, I guess the Vorteks (mega) would be a better choice. What do you guys think? Thanks, Ben
  18. dijitz

    Vorteks Steering gone....

    All of a sudden I have no steering. If I adjust steering trim, servo moves to trim steering, but wheel on transmitter does nothing. Tried changing steering servo and throttle servo connection around and got no love. Trigger would not move steering servo nor would wheel engage throttle. I am...
  19. Rlduling3

    Vorteks Do Traxxas Rustler shocks for Vorteks??

    I keep popping off the cheap Vorteks Mega shocks. I want upgrades for both my kids' Vorteks. Will Traxxas Rustler shocks fit? Or any tougher suggestions?
  20. Steve

    Need to Replace Vorteks Servo; Suggestions welcome!

    Beautiful AM in sunny AZ, perfect for some Vorteks bashing, a couple of up and backs to make sure everything's in good order, then off to the dirt mounds for some serious bashing. Jump the hill and come out of the landing belly up, the front wheels look like they're having an epileptic seizure...