1. Koshua

    Rear Slide Shaft U-joint popping out

    Hello everyone, I am recently new to the world of RC. I purchased a Arma Big Rock V3, this thing is a blast, I absolutely love it. I quickly learned that I may be driving it incorrectly. While ripping a wheelie in the grass my rear slide shaft u joint popped out of place. I was able to pop it...
  2. PXL_20210318_225416603._exported_133_1616111574532.jpg


    Old big rock with new body
  3. DutchDriver

    Big Rock Arrma Nero Diff Brain reversed?

    Hey guys, Yesterday I picked up a used Arrma Nero with Diff Brain for €250. It came with a Savöx servo and a Hobbywing 8BL-150A ESC. When I came home and drove it for the first time, there were some things that didn't seem right to me. First of all, when I am in Blast mode, the centre and the...
  4. moldy bong

    Outcast new outcast 6s owner

    Hi guys. Just got my first armma rc last week and i have been loving it. I did make the mistake of getting 2x 2s lipo instead of the full power 6s beast. I already want more power. I do have a concern about my current set up. It isn't pulling wheelies as often as I want. I have my punch...
  5. F

    New arrma bigrock crew cab wont do wheelies

    PROBLEM FIXED! sorry for being an idiot lol. I've already maxed out the lunch setting and it still seems really slow to react to full throttle. It eont even pop wheelies with a 3s. Any advice?
  6. B

    Typhon Wheelie bar for Typhon 3s

    Can someone please give me the correct part number for the wheelie bar for the Typhon 3s thanks
  7. Size15s

    Kraton A new beginning ?

    First day out with my Kraton I broke the front bumper, gear casing, damage the shell and generally scuffed it all up. It was a blast! Today I placed an order to the other side of the pond, grand old US of A! TBone Racing Thrasher bumper, wheelie bar and mudguards. Hope it don't take too long...
  8. arrmatyphon

    Wheelie problem

    I have the arrma typhon with 2.2 badlands, hobbywing max8 combo 2200kv. and I'm running on 6s 65c. At high speed on 18t pinion the car just wheelies when getting at a higher speed and there is no way I can stop it even adjusted the droop to be a lot less. So I'm not getting my top speed from the...
  9. Motassem

    Fazon Wheelie Tires

    Hello All, Glad to be with you here and having this as my first post... I really want to hear your recommendation for the best multi terrain tires for easy wheelies (without any gearing modification) on Fazon as i can't find the stock tires that helpful for such purpose despite having the...
  10. engineerangelo

    Brushless Granite cannot do wheelies anymore

    Hi! I recently upgraded my Granite Mega to Speed Passion 13.5T motor and Hobbywing Xerun Justock 60A brushless sensored system. And during my first run, the truck began to do wheelies. I even had it flip over after trying to make a decent wheelie. That run was just for a couple of minutes. And...
  11. ASenton

    Senton how to stop wheelies

    Hi got the 2200kv hobbywing motor in the senton now doing some open park bashing. the suspension is lowered running soft setup min preload on rear springs max droop front and rear and 19t pinion with badlands. No matter what speed im doing soon as i hit the throttle flat it wheelies straight up...
  12. Mr Bojenkals

    Arrma Nero 6S BLX. Assistance Req'd...please:/

    Hey there fellow Arrma owners! I was in the market for a new r/c as I've been in the hobby for almost 14 years now, although I've only had experience with nitro. I decided I waned to go electric as nitro just got too expensive and time consuming. I've been a long time Traxxas owner, but wasn't...
  13. CL-Audio

    Kraton Got Wheelie's???

    Hi guys, Loving my Kraton. So far I'm stock except for Tekno green and yellow springs, mudguards, T-bone bumpers front and back, and Sweep Road crushers for asphalt. Up next, GKA brace and servo mount and eventual servo upgrade. (God knows which servo to pick, but Savox seems the obvious...