wheelie bar

  1. jeffg.3991

    Big Rock Big Rock - Wheelie Bar Upgrade

    Hey Folks, Unsure if anyone else has done this but here's my 2 cents 🙃 Thought I'd share this seems to be holding up well I've upgraded my wheelie bar to the integy wheelie bar and added a stock shock into it been out several times bashing now and yet to break it. Wing hasn't faired too well...
  2. vetteman1000

    Spax Stix Holographic Talion

    My first attempt at using Spax Stix right out of the can. Perfect in the sunlight, holographic color-changing paint. What do you think?
  3. Outcast v3/v4

    Outcast v3/v4

    Sweeps on the outcast looks sick!!!
  4. P

    Kraton Kraton wingmount with wheelie bar fitting issue

    I have a Kraton 6s V5 and I was attempting to install the wheelie bar from the Notorious exploded view chart part number AR320366 on the stock HD rear wing mount AR320347. Everything I've read said they were compatible. The hexes on both sides of the wheelie bar are supposed to fit right into...
  5. Mr7wun8

    Kraton Wheelie bar options

    Searching didn't work so I have what might be a silly/simple question. Will a TBR Talion wheelie bar fit a V4Kraton? https://tboneracing.net/products/10077-tbr-2-0-wheelie-bar-set-arrma-talion-talion-18 Is there a better wb option to keep the front wheels down? It looks like the Kraton version...
  6. TH1CK

    Outcast Outcast 4S rear assembly

    How do I get to the screws that face towards the front - holding the wheelie bar - trying to replace Wheelie bar with one from T-Bone racing.
  7. S

    Kraton Beware of TBR wheelie bar 2.0 version

    To all bashers beware of TBR wheelie bar 2.0 version, this is the one with the new hinge pin mounting block. I think the screws that are supplied for the hinge pin mount are only mild steel and have snapped off in the diff housing . This has happened to my mate as well. Has this happened to...
  8. fishycomics

    Talion Arrma Tailon V3 Rise Head Wheelie Bar Modification How I did

    As I had a wheelie bar from my Bison and cheetah, i do not use the vkar that much, here is my Mod. and down below will be some info on what I used and how I did it. You may find the part I used online. here online here is a photo of it photo host I used angle Iron I had laying around as...
  9. H

    Kraton Wheelie bar?

    Anyone know of anyone selling wheelie bars for arrma kraton or for truggified typhon? Would like something more adjustable than the stock one that comes on outcast..
  10. Breadfan

    Outcast Reinforced Wing/wheelie bar mount.

    Damn thing broke twice the first 5 minutes I took it out. I ordered one from TBR,but though I'd try this mod first. I'll post back in a few days.
  11. Big Rock Custom Wheelie Bar

    Big Rock Custom Wheelie Bar

    New 3D printed parts added to the stock Arrma wheelie bar to get the wheelie bar sitting closer to the ground. See my build log thread "Big Rock Custom Body, LEDs & more" Update 8 for more information.
  12. BigShow823

    Tiger wheelie bar with Red Src Terrains

    Seen the wheelie bar on another thread thought it looked cool i had to ream the holes on the wing a bit with a dremel didnt have a body reamer at the time but i think it looks pretty solid and i had no back flips while in 6s.
  13. firstrctruck

    Wheelie bars/ Jumps

    Is it still possible to do Jumps with a wheelie bar or does it prohibit it? Just wondering Haven't tested her out yet. Wondering if any of you had any experience?
  14. Southernfury85

    Wheelie bar

    Anyone mounted a wheelie bar from another rc onto their fury?? My fury mega running the castle sct combo is pulling the front wheels high enough off the ground that it's dragging the back of the body and will actually flip over. Any help is appreciated thanks everyone
  15. Ole Fart51

    Wheelie bar settings?

    wheelie bars finally came for my two Nero's. Destroyed both bodies waiting for them. My question is, what setting do y'all find works best? I also removed the stock bushings for the wheels on the wheelie bar and installed bearings.
  16. Julian

    Fazon TBone time...

    had to remove the rear wheelie bar. Now I can wheelie down the street. It sits back and you can drive it across a parking lot. So much fun I'm sitting here ordering the diff brain for the Nero. Before and after pics .
  17. Stockstinks

    Outcast Outcast wing/wheelie bar on Kraton

    I just bought a kraton and now I see the new Outcast . Will the wing/wheelie bar for the Outcast fit my kraton?
  18. PeaCue

    Typhon Typhon Wheelie Bar

    I've been looking for a good solution so I was happy to see this. The new Outcast's wing-mounted wheelie bar fits the whole line of Arrma buggies/truggies. http://www.arrma-rc.com/part/AR320366 Happy to have a tiny effective wheelie bar for the Typhon. Better than grinding the back of the wing...
  19. S

    Kraton Wheelie bar

    How can I use the wing mount to make a Wheelie bar? I want to remove the wing.
  20. Julian

    NERO Front Bumper & Wheelie Bar & Camera mount

    Was at Bruckner Hobbies in the Bronx this AM and decided on some ProLine Super Swampers for $90. My D-Boot stockers ripped a inch long tear soon. I Threw the ProLines on and immediately was let down by the insane balloning. After about 5 minutes - BOTH front tires ripped and foam started coming...