Outcast 13 runs in. Loving it, time for diff. maintenance?

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This thing is a total beast though after you initially break a few parts to get used to it like wow the throttle adjust on the controller is perfect for letting your friends drive it .ran the thing thru a foot of water accidentally and its perfectly fine engine stays cool .I just realligned my pinion it had a little to much give so i watched a youtube video and got the engine mount loosened and fit back properly she's running like a charm even better than it was befor i toyed with it. Got the tiniest bit of wiggle on the pinion seems perfect. Sounds great clean little whine from that massively torqued engine i still only have it set to the stock level 4 punch also . purchased some 800 cst shock oil and maintenanced my shocks i have it set up nice with about quarter inch of droop in the front and the back has about an eighth of am inch drop it holds the road great and doesn't fly up to wheelies on grass unless you really punch it which is perfect for me. And i even have a small hole in my tire from a blowout on the 10th run byt its perfectly fine the way the stock tire is made the tread sort of covers the seam and it looks as if it wont split any farther. Ive tried to get the tire off and it sure is stuck ive read in other forums to use a heat gun to get it off easily however i cant find a video .its to new for me to go yanking at the axles pulling a tire hard as i can lol. . its a blast im recieving about an hour play time with the 5000 mah gensacearespammers 22.2 volt 6s battery with a 2 hour balanced charge at 4.20 volts .storing it overnights at the proper 3.80 volts as ive read battery maintenance is also a huge thing of detail .Research research research is all i can say on the battery packs ive gotten decent already at knowing when to turn off my outcast befor the esc clicks it off due to low voltage as ive read that a 3.20 volt or lower could damage my battery and definitely do not want that. Thing is expensive .anyways .any question's id be glad to answer ill try to post vids soon


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Congrats on the Outcast!

Diff maintenance - If you are running 6s, then go ahead and order some shims and oils, and start working thru the diffs. There is a sticky thread in the chassis forum that will have all the info.