1. ChriswithaC

    Vorteks Pinion size and specs .

    Hey guys , Loads of questions for you all lol , new platform for me arrma so making sure I get it all right . Ok so my 3650 3900kv brushless motor and ESC should be here in a few days and just purchased this pinion . Right question one Is 48dp correct pitch ???? Question two before I buy more...
  2. ChriswithaC

    Vorteks Arrma Vorteks Boost 4x2

    Hey guys , so I'm eagerly waiting on my Vortkes Boost to land and have been looking for reviews on YouTube. Hopping for some of the big guys to get one up asap . Stumbled across this guy posted today . Now I can't wait , I've already ordered a brushless motor and 80a ESC combo from Surpass a...
  3. ChriswithaC

    Vorteks Boost motor upgrade!!!!!

    Hey guys and this is my official first post here so be gentle lol 😂. Ok so after a 15/16 year break from the RC hobby I've come back to it and my brilliant wife has just purchased and preorderd the brand new Arrma Vorteks Boost in red for me ( lucky boy eh ) . As I used to race 1/10th touring...
  4. E

    Vorteks steering cuts out.

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I hope you can help. I have new Vorteks which is giving me trouble. The shop is online, and I'm cursing myself for that choice now with the hassle of sending stuff to them for warranty stuff, at the risk of not finding errors. So I want to narrow it down a bit...
  5. Jeweettoch13

    Vorteks metal slipper clutch?

    I was wondering if there's a metal version of the aluminium slipper clutch out there. (310946). I've noticed since i'm using metal diffs and 4S batteries the backend of the aluminium slipper clutch is eating away. Any suggestions to adress this problem?
  6. XThumperX

    Vorteks Vorteks Steering? Anyone familiar with the avc system?

    So I just picked up the vorteks, first one of these “smart” cars! Lol I have a few others of all different brands and never run into this problem? I guess it’s a problem, that’s why I’m asking, is this vorteks supposed to return to center after a turn like all my others, or with this new system...
  7. Custnam

    Vorteks Dx3 steering rate/AVC knob question.

    Sorry if this has been answered. I did find a related thread but no solid answer. What I am trying to figure out is how the steering rate /AVC knob works. Right now on my Vorteks I have avc working (tires steer as I rotate car by hand), and when I turn the knob it only reduces my steering. So...
  8. W

    Arrma vorteks w

    Just recently visited a local rc track on my stock vorteks. It’s a covered outdoor track (hard clay) and looking for help on a solution for hard clay tires and new wheels for the truck. I can do the 17mm conversion using typhon parts but that’s costly. I did see there are adapters for 12 to...
  9. N

    Typhon Typhon 3s, next model choice?

    So I am on my second Typhon after needing a couple years ago to sell off my first. I went with another Typhon 3s, which I LOVE. Here is the question. I want to get another 3s car for my wife to be able to run with me, my dilemma is, do I get another Typhon 3s, or do I grab something like a...
  10. archer

    Granite 3S BLX Build - 'Berta style.

    Hey, So I picked up my granite just before Christmas and have been tinkering with it since. Here it is when fairly new, first thing I did was broke the stupid rubber body clip retainer (fixed with green zip tie as pictured) You can sort of tell it's sitting a little wonky here, first trip out...
  11. M

    Vorteks Spoiler upgrade.

    Hey guys, is there a spoiler off another model that fits the vorteks? I'm looking for one that's mounts the car itself not one the shell?
  12. M

    Vorteks Vorteks pinion question???

    Hey guys. Just this new guy again.. To make myself 110% sure if I put the 20t pinion in my vorteks it will slow it down at top speed this correct? I meanly drive off road an was thinking if the 20t pinoin would give me a bit more control/traction when going full noise or is it just better to...
  13. M

    Vorteks Shock spaces.

    Hey guys, me again.. Done some research on this forum but couldn't really find the answer my looking for.. I'm wanting to know what the difference between the 3 spaces are? An how each one would effect off road driving? Cheers
  14. Arrma Vorteks loves the skatepark

    Arrma Vorteks loves the skatepark

    Vorteks skate ramp
  15. M

    Vorteks Best diff oil front an rear.

    Hey guys, I have had my vorteks for about 2 weeks now. I'm want to change the diff oil.. just wondering if anyone on here can help me out with some options please. Cheers
  16. IainB

    Vorteks Bearings pulled apart by twine

    I was running my Vorteks in a field near my house and a bunch of twine that's in the dirt got sucked up around my hubs and got sucked into my bearings. The shields got pulled off on the fronts but on the rears the shield and seals got shot. The seals were actually broken. Crazy... Are these...
  17. B

    Spectrum G2 battery & S150 charger

    I have used this battery and charger twice. I have a spectrum 3s non g2 battery that I bought also that charges just fine. After running the g2 battery for the second time it now just blinks a green light on the S150 charger and will not increase charge. I’ve tried it on 5a, 3a, 1a and .5 a for...
  18. Beach Vorteks

    Beach Vorteks

  19. Vorteks, Big Rock Bash

    Vorteks, Big Rock Bash

  20. Backyard Bash With Arrma Vorteks

    Backyard Bash With Arrma Vorteks

    Quick afternoon backyard bash.