1. J

    Granite Granite 4x4 3s blx bearing swap

    Does anyone know where I can find a how to for a bearing swap in a granite 4x4 3s blx? I have a fast eddy kit coming in the mail and need to find where all the bearings are going to go. Besides the exploited view of the parts does anyone have a simpler way?
  2. Grumpy Old Man RC

    Kraton Work Stand

    The other night I was looking at stands for our Kratons and was thinking that they all looked to me to be too small to really be stable but maybe I’m wrong. Sarah asked me what I was buying now and I just showed her what I was looking at. She left and in a few minutes she told me to come into...
  3. WoodiE

    RC Pit Mats. post your work area

    Curious as to what you guys use during track day for a pit mat or on the work bench and to share what I'm using as well. I use three different work or pit mats on my workbench and shelves: Hobbico Builders Cutting Mat - this is always on the workbench and has handy rulers on it as well as a...