1/6 Super Baja Rey Wheels on Mojave 6s?

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Hi guys, as you may know, getting spare Mojave tires are pretty hard at the moment, and the stock tires strip out so fast!

I was wondering if anyone has tried to fit the 1/6 Super Baja Rey Wheels on Mojave 6s?

Or if they know of any good tire options for the Mojave?
I’d like to know as well ... I’m thirsty for some fresh rubber

uhhh, well ive heard from many Super Baja Rey owners that their stock tires don't last that long either . . .
some say they pop and blow up faster than mojave tires :ROFLMAO:
I don’t like heavy larger wheels on a stock blx Mojave. Although if you’re not running any crazy speed pinion it’s ok to try out proline trenchers or even badlands. I will add they do balloon a little for my liking on 6s w 18 pinion and will hit the body.
if your willing to trim your body a little then the losi 1/8 XXT work great. You running upgraded motor and pinion w trimmed body or raise posts I like the sweeps belted terrain crusher. Gotta keep in mind these are designed to have the tiny fortress wheels on stock electronics. Adding larger wheels on stock system is only going to create other issues for you.
the heavier wheels will murder your blx185 in two runs.
I too enjoy the katar wheels. They’re light and cheap enough to burn out every 10th run of whatever type of bashing you’re into.
hope this answers some of your concerns. I was considering the larger 1/6 wheels til I actually held one in my hard and felt that weight!
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