1. 4TFour RC

    17mm adapters for the Senton?

    Hey everyone, just had a few questions concerning moving from the 14mm wheel hubs to 17, or even 12mm. Has anyone had success with a specific brand or kit they prefer? if memory serves, traxxas ran 14mm on some of their models also so im guessing it isnt uncommon to convert. I'll post a pic of a...
  2. D

    Notorious Dboots copperhead on Notorious

    Did anybody put kraton dboots wheels / tyres on Notorious to be more stable and can go faster on shorter distance? Thanks
  3. Warby

    Senton Mega SCT wheels tyres options?

    Hi all, my young bloke has worn out the tyres on his Senton mega after a bit of fun racing around roads and a rough bitumen track. My question is, what options do we have with replacement tyres or complete wheel sets being a 14mm hex? I think we'll stick with SC wheels or something of a...
  4. MrQQ

    Wheel sizes for kraton

    Hey bashers! Bought my first arrma a few months ago (v4 Kraton). The only changes i've made so far were: - ARRMA wheelie bar, - POS mudguards on the rear (center and a-arms) - POS rear skidplate - T-Bone front bumper Now he is on my desk after a big hit which bent the steering plate and part...
  5. Typhon6smax

    Typhon 6s LiPo on stock tires

    Hi guys, I just got a new 6s battery and i was wondering if the stock tires would hold on. It's not a huge problem if they won't. Do you have any suggestions for a set of wheels? Btw, i like to have the tires already glued to the wheels. It's an Typhon 6s v3. Thanks!
  6. Typhon6smax

    Typhon Wobbling/shaking wheel

    Hi guys! I just took my first ride with my Typhon 6s and i noticed my right front wheel is wobbling a bit. It seems more loose than the other wheels. I tried tightening up the wheel nuts, didn't really help. It seems like the cvd arm is a bit loose and i can't tighten it up anymore. For now...
  7. [Monster Senton Pro-Line Badlands MX2.8] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Monster Senton Pro-Line Badlands MX2.8] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Raised and trimmed the body to accommodate the larger wheels. Mounted dBoots on the rear.
  8. Z

    Wheels upgrade for Mega Raider?

    I want to change the wheels and tires on my armor Mega Raider. What do you recommend. Mostly running on grass and dirt.
  9. fishycomics

    Talion camber the tilt of the wheels

    Tailon wheels looked off I adjusted my fronts, car rides straight, happy. As I look at the rears they are top angled in (negative) not sure if too much degree. I am sure the fronts as well some. My wheels say the left rear guess the glueing of it looks like its wobbly so I may need to...
  10. Y

    Fazon wheels on 2018 Talion

    Hi, I love the Katar wheels on the Talion, the problem is that i feel that they are too aggressive for harder surface/asphalt. I don't want to worn them up. I was looking for a more "general" tyre, and use the Katar's for when i'm going strictly off-road, and the Fazon (Pincer) wheels looks...
  11. Hunter Reynolds

    Cheap tires

    any cheep wheel and tire combos out there? Like ones that are in the ball park of 40$ for a set of four. I have seen some on eBay but not sure what to think. Thanks in advance guys
  12. TooTall

    Typhon 3.8 Tires/Wheels on Typhon..what's needed?

    So I have begun the process of putting 3.8 tires/wheels on my Typhon, I have a set of Copperheads (from Kraton) and some extra spiral diffs for durability, that I would like to use for this. I tried extenders (the Associated ones, and some longer ones I found on Amazon), but the tires still hit...
  13. cordell12

    Kraton Spun the Foam in my dBoots

    Yesterday while out bashing I heard the tire hitting the body of some of the faster turns. I didnt think much of it as my battery was getting low. Today I thought I would charge up a battery and see if I could figure out what the deal with the noise was. It seems the foam located inside the tire...
  14. Belvis

    Talion onroad tires an wheels for Talion V3

    Hello at all, I bought a Talion V3 with which I'm having a lot of fun using it off road ... but considering its low center of gravity and its speed I would like to use it also in large asphalt parking lots ... that's why someone can advise me that rims and tires onroad buy? I'm looking for both...
  15. pasipple$

    Typhon V3 w/ MX28 Badlands on F11Wheels

    Pretty new to RC and definitely new to Arrma. Just purchased a set of MX28 Badlands tires mounted on F11 17mm rims directly from Pro-Line. Bought this setup after seeing a YouTube video by Aussie RC Playground. However, the tires appear too big for the Typhon. The inside of the tire sidewall...
  16. bikerbob951

    Help finding wheels and tires for Senton 4x4

    I've been looking for suitable road-oriented wheels to swap onto my new Senton 4x4 to preserve the stock tires, since most of my lunchtime bash sessions will be on pavement. I'm very new to rc trucks so I'm still learning, and it seems that finding suitable wheels that won't skew the gearing...
  17. Aaron5

    Talion Talion wheel alignment

    I just got the V2 talion and noticed the wheels are all angled differently. The driver front is neg camber and toe out. Driver rear is toe in and about 0 camber Pass front 0 camber and 0 toe Pass rear is toe in and negative camber I know its an RTR so some adjustments are necessary, this is...
  18. D

    questing for cheap wheels and tires

    whats up ya'll a new vorteks owner here, after a month of ownership and quite a bit of runtime on asphalt i had to get some new wheels and tires. I did have some initial confusion as to what tires would fit the stock vorteks wheels which i believe is a 1.9 wheel (still not sure really) i...
  19. Pepijj221

    Wheel Balancer

    My stock tires on my Kraton are shacking so much.. So I should start with wheel balancing. What do you think of this Balancer? http://www.ebay.com/itm/RC-Trackstar-1-16th-to-1-8th-CNC-Aluminum-Wheel-Balance-Stand-losi-AKA-dynamite-/222583768765?hash=item33d306c6bd:g:XAwAAOSwax5Yvvxo And what...
  20. Voltron7

    Stock Typhon Nylon wheels (not the tires)

    I've heard positive and negative reviews. I prefer my stock Arrma wheels for appearance and debris clearing out better. I like the ProLine Split Six V2 buggy wheels okay, but I'd rather be able to buy the unmounted Arrma Typhon wheels. The known acetone method works great, but that's not the...