Outcast 10th Run Setup

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Hi All,

After my next run I'm at number 10.

Going to tear down the diffs and shocks so I'm looking for advice on a good setup to try.

I like jumping but not too massive and like to rip it around the local BMX track and building sites.

Have some tekno orange coming in for front and rear because these two 3S batteries are almost a kilo together.

With these springs and my bash spots, what shock oil do you suggest?
What diff oil front to rear do you suggest?

I would try the Tekno "Yellow" springs on the rear as they are stiffer and will get your ride height leveled out.
The "Orange" springs on the front.
Diff grease,I run 60/100/7....you basically want a heavy viscosity in the front to help lesson the chance of the tires ballooning.
Shock oil,you just have to play around with but I'm currently using 60 frt./ 45 rear.
People have different preferences but I have the 90mm tekno oranges in the rear and the 80mm tekno oranges in the front. Orange is the stiffest but you can just turn the pre-load collars on the rear to soften them up a bit. Stock shock oil is 800cst front and 600cst rear. I stepped mine up to 1000cst front and 800cst rear to match the stiffer spring rates. I am currently running 30k/100k/20k in the diffs but I will be going thicker 60k/200k/30k next time I change them out.
You will just have to experiment to see what you like. Since you already have the tekno oranges on the way I would give them a shot, I am plenty happy with mine.
Excellent, thanks for the input guys.

This is what I will try:
- I have the Losi range of shock oil so will go with 80wt front and 60wt rear which seems near enough to 1000cst/800cst, combine with the Tekno springs which are on their way.
- There are a couple of diff oils sitting around so will try 50k/300k/10k, hopefully there is still some diff action with 300k in the centre.
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