16 tooth pinion...bigger shaft hole diameter??help

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hi guys !! wanna install my 16 t pinion but the hole where the motor shaft come in is bigger and when i tighten it....the shaft is not centered in the pinion..thus making the pinion to spur mesh nearly impossible.is this normal or the gave me the wrong size of speed pinion. tx
Thank you bud! Didnt even knew they were making motor with bigger shaft than the 2050 kv.i looked on arrma site and saw that it was the same pinion for the 1/8 quatuor(typhoon,senton,talion,kraton)wonder for which motor do they make those 5mm pinion...anyway ....thanks
There are numerous motors (mostly 1/8 scale and larger, but occasionally also 1/10 scale) that use 5mm shafts.
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