1/8 scale Darkside Sand Scorcher

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Not too far away in a galaxy near you,
An Arrma Raider XL was purchased by a customer that fell apart just looking at it. After spending nearly 1k on the kit, parts and accessories this customer lost complete interest not only in the buggy but the company it represents. Tossing it aside in a compactor with all the parts to follow, a new and more sinister buggy has joined the darkside.

From its 8th scale parts to its nearly indestructible construction, even the deathstar was no competition. A powerful Alphastar brushless motor, MMP Pro ESC, 14.8v of pure energy that will even destroy the rebels in a swift 20ft jump has emerged.....

Its over for Arrma now and the Apache C1 from HPI dominates it like any other 8th scale would.

Fair riddence to Arrma & its 8th scale... No sorry....the 10th scale Raider XL which can rust & rot with all the space trash you can throw at it.


I got this beast buggy a week ago used locally. It was horribly abused & never serviced. Spent 2-3 days tearing it apart and cleaning everything up, rebuilding all x3 differentials & filling them up with fresh fluids. Rebuilt all the wheelbearings as they were all full of sand. It so happened i even had spare electrics kicking around to get it going. Installed new alloy bigbores filling those up with 30w up front & 45w in the rear.

As of yesterday i ordered x4 Jconcept Chopper tires & x4 DeRacing 2.2/3.0 shortcourse wheels along with a Y-harness to get the 2nd fan on the motor fired up.

This buggy can sure take a kicking & damn its got power. And its only running on x2 2s 5300 mah lipo w/ 30c discharge. Muhahaha

Now when i spend 500.00 on any RTR it better be what it states.

don't mislead me & build it as the scale you claim!
Making it a bit longer and slapping an 8th scale claim on it does not make it 8th scale. Using 10th scale components & a 540 sized motor is not 8th scale imo.

Sub hobby parts on a kit thats price point is that of companies that have been in the market for decades now to get a toys r us kit? Wow....that is not what i expected at all?

Just a few to compare to the Arrma Raider XL:

Toys R us
Flea markets



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That looks like a big ass buggy man! Really cool!
Keep us informed about how well this thing drives....
That looks like a big ass buggy man! Really cool!
Keep us informed about how well this thing drives....

I can tell you this much!

Its a real and true 8th scaler in size and parts related.

Its strong as hell. Ive slammed this thing head on , off a bad landing on the nose at 10+ feet with no damage. Rolled it head over head and slid this thing on its roof down asphalt for approx 20ft.

Scratches....dings...the norm....
Comes out like a champ all the time!

Torque is crazy enough to drift this thing and speed fast enough to slam away at rapid rates. How hard it pulls is sick!!!

I highly recommend this buggy to anyone!
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