Outcast 10th scale 6s stunt truck?


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TpParts extreme (Thomasp) has videos on the ones he made. One was a completely new chassis, the other he chopped the front of a swb 6s rig and used a shorter drive shaft. Pretty detailed videos if I remember, so there would be plenty of info there to build your own.


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Nice to know ains is as mortal as the rest of us average drivers ?

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That's some serious carnage. I busted a can like that too & it bent the shaft. I only been up the road to my skate park a handful of times & no car has survived it, so I try to stay on the green stuff. Making a Siren isn't all that hard if you use a SWB chassis but you have to be completely exact with the cuts. I still have that plate of 7075 I was going to use for my Siren's chassis but I dread hacking into the stuff. It's nearly as bad as cutting raw steel. I really want to give it the EXB treatment with Mojave parts but the diff parts backorders are a priority & the LSD is still an issue. That poor little truck can eat stock V4 diffs in a heartbeat no matter how well I shim them. But I can wait. I have a ton of other projects to keep me busy.