1/8 Scale servos and ESC info.


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For everyone with the Kraton, Typhon, Talion, and Senton, Tyler Palmer (Team Durango Canada race team manager) posted the following info in the Arrma 1/8 scale facebook group:

"I've got a few tips from the racing team for you guys. We run the DEX8 buggies and truggies and DESC10 that your Kraton, Talion, Typhon and Senton are based on. I've seen a lot of issues with the stock servo for the ARRMA vehicles and it may not be entirely the fault of the servo.

In our race vehicles we spend a lot of time making sure everything that is supposed to move on our vehicles moves as freely as possible. This means suspension arms, drive-train, and steering knuckles.

I recently acquired a DEX8 and DNX8 from one of my team drivers and did a rebuild on them. He had also blown a couple of racing ESCs, so I checked them out closely. What I found was that he had his pillow balls tightened way too tight on the knuckles and this was causing binding. Binding on your steering and servo not only makes it work harder and heat up, but will also cause the BEC in your speed control work much harder to supply it power, also causing a lot of extra heat in the ESC.

To make sure everything moves freely, disconnect your shocks from the lower suspension arms, undo the steering link from your servo, and remove your wheels. With everything disconnected, your suspension arms should flop around freely under their own weight. If they don't, fix it. Try and figure out where it's binding and shave things a little at a time until they move freely. If the steering knuckles have any friction at all, the pillow balls are likely too tight. This is an easy fix by just loosening the caps on the pillow balls until you get free movement.

Friction equals drag and in the case of suspension and steering components, it can directly affect your electronics and also cause poor handling characteristics.

Just thought I'd share that. I see a lot of you spend a lot of time on your machines, and these are easy fixes that can go a long way to making them even more awesome and durable!


Just thought this would be good info to have here.