wheel hex

  1. S

    Question on removing red wheel nut

    Hi guys does anyone know how to remove the bar in the wheel nut? Usually it falls out but this one is a bit stubborn. Any suggestions?
  2. 4TFour RC

    Traxxas 5353 hubs

    Hey all just wanted to share some pics and my experience with the Traxxas 14mm to 17mm conversion kit. I installed this on my Senton 3S (pics attached) and overall I think they are well worth the $20 and a few minutes to install. For now I'm running some 1/8 buggy wheels and tires from my Tekno...
  3. Jsky87

    Granite Granite mega/mst mx1 tire hex sizes?

    I have a granite mega v3 that I've converted to brushless and blew out a rear tire (after alot of abuse, donuts and pavement driving/ I only run it on 2s) .But they are still pretty soft tires so I'd rather try something different. I seen a few people on here recommended mst mx1 tires so I...
  4. C

    Kraton Traxxas Wheels on 1/8 Kraton

    Hey all, So I recently got some traxxas paddle tires (supporting the enemy I know) for my 1/8 Kraton EXB and I realized that the inside of the hex on the wheel is keyed. Would it be safe to cut out the keyed parts so it will fit the regular 17mm hex or should I spend $20 for a set of traxxas...
  5. Exc3l

    SOLD / FOUND or trade 6s and 3s parts for a Max6

    I have a lot to offer. I have 2 front and rear 6s diffs, Front and rear Mojave arms with CVD's and turnbuckles, 2x 2050kv motors, 1 Firma 150, and 1 Blx185. Honestly, I have a load of 3s parts including tires, arms with turnbuckles, upgraded CVD, 17mm hexes, 17mm nuts, motor mounts, 2 extra...
  6. 4TFour RC

    17mm adapters for the Senton?

    Hey everyone, just had a few questions concerning moving from the 14mm wheel hubs to 17, or even 12mm. Has anyone had success with a specific brand or kit they prefer? if memory serves, traxxas ran 14mm on some of their models also so im guessing it isnt uncommon to convert. I'll post a pic of a...
  7. Rigcheck

    Typhon ARA310904 wheel hex

    well it was bound to happen ive curbed it an rolled it and managed to hit all the hubs. ara310904. Ive proper ruined one of them non available in the uk , is there a replacement make that will do ? thanks for any replies
  8. PaPa Thorn

    Granite Granite Wheel Hexes

    I'm ordering my wife's birthday present this Fri. and she was asking me about wheels. Which would give her more wheel options, leaving them 14mm or switching to 17mm hexes? And if the latter, any recommendations on some good ones?
  9. JuacoCE1

    Granite Granite BLX 3S wheels question.

    i just got my granite a couple of weeks ago and i was wondering what other wheels/tires you guys are using on the granite. I like the stock ones but i don't have that much dirt/grass areas to run my car and i want to get some all terrain/road tires set up for it. And is there anything i have to...
  10. Dirtnasty92

    Change hub hexs to 17mm

    So thought about changing my senton blx 3s wheel hexs from 14mm to 17mm then putting on the senton 6s tires and rims probably alot stronger tire's cause for 6s right just my thought how about some opinions
  11. Gttoppe

    Arrma Senton 4x4 hex removal

    How do I remove the factory hex on a Arrma Senton mega 4x4?
  12. Spar69!

    17MM to 14MM hex adapter Talion

    OK Don't know what type of feedback I'll get on this and don't know if it's a stupid idea but I've got 6 sets of TMAXX wheels/tires (on and off road) and I'm looking to run them on my Talion V3 and can't seem to find a 17 to 14mm adapter....just don't want these tires to go to waste.....any ideas???
  13. KevBar40

    Kraton Anyone convert 17mm hex to 24mm

    I found a nice set of 1/5 scale tires and wheels by Rovin on a kraton and am wondering how they fit the 24mm hex wheels on it. I’m looking for adapters with no luck. Anyone on here do this before?
  14. Thunderbird1983

    Senton Hex wheel adapters

    Curious can you convert the 14mm hex to a 12mm for more tire options or how about 17mm has anybody done either?
  15. P

    Kraton No hex nuts available for V1 Kraton

    After 2 years of bashing, I finally needed to replace my hex nuts. Certain sets of tires would barely fit on because of the stripped hex threads. Only to find out that the 24.6 mm hex head has been discontinued by arrma. I must purchase new knuckles with the extended plastic piece to fit, thw...
  16. Alex722

    Kraton v2 wheel hex are from Talion?

    Hello there!! I bought the new Kraton v2 and on a maintenance session I discovered that the wheel hexes are 16.5 mm. Aren't these from the Talion?? Otherwise it's like i was sold a Talion but with the Kratons body and wheels...
  17. M

    Wheel Hex Nuts

    So there has been some discussion on the issue with wheel hex nuts coming loose. I may have found a solution! I ordered these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TEAM-LOSI-TLR-8IGHT-T-3-0-4-0-TRUGGY-17MM-WHEEL-HEXES-WITH-LOCKING-NUTS-AND-PINS-/361836722725?hash=item543f263a25:g:a-QAAOxyYSdTBsJd Not only...