“Gemini Twins”

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Welp…. Getting notifications I’m not doing enough around here, and slacking on a build thread… Didn’t figure there was any point in sharing as they’re not Arrma, and in a mostly completed state of play.. Making a fair amount of changes to both, so I’ll share some pics, and progress as they take place I reckon. I’ve seen a handful of other brand builds since I registered-so why the hell not..😅🤷🏻‍♂️

Tekno ET48 2.0 with Tekin 2050kv, Tekin RX8 Gen3, Tekin T-440, and Tekin Graphene 6500 LiHv
Tekno NT48 2.0 with Reds 721 Pro Scuderia Superveloce, Reds X-One HD coated 2143 pipe, NitroPro FKN500FST servos, VP Lutz Blend 30%

Both are told what to do by Futaba Tx/Rx..


Don’t flame me toooooo bad… alright-back to work…🤙
Got the fugly (and waaaaaaay overbuilt imo) front tower swapped out for the new lightened unit. Rearranged the shocks so that the emulsion bleeders are now facing in, and the weep holes facing the tower. Had some cleanup to do over operator error (and I knew better).. Last time I cleaned up the electric, I skipped the compressed air after the suds because I had a lot going on, and it was super nice out so I let it “sun dry” while I handled my other obligations.. No bueno. I KNEW it would come back to bite me.. Hingepins and a-arm sleeves looked like ass, my high dollar Tony’s Screws weren’t happy with me, and the wheel bearings were just bleh.. what should’ve been a 15min swaparoo became a couple hour job due to bringing the bearings back to life.. I’ll get back after it here in a bit..


Just chucked ‘em up in the m12, and hit ‘em with green scotch-brite.. Same for the sleeves.. Cut some narrow bits off to thread/stuff through the centers of the sleeves as well. Came out like brand new money inside, and out.. Thankfully I hadn’t waited too long, but lesson learned none the less..


Black oxide coating is a joke imo, and I almost always hit my stuff with dry wax after cleaning everytime (except this past time obviously 🙄) and don’t use any sticky lube, so rust/corrosion won’t be an issue. I’ve seen brand new parts with black oxide treatment rusted to crap, so I’m absolutely fine with the bare metal and dry wax.. Also had a slight bend at one hinge pin end, and gave it a stern “talking to” with “The Persuader”..


Bearings didn’t really take a great deal of effort to bring back to life-just some time until I was happy with ‘em.. Good to go now.. Lance Mountain would approve..


Pretty big difference in weight here. ALL Tekno stuff is waaaaay overbuilt, so I’m not the least bit nervous of the little girly sissy tower.. -and I am much happier with the ugly factor plummeting more than a few notches imho..😅🤷🏻‍♂️. -as for the lack of adjustability due to the diet plan; I couldn’t tell you a time those outer, or upper rows were ever called upon for my driving style, or track conditions..


The only real bummer I ran into has nothing at all to do with the tower… Like apple, and android, ford and Chevrolet, Nickelback, and literally ANYTHING ELSE; Truggy folks seem to either be OG Truggy bodies from 2005 to about the year before last, or the newer style, and what’s commonly referred to as “Bruggy” bodies.. Tekno pioneered the later with their very squared off, pickup bed style, exposed front shock tower body with this very vehicle.. It comes with a separate “nose cone” with a grille, and headlights, that simply bolts to the front tower. There’s a HUGE fiasco going on with ROAR right now over it..🙄 It took a bit for me to get used to it, but I very much prefer it over the old style bodies for a number of reasons. That being said-I’ve got a few JConcepts bodies (Bruggy style) for both of these trucks in this thread, and for my girl’s ET48 2.0 as well. I had purchased some “universally fits nothing” front wings for these two, but it doesn’t appear to be a good fit for Tekno apparently.. Kinda bummed, but I’ll either look into them further, and see what I can do-if they’re “hokey” AT ALL, I won’t run them-or just run the nose cones that come with the JConcepts bodies, or the OG Tekno nose cones.. Below are photos of the front wings called “Flock Foils” that I’m talking about. These aren’t my vehicles-but will give you a much better visual representation than me snapping a couple pics of them in my dirty mit..


Gonna get some ice cream, and get back on it in a bit.. Thanks for the reactions, and humoring me..😅🤙
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Well hell… The OCD is strong.. I don’t like feeling defeated, so I never made it to get ice cream… it doesn’t fit as tight to the Tekno platform as it does the HB (obviously that’s what they fit it for when designing it), and they say it fits literally everything, so I got it as close as possible, while still being plumb with the tower, and front diff. bulkhead. This also just so happened to put it in position to where I’d have as much “meat” around the freshly drilled holes as possible so that it’s not just dainty, and delicate AF.. It’s actually sitting inside, and up against the swaybar collar “ears”, so in the event of a crash-it couldn’t possibly be more solid for this application. I’m pretty happy with it, and it’s honestly much more function than fashion regardless. The countersunk washers are some I had left over from my Associated RC8B3.2, but I’ll be grabbing some flathead protek screws, along with some black countersunk washers from Team Brood to finish it off proper.

NOW-time for that ice cream..🤣🤙

Back at it.. Same(ish) shenanigans with the rear clip now.. Also wing change, some decals I had made up, and some setup changes. Just some fine tuning, then get down on some center mast action, and electronics upgrades.. Slow and steady..😎

We’ll see how far I get before it’s time for some more ice cream…🤔🤣
Extensive clean up over rolling the dice reminds me why I shouldn’t roll the dice in the first place.. Anyway-slow, and boring; but good to go..

Looks the same as the last photo in the previous post-but it’s definitely not.. 😅


Liking the new, lighter tower much better.. Changed the roll center as well. I’ll go over the camber after I’m done with the build of course.. and the front toe.. Shocks, and diffs are fresh, and I was happy with their behavior last time out-so no changes made, or needed there..



I’m slack AF for not having made a simple template by now-which would make wing drilling/reaming go much faster. I’ve changed wing brands, and styles quite a bit, but after this mock-up, I’m fairly happy with this one. After the shakedown run, if it performs as well as I believe it will; I’ll go ahead and make that template.. I have (3) of these truggies, so that’d be a good call lol..😂



Now I just need to go wash my grubby prints off of it with some dawn and warm water, and let it dry so I can toss my decals on, and bolt it back down to the wing mount for the last time.. May be time for ice cream while I’m waiting on it to dry…🤔🤣
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Shewwww…. I’m usually pretty decent with laying down decals, but damn if that wasn’t absolutely nerve wracking… Hour and a half to wash, and sticker up a freakin WING… I don’t know if I was just being overly anal retentive, or if I was just nervous with custom graphics, but it’s done, and I’m happy AF with it!






Done for the night.. I’ll get to the main course, electronics addition, a couple odds and ends, and steering modification tomorrow.. well, errrr-later today..

And I STILL didn’t get any ice cream..🤷🏻‍♂️🤣