Raider 1/8 raider blx xl buggy lipo 3s

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Ontario, Canada
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I've been searching for a compatable lipo 3s 30c battery for my buggy. All batteries i've come across are to big for my battery compartment. Is there a brand out there that is viable?
This should work:

SPC LiPo Power, Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery Pack; 4300mAh, 40C, 3S, 11.1V Hard-Case, Deans

The 3S pack above is 138.5m long x 46mm wide x 25mm tall which is the same as most 2S packs SPC sells.

My son and I have 2S packs with the same dimensions and they fit in his Fury which has the same LWB chassis as the Raider XL BLX as well as my Granite and other SWB chassis vehicles.
SPC LiPo Power, Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery Pack; 6500mAh, 65C, 2S, 7.4V Hard-Case, Deans

Here are the battery compartment dimension's "WITH OUT PADDING" for the Raider XL and any other 1/10 Arrmas that use the LWB chasses.

25mm tall
50mm wide
200mm long
Thanks all, i appreciate the information. I was getting close to my wits end lol.I should have asked 2 weeks ago, im new and am still trying locate sites for information and tips. Cheers guys
heya swollenminnow, i was trying to get spcracing 5000ma 35c battery but they couldnt ship to canada, so i settled on the Onyx5000ma 20c. Stopped looking for a while as these batteries will do for now. I guess lol
Right on. Thanks for the reply, OscarDog. The SPC's are sold out at the moment so I'm going to need to look elsewhere.
Have fun with the Raider!
I found the biggest issue unfortunately was getting a higher Cvalue. Lots of 2s with a high c rating that will fit but as soon as you go 3s higher than 20c it gets tricky. 29 mm is max
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