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I'm currently in the market for a 1/16th scale 4wd truck. I have it narrowed down to four that I am considering but am open to suggestions. I am considering the Axial Yeti Jr. Score Trophy Truck, Axial Yeti Jr. Rock Racer, Traxxas Slash or Traxxas E Revo. Whatever one I get will be brushless or be converted to brushless. I am wondering if anyone out there has experience with the two Traxxas vehicles and could tell me which one they like more. This would be more for in-house/garage fun than anything else so I'm not too concerned about handling huge jumps that my 1/8 scales will do. Thanks for any help!!
@chevys10zr2003 I've owned a Traxxas Revo 1/16th scale and that thing was a rocket on wheels on brushless power. Of those choices I'd go with either the Revo or Yeti and the Yeti mostly because I haven't owned one yet and want too. :)
Thanks for the response. I ended up going with the Revo after reading lots of good reviews on them and the fact that the Yeti is still brand new and not available from anyplace other than Axial for right now....meaning replacement parts will be hard to find right now. It also has the benefit of being brushless from the factory so I would assume it is built well to handle brushless power. I am still really interested the Yeti and who knows. There may be one of those in my future as well after the wife is done being mad about the Revo.....and the Kraton.....and the Typhon...... LOL
Nice choice @chevys10zr2003. I ran mine with the T-Bone racing front and rear bumpers and skid plate as well as an STRC motor mount. It was a lot of fun.
Thanks for the advice. I ordered the RPM bumpers with the car from Tower Hobbies but if those give me any troubles I will definitely look into the T-Bone racing ones. I will also look into the motor mount for future purchasing. May be a dumb question but what exactly does that motor mount do over the stock one? Or is it just a lot stronger?
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