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  1. BashRc

    Help with Yeah Racing Fan install

    I just got a Yeah Racing aluminum fan to replace the stock motor fan on the senton 3s BLX v3 and am having trouble finding any info on how to get these connectors to work. I did not realize that the connector plugs on the fans were different and am not sure where to go from here. I've searched...
  2. Installed my new cooling fans for my #v3 #KRATON

    Installed my new cooling fans for my #v3 #KRATON

    I am going with a higher pinion on my #v3 KRATON so I have installed some Yeah Racing Dual Hurricane fans!!!!
  3. [Yeah Racing Dual Fan Motor] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Yeah Racing Dual Fan Motor] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Keep them motor temps low with a couple fan motors & heatsink by Yeah Racing.
  4. WoodiE

    Motor heatsink and ball bearing kit giveaway!

    ArrmaForum is giving away two great prizes to one lucky winner: Yeah Racing 1/8 Twin Fan Aluminum Heat Sink w/2 Fans (winners choice of Black or Blue) FastEddy Ball Bearing kit (winners choice of Arrma ball bearing kit!) Rules Simply reply to this thread, LIMIT ONE reply per day...
  5. everest4

    Kraton Yeah Racing twin aluminum fans

    I just wanted to recommend the twin fans by yeah racing. They drastically reduced them on my motor, also I didn’t have to remove the motor to mount which is why I bought this heat sink in the first place. Only thing I had to do is solder the two fan leads into one since I only had one spot left...
  6. tigerljj1

    Kraton How to install motor fan (Yeah Racing)

    Anyone install motor fan(s) without taking motor out? Want to install Yeah Racing fans or comparable. Insight as to how is appreciated!!