1. A

    Limitless Help with connectors!

    I have a limitless with a castle mmx8s and 1717 motor. Because of this it would be a waste of money IMO to go with spektrum batteries(IC5) connectors. I’m leaning towards XT90 connectors. Unless someone knows how to get the castle tele link to work with spektrum batteries.
  2. rcmadman

    Heat shrink vs plastic end caps for XT90s

    Hi, I think I'm going to convert all my RC stuff to xt90, have a lot of deans (which will melt at high voltage), and so want a change. I have seen a lot of people using both heat shrink as well as end caps, what do you recommend? Also, are xt90s the way forward from deans or is there a better...
  3. L3 RC

    XT90 difficult to disconnect

    This seems like a really dumb question to me but am I the only one who finds disconnecting the XT90 connectors to be a major pain in the ash? Does anyone grease them with some di'eletric grease or have some other solution for a disconnect that requires much less effort?