1. Vincentricity

    Big Rock Warranty claim in Australia for dead stock servo?

    Hi, I searched & read similar claims, but none the wiser on how to go about it for those who live in Australia. Arrma's warranty page stated not to chase up our local hobby shop. I ended up using the Arrma Virtual Assistant and got a case number, but nothing has come through my email yet. The...
  2. Mostyn rc

    Big Rock Arrma bigrock v3

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for some help please, ( sorry if this as been asked in other posts but can’t find the same thing I’m experiencing ) I purchased an Arrma bigrock v3 I tock it out with my son for the 1st time Wednesday just gone and the esc cuts out, I have to turn it off and back on and...
  3. Hector_Fisher

    How many warranty replacements is too many?

    I'm waiting on a 2nd replacement for my BLX100 in my Big Rock, so my 3rd in total I'll have been through. The Arrma warranty is two years. But I'm looking for people's thoughts about that; like to what extent they have used it or when you personally stop (or should stop) using it. I feel like...
  4. timweston1

    Big Rock Big Rock V3 BLX: Servo issues, help replacing, warranty questions

    I think my stock servo is kaputt. When the car is off I can turn the front wheels through the full range of motion without issue. I can turn the car on (but leave the transmitter off) and same thing: full motion / no issues. But as soon as the transmitter binds to the receiver, the steering...
  5. SamVorst

    Typhon 4 week old car moves only forward sometimes backwards

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and to the hobby also. I have some knowledge of technic. So I went racing last friday and suddenly the car stops driving. The ESC was beeping. I opened the car and there was no movement in the motor, it was stuck. With some force I could get it to turn. But when I...
  6. Prisma

    Granite Replacement ESC

    Alright so, about a month ago, my Granite Mega ESC burst into flames after a month of use. I've been advised by many other forum members to try to get warranty on it. I did and they said they would fix it, but a month later, they refused to do anything about it. So now I'm back on square one...
  7. D

    Granite Arrma Granite broke after 4 weeks - 2yr warranty worthless?

    Hi guys I’m from the UK, I looked about at RC cars this Christmas for myself and my two sons to start enjoying a new hobby together. https://www.arrma-rc.com/rc-cars/latest/granite/mega/4x4 After going to buy a Quantum flux MT, I was advised by our local shop to choose the more expensive...
  8. Wourms_1

    Kraton 6s BLX Motor (Warranty)

    I recently purchased a Kraton 6s in May, and I just had my motor start smoking. I opened it and figured out that a bearing had exploded and pretty much trashed most of the inside of the motor. Is this covered by Arrmas warranty?
  9. S

    Warranty dept

    Anyone get a hold of the warranty dept. I’ve been on hold for hours multiple times. Emailed them multiple times. Got only one response back to start the warranty claim and haven’t heard back in a week since then. I’m questioning if I’ll ever buy arrma again because the service SUCKS!
  10. zizi8862

    Outcast Slipper clutch broken in a month

    So had my outcast 4s for about a month and only changed out rpm arms and a radio/transmitter. Was having a good time in the backyard then I started noticing the truck was driving a bit weird. Took a closer look and saw the rear wheels were not really driving. Took the truck apart and the rear...
  11. ABRedneck

    Outcast Outcast replaced under warranty! Thanks Horizon Hobby!!

    Howdy Arrma bashers & enthusiasts!! I want to mention a couple of things... (1) My OutCast had a battery failure that caught fire & totaled my lil truck. Please kids of all ages, follow all of the battery safety instructions! The lipo fire is chemical, you can’t put it out with water, you need...
  12. <pAuL>

    Typhon Front Diff Explosion!

    Sad to say guys, but I hit a metal pole with my right front wheel going maybe 15 MPH, with my Typhon V2. No front end suspension/steering damage of any kind! However, my front diff housing basically exploded! I think this one is gonna cost me! Anyone think this might be a warranty claim? Thank you.
  13. R

    Typhon Warranty problems with Arrma - see pic HELP!!!!!

    Team - My typhoon developed for no reason a failure at weekend. The front GEARBOX CASE SET HD AR310854 Arrma Composite Suspension Mount Set - AR330379 Aluminium FF Suspension Mount (Red) (1) AR330378 all broke rendering the Typhon useless. Genuinely it just happened as I was driving up and...
  14. baz2011uk

    Kraton Split tires under warranty?

    would you expect tyres on a brand new v3 kraton to be covered under warranty? my Kraton is little over 5 weeks old and had around 5/6 runs and 1 of the tyres decided to spill its guts and foam coming out of them with a slit in the tyre around 1" long and i have also noticed a slit appearing on...
  15. Rowdie

    Hot Racing = Hot Mess

    Purchased Hot Racing drive shafts for Nero. Attempting to place a warranty claim. Turns out they don't care enough to even respond. While attempting to contact them I've noticed this is not a rare occurrence but is evidently just how they do business. And now you know.
  16. J

    Arrma Customer Support in Europe - Waiting for 6 months now.

    Hey guys, I have no idea, what is wrong with the customer support of ARRMA within europe at the moment, but on the 23rd or August it has been 6 months since I send in my ARRMA Nero Big Rock for a warranty claim - to get it repaired. And it still have no clue when I will get it back. Now, I...
  17. TwiZted SkullZ

    Outcast Arrma Warranty came through

    So the ESC on my Outcast just flat died after running paddle tires with a 17t pinion. What started as a speed bash day in the local sand dunes,ended pretty quick...15 mins or so. Called Hobby Services in Illinois, told the lady my ESC quit working and she said send it in. Never had any more...
  18. S

    Kraton question about warranty

    Hi all, I sent my esc to arrma warranty because of running it for a good 5 mins, the motor was warm, the esc just shuts off with a green light, and the throttle does not work... I have tried everything, so I sent it to arrma warranty, after owning this truck for a good 9months or so, I have...
  19. H

    Replacement of the rotor on the nero 6s motor?

    Has anybody replaced the rotor on the AR390174 2000kv motor on the Nero 6s? I'm not sure Arrma will replace this motor. So I'm looking to find a replacement rotor for this motor. Look like it's a rebranded hobbywing motor, but not sure. Anyone have more info on this? Thanks!
  20. T

    Kraton First breakage

    How is arrma at replacing things I have 5 packs into and my servo is shot and I broke some parts in the front end