1. Nomoney4rcparts

    Arrma Nero with 1/8 yeti stock tires and 1/8 Rival MT wheels running in 4s at a BMX track

    Here is my latest video with this new tire set-up. I love this set-up for jumps and crawling. It performs really well with 4S. I wouldn't recommend it for a 6s set-up though. I have one problem with this truck. The battery compartment keeps opening. I can tell that this is one of the few flaws...
  2. Operator7G

    Senton Comparison: Arrma Senton vs Axial Yeti

    For those of you rock racers out there, here's how the Senton compares to Axial's Yeti. Both are 1/10, but the Yeti's wheelbase is quite a bit longer. The Senton's 2.2"/3.0" SCT wheels are basically the same as the Yeti's 2.2" deadlocks, but the Yeti's higher profile tires are a lot bigger in...